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October 03, 2018

The Morning Report - 10/3/18


Good morning kids. So, I go to bed yesterday, after the Iceman Myth Melteth, and no sooner than I'm drooling into my MyPillow than Ace posts a double flaming skull about Christine "Bridie Murphy" Ford. Dang! But before we get into things, in the blizzard of linkage we have this morning, you may not notice that for the first time in a very long time, maybe ever, the Mueller Russia Collusion Flea Circus category is missing. That right there is telling. In any case, with that preamble, this Wednesday certainly promises not to disappoint so here we go.

Firstly, before I unintentionally aid and abet the Democrat-Left-Media Complex bury it, the Keith X Ex Abuse Scandal is heating up. First, as Minnesota's GOP Senate candidate Karen Housely is calling for an investigation, Fox News, (via the link at Powerline) is reporting that the lawyer that cleared Ellison of the abuse charges is a partner in a firm that donated $500,000 to the Democrat Party. Purely coincidental, I'm sure, but we'll keep you posted.

With yesterday's bombshell revelations about Ford coaching someone about how to beat a lie detector test, her now obvious perjury about being aero-phobic, the Julie Swetnick and Deborah Ramirez myths all but busted, the Democrat-Media Complex's attempted Borking of Justice Kavanaugh is crumbling harder than an ex-presidential candidate at a 9/11 memorial ceremony. I was going to get to her later but I'll address Susan Collins now. What in G-d's name are you playing at, lady?! You've been a Senator for almost 22 years now. With all of the revelations, the lack of any remotely credible corroborating witnesses and the way this was foisted on us at the last second and most importantly, the shameless bribery attempts and disgusting abuse you've encountered, what could possibly be the reason you want yet another FBI investigation into Julie Swetnick's glaringly phony accusation? Kavanaugh has endured almost 7 thorough investigations, and has an unblemished professional record both on the DC Circuit and elsewhere that goes back almost 3 decades. There is no there there, honey. My advice to you is get with the program and vote to confirm him. And the same goes for that Estelle Winwood-looking crooked Alaskan crony you play mahjong with. Frankly, both of you need to be kicked to the curb come 2020.

In general, as the goal posts have shifted from rape and gang-rape to drinking, to throwing ice and now temperament (one should never demonstrate emotion when being the subject of something as benign as a public execution on live television), the Democrats have essentially lost and more than likely Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as an associate justice of the Supreme Court (the Flakey RINOs notwithstanding). The giveaway, as if we needed any proof, was Feinstein yesterday said to a reporter that the reason for delaying/defeating Kavanaugh had nothing to do with what he is being smeared with but on his possible position on abortion and his record on upholding the Second Amendment. And Cory Speculum boof'd up a truth nugget when he said it didn't matter if Kavanaugh was innocent or guilty. His clumsy attempt at being clever merely exposed his didacticism about the Dems true intents here as well as their Lavrenty Beria-like proclivities.

Meanwhile, the President is drawing crowds in the tens of thousands and turning away thousands more. Yesterday he was in Mississippi stumping for GOP candidates and was greeted by the crowd chanting en masse "we want Kavanaugh!" On top of that, the latest Harris Poll numbers about this issue are a disaster for the Democrats, Lindsey Graham is warning red state Dems that "they're toast" if they do not vote to confirm, especially Manchin and Heitkamp, creepy porn shyster Avenatti got pimp-slapped by a Judiciary Committee lawyer, Dershowitz warns that Swetnick could have perjured herself (Susan?) and lastly on this topic Planned Parenthood dumped a ton of money to Senators on the Judiciary Committee - all of them Democrat. Pro-abortion Senator Collins, call your office...

But now that the Democrats have pretty much shot their wad, are they going to shoot their guns? Ricin and other mysterious substances were sent to the President, Defense Secretary Mattis as well as Ted Cruz's Houston office where 2 people were reportedly hospitalized. Meanwhile along with Flake (although that I think was either a sham or unwarranted since he was going to engineer sabotage), Mitch McConnell and Bill Cassidy have been accosted in the halls of Congress. How the hell are these thugs entering the building? The world wonders...

