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April 13, 2024

The Classical Saturday Morning Coffee Break & Prayer Revival


For the foreseeable future my classical music Mystery Clicks will be taken from the following, "The 200 Classical Music Pieces Every Moron and 'Ette Should Know Better, as compiled by Hadrian the Seventh"


Before we enter the Prayer Revival, just a few housekeeping matters (Rulz for those of you in Potosi) to take care of.

1) Open thread. Feel free to Lurk, Opine and/or Bloviate.
2) As always be kind and don't jump on the furniture.
3) Absolutely no running with sharp objects inside today. Outside? Sure, why not.
4) Have a great weekend, See Rulz #3.

Thank you Annie for the following.

AoSHQ Weekly Prayer List

Please submit any prayer requests to me, “Annie’s Stew” at apaslo atsign hotmail dot com. Prayer requests are generally removed after four weeks unless we receive an update.

Prayer Requests:

3/2 Reforger asked for prayers for his Coworker “D”, a widowed mom of 4 who is having a rough time with daughter #1. D’s daughter had to be incarcerated. She went nuts, trashed her room, broke things, and even kicked a cop. She could use a lot of prayers.
3/31 Update – Coworker D’s daughter is making pretty good headway. Jail really left an impression and she is not a fan of the ankle monitor and probation. No serious issues since, but she is still a little cray cray. No drugs tho.

2/29 – DaveT asks for prayers. We had prayed in the past for him, as he was trying to save his cats and his home from repossession (due to a relative who burdened the family home with debt). DaveT is over 65 and is not able to work much. The cats are elderly and one is blind, and the only family he has. Things had turned around and it looked like he was going to be fine last summer, but now a new judge is on the case and seems to want to kick DaveT and the cats out of the house. Please pray. If anyone wants to contribute, Annie’s Stew has the details of his GiveSendGo.
3/20 Update – The sham trial took place on 3/20. The judge would not allow DaveT to speak or give any evidence. He is still taking donations for a new appeal.

3/3 – Commissar of Plenty and Lysenkoism in Solidarity with the Struggle to maintain Moron standards asked for prayers as he is scared to death of some much-needed surgery. Pain, healing, iyiyi! Even the red tape involved in scheduling. Thank you all again!
4/10 Update – Recovering from diverticulitis surgery. It’s rough. Much pain, and there is talk of another surgery. He is miserable.

3/9 – RedMindBlueState asked for prayers for his dear friend who miscarried Wednesday. Again.
3/30 Update – Apologies from Annie, for guessing RedMindBlueState’s sex incorrectly. It has been corrected (above).

3/9 – Hadrian the Seventh asked for prayers for Her Majesty, who is having knee replacement surgery. He’d like prayers for a successful operation, but also an uneventful recovery. Her previous surgery in 2019 (on the other knee) was marked by great pain and the effect of the medication was terrible.
3/30 Update – Her Majesty’s surgery went well, even though this knee was in much worse shape and needed tendon repair as well. But the post-operative pain was much better managed. She is up and around on a walker.

3/9 – Piper sent news about her daughter and her eye issue. Her doctor said the MRI results were everything they hoped for, that he knew the radiologist and trusts the reading. At this point, they will wait 6 months and then check again. But he said they should celebrate – doctor’s orders!

3/9 – Dr_No asked for prayers for his daughter, Megan. We had prayed for her in 2021, when she had cancer. Her cancer is still in remission, but she has blood clots in her lungs. She went to the local ER, where they said everything was normal. She sent a message to her PCP, to ask her to review the situation. She is still weak, and gets tired if a conversation lasts more than 1-2 sentences. Please pray that she be restored to full health. Thanks once again to the Horde for the help.
3/30 Update – Megan no longer has blood clots in her lungs, but she will need to be on Xarelto from now on. In the meantime, she developed shingles. Many thanks to the Horde for their words up for Megan. As of now, the colorectal cancer is two years + gone, the blood clots and under control, and shingles appears to be healing. The Horde is amazing.

3/16 PaleRider asked for prayers for wisdom and serenity for herself and siblings. Her father died on 3/15. Dad had been slowly fading away for 1.5 years, so it was not a big shock. She thinks that settling the estate will go smoothly, but prayers are welcome.
3/30 Update – Apologies from Annie, for guessing PaleRider’s sex incorrectly. It has been corrected (above).

3/16 – Winston, GOPe, McFailure wing of the Uniparty humbly asks for prayers for friends of friends who are stuck in Haiti with their two adopted children and four foundlings that have been in their family for several years. These are good, God-fearing Christians who have lived and taught and built homes there, as well as cared for orphans. Of course, being Christians, they are at the bottom of the list for extraction.

3/20 – Inogame sent an update. We had prayed for him and his wife when they had trouble conceiving. On 3/19, about 8:30 pm, his wife went into labor… and before 10 pm she gave birth to a little girl in their bathroom, with a midwife on the phone assuring Inogame he wouldn’t drop the baby. He didn’t and Mom and baby are doing well, and prayers for their health are appreciated. In an unrelated prayer request, Inogame asks for prayers for a good friend from childhood is struggling with addiction. He checked into an in-patient facility for 30 days to save his job and hopefully his life. He is lost and needs help to find his way.

3/23 – Jewells would appreciate prayers for her niece, who is in the hospital for the second time in a week. She was diagnosed with pneumonia the first time, but still felt awful. She went back to ER, and they admitted her again. Her oxygen level was 76. She is the niece who is fighting cervical cancer.
4/6 Update – Jewells sends thanks for the prayers for her neice. They have suspended treatment for 6 weeks and put her on steroids. She’s doing better.