Back to politics more broadly, underage girl enthusiast Bob Menendez is in deep trouble in Jersey, Senate debates were held in both Florida and Virginia yesterday, eyeing a prexy run, Eric Holder says Dems need to get tough (any Fast and Furious surplus under your bed, bro?) and lastly a long overdue dose of Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco up-talking more sheer cluelessness about the country she seeks to destroy.

In the world of Fake News and agitprop, the vile momzer who scribbled anti-Kavanaugh porn did the same thing to Rush Limbaugh right after the 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing, a director for terrorist-excusing/terrorism promoting Al Jazeera received a journalism award and insisted they don't promote terrorism, Mollie Hemmingway shreds a Ryan Lizza hit-piece on Devin Nunes, and Bloomberg News botches a report on administration refugee policy.

Internationally, the administration wants to investigate claims of new secret Iran nuke bases, Germany is extraditing an Iranian national to France over that exposed terror plot against the anti-mullah rally in Paris a while back, SoS Pompeo is still high on detente/rapprochement with the NorKs despite RoK warnings to be careful and India is cozying up to the Russkies.

Domestically, big labor wants to look at the fine print of the new USMCA NAFTA replacement, some interesting pieces in education including teacher unions in a post-Janus world, DeBolshevik and Carranza making the rubble bounce in NYC brainwashing mills, UCI is going after campus Joo-hating disruptors, a university professor gets the cultural revolution treatment for daring to speak the truth about rape accusers and you will not clap - Stalin's applause light hardest hit!

From hither and yon, a lib professor (BIRM), get this, wants SJWs to be considered veterans, and a real veteran smacks her down hard (meh, they will push this line now forever), interesting piece on gentrification in Berlin, Daniel Greenfield looks back on the Clinton/Murphy Brown horror, and Tubby Riefenstahl's agitprop anti-Trump porno flick continues to tank at the box office. All things considered, if there really is going to be a Blue Wave, wouldn't people be fired up and lining up around the block to see this? Just a thought.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.


  • GOP MN Senate Candidate Karen Housley Requests New Inquiry Into Keith Ellison's Sex Abuse
  • The Devastating Ellison Report

  • Nomination Expert: "Hundreds" of People Have Been Asked About Kavanaugh Drinking Habits by FBI in All 6 Probes
  • Democrats Switch to Plan C to Destroy Kavanaugh - Will GOP Cave This Time?
  • Cory Speculum Says It Doesn't Matter if Judge Kavanaugh is "Innocent or Guilty" (it never did - jjs)
  • Report: FBI Probe Finishing Tomorrow, BUT...
  • ...Susan Collins Wants The FBI To Investigate Julie Swetnick's Bizarre Kavanaugh Claims (it's a prima facie lie, lady!! - jjs)
  • Dershowitz: If Julie Swetnick Lied, She Should Be Tried for Perjury and Sent to Prison
  • Julie Swetnick Backs Off Kavanaugh Allegations; Former Friend Contacts Judiciary Committee (Earth to Susan Collins... - jjs)
  • "Please Stop E-Mailing Me" - Judiciary Committee Chief Counsel Sends Blistering Response to Creepy Porn Shyster Avenatti
  • Could Heitkamp Save Her Seat if She Votes for Kavanaugh?
  • Who Are Brett Kavanaugh's Enemies? For Starters, All Those Who Vouched for Bill Clinton
  • Why Republicans Must Hold a Vote On Kavanaugh This Week Without Fail
  • Planned Parenthood Contributed $126,886 to Democrats on Judiciary Committee - - $0 to Republicans

  • Mike Madigan's Personal Tyranny
  • Liberal Group MoveOn Fined for FEC Violation Over Earmarked Contributions

    CIVIL WAR 2.0
  • Secret Service Intercepts Package with Suspected Ricin Addressed to President Trump
  • Suspected Ricin-Laced Mail Also Sent to Defense Secretary Mattis
  • 2 Hospitalized After "White Powdery Substance" Sent to Sen. Ted Cruz's Houston Campaign Office
  • Republican Lawmakers Under Attack: Mitch McConnell Harassed by Anti-Kavanaugh Activists Thugs
  • Man Suspected Of Vandalizing GOP Headquarters Gives Interview In Which He Pretends No Involvement

  • Fraud Soars as More Men Sneak Children Into US to Exploit "Family Loophole"
  • IG Says Trump Administration Misled Nation Over Family Separations (blame the Hrabar bureaucrats, not PDT - jjs)

  • Agitprop Cartoonist Who Slimed Kavanaugh Did It to Limbaugh in '95 Over Oklahoma City Bombing
  • Al Jazeera Director Denies Promoting Terrorism While Accepting Journalism Award (considering the nature of American journalism... - jjs)
  • Hemmingway: Ryan Lizza Hit Piece On Devin Nunes' Extended Family Is Deeply Flawed
  • Bloomberg News Botches Attack on PDT Over Refugees
  • Shut Down the Sun

  • "We Want Kavanaugh!" Chant Erupts at Trump's Mississippi Rally
  • Poll Numbers Are In on Kavanaugh, and They're a Disaster for Dems
  • Lindsey Graham: Red-State Dems Are "Toast" in Midterms if They Reject Kavanaugh
  • Trump Boosts Hyde-Smith's Senate Run, Rips Obstructionist Dems
  • PDT Flips Script on Dems, Suggests Patrick Leahy Has a Drinking Problem
  • Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco Proves She Has No Idea What Congress Does
  • Rick Scott, Bill Nelson Hold Spanish Debate to Woo Florida's Latino Voters
  • Related: Monkey Business in Florida... And Everywhere Else
  • Tim Kaine, Corey Stewart Spar Over Kavanaugh, Sexual Misconduct in Virginia Senate Debate
  • Bredesen Brags of "Zero Tolerance" Harassment Policy as Tennessee Governor (not including conservatives - jjs)
  • Eric Holder "Thinking About" Running Against Trump; "Time for Democrats to Be Tough" (you mean like James Hodgkinson-tough, tough guy? - jjs)
  • Bob "chica-puta-loco" Menendez: Vulnerable in November?
  • McCaughey: Democrats' Sham Impeachment Plan
  • Levin: "The Enemy of the Democrat Leadership... Is the Constitution" (not just the leadership, Great One - jjs)

  • Trump Administration Seeks Investigation Into New Claims of Secret Iran Nuclear Sites
  • SoS Pompeo says Whoa, Fat! Invite Shows "Progress" Despite RoK's Warning Over Nukes
  • India Disappoints Washington with Return to Closer Indo-Russo Relations

  • GOP Presses Education Dept. on University Links to Chinese Telecoms Companies

  • Germany to Extradite Iranian Diplomat Over Terror Plot
  • Tolerance: Not Really a Thing in Islam
  • The Speech I Never Gave

  • Labor Holds Out on NAFTA Renegotiation; AFL-CIO Wants More Info on Deal Before Endorsing

  • Justices Bader Meinhoff and Gorsuch Both Wary of Sex Offender Registry Expansion
  • Whose Rights Matter More Before the Supreme Court, a Man's, or a Frog's?
  • Go to Jail, Collect Your Pension

  • Teacher Freedom in a Post-Janus World
  • DeBolshevik, Carranza Leading NYC Schools to a Dead End
  • UCI Preparing to Refer Anti-Israel Disrupters to Prosecution
  • University Bans Clapping to Avoid Triggering Anxieties
  • Students Demand Professor Be Fired After He Champions Due Process, Says "Accusers Sometimes Lie"
  • K-12: Horrifying, Yet Fascinating

  • Liberal Professor (BIRM) Wants Activists To Be Considered Veterans, Afghanistan Veteran Responds
  • Tech Prosperity, Gentrification Threaten Berlin's Funky Mystique (you know who else threatened Berlin's funky mystique? - jjs)
  • From Kavanaugh to Kanye, the SNL Premiere Was a Study in Contrasts
  • Greenfield: The Clinton Sexual Predator Who Made Murphy Brown Happen
  • How Se7en Shows Slippery Nature of Memories
  • Tubby Riefenstahl's Anti-Trump Documentary Pulls a Disappearing Act at the Box Office (bellwether for the Blue Wave? - jjs)

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