3/23 – Sock Monkey asks for prayers for his BIL, who we prayed for before, does have a cancerous mass on his spine. He spent 8 weeks in the hospital. He is walking with a walker and making significant progress. The battle plan is to start cancer treatments in mid-April.

3/23 – Fenelon Spoke needs prayers for Jessie, their “retired” organist. Jesse had fallen. Nothing was broken, but it is a setback for her and she is in pain.

3/23 – NR Pax asked for prayers. He is leaving his current job on 3/29 and starting a new one the following week. Please pray for the transition.
4/5 Update – So far, the transition to the new job is going well.

3/28 – Reforger asked for prayers for his wife, who is applying for a promotion. The new job would triple her salary.

3/30 – Danimal28 asked for prayers for Roberta and Jim, who were neighbors and friends. Jim went to the Pearly Gates. He was faithfully married for 60 years, a father of four successful kids, a veteran of active duty for 3 years just after the Korean War, and raised his family in South Chicago in the 50s and 60s. Danimal28 and he discussed history on a daily basis.

3/30 – rhennigantx requests prayers for his friend Carl, who died in his sleep. He knew him for 4 years and Carl always treated him like a long-lost friend. Also prayers for the family (which is as complicated as Father’s Day at a DEI meeting), for their pain and suffering.

3/30 – mindful webworker asked for prayers as he is going under the knife again for what will be a few hours’ surgery and maybe a week in the hospital. His surgeon used the word “mystery” three times while describing what they will be doing.
4/6 Update – The surgery went “ok”. They think they were able to remove all the infected tissue. He is still in the hospital and in some pain, but getting a little better every day. His family sends prayers of Thanksgiving for good medical staff and the amazing support of all those praying for him.

3/30 – Polliwog the Ette posted that DOYLE had posted that his adult son had shared the troubles he was going through ,which left him shaken and in need of time to process. It sounds like they both could use some prayers.

3/30 – Jim in Kalifornia asked to add his sister to be added to the prayer list. She broke her arm/elbow 3 weeks ago. The first x-ray did not have the angle to properly see the damage, so now she is seeing an orthopedist who will recommend surgery. They will be re-attaching the ulna to the humerus.

3/30 – Fox2! Requested prayers for his great-nephew, J. He appears to have a severe case of Food Protein-Induced Entercolitis Syndrome (FPIES), which is an allergy to food proteins. His appears to be grass related, which includes all grains, even if his mother eats them.

3/30 – Tonypete offered a prayer for the “mother of nine” who gave her ninth child the blessing of being adopted. May the biological mother come to a knowledge of the Lord’s saving grace.

4/1 – News from Washington Nearsider: His savings have expired and May's bills cannot yet be paid. Another custody hearing - to reevaluate the March 13 determination to give his ex full custody - has been scheduled for May 13th, so that's a date on the calendar towards which he has to work.
He has added one (1) client to his custom model aircraft list, and hopes to add several more, even though he can only work on one at a time. Having a known stream of income is better than not. You can contact Nearsider at washingtonnearsider at gee mail to learn about shipping and timelines or to discuss any details. Interested Morons can look at some small segment of his previous work by heading to this link:
On the job front, Nearsider had a promising interview, only to be told at the end that though his writing samples, resume, attitude, background, and presentation were all exceptional, his removal from federal service prevented any path forward. Nearsider explained the details leading up to his removal, and while the panel expressed their sympathies for his situation and their admiration at his courage, their position was unchanged. He suspects this employer was simply the first to be so direct, and that he's missed out on several other opportunities for the same reason.
Several contractors have contacted him in response to applications he's submitted and he's hoping at least one of them will be willing to focus on the writing, resume, attitude, background, and presentation vice the end of his federal career. As usual, more follows.
Since several people encouraged it, he has set up a GiveSendGo account. Please contact Annie for the details, if you wish to contribute.
4/8 Update – Washington Nearsider says “you’re all amazing, wonderful people”. He appreciates the support.

4/3 – Notsothoreau posted that Mrs. Salty (as in Mrs. NaClyDog) had a bad fall and broke four ribs. She tested positive for Covid, as well. Prayers for quick healing and that she is out of the hospital soon.
4/6 Update – Mrs. Salty is out of the hospital. She is recovering slowly.

4/4 – J. J. Sefton could use prayers. Here was his posting:
“After suffering some sort of seizure back in February, while the initial MRI and spinal tap showed nothing, a subsequent MRI this past Friday evidently seems to indicate that I might have some sort of brain tumor/growth that would require immediate attention. As in surgery.
That said, on a positive note -- and I'm holding onto this bit of news as positive with all my might -- the medical neurology team and the surgical neurology team are apparently still reading the tea leaves to see what kind of surgery, if any, is required to deal with this. I am hoping against hope for that non-surgical option but am preparing myself as best as I can for whatever is to be.”

4/5 – Teej posted and asked for prayers for a Marine who is on hospice, with possibly two weeks left to live.

4/5 – Pipe asked for prayers for a dear friend who has lung cancer, who lives alone.

4/6 – MikeOxlong requested prayers for healing and that treatment goes well, He was diagnosed with stage 5 esophageal cancer that has spread to his lymph nodes and lungs. Traditional treatment doesn’t have a good answer, so he is taking non-traditional treatment in AZ.

4/6 – Grammie Winger posted that Rev had some tests done and he has a cracked sternum from their earlier car accident. They also found several nodules in his lungs, and an aortic aneurysm. Prayers appreciated.

4/6 – RedMindBlueState asked for prayers for an old and dear friend who just started chemo and is feeling it hard. And for the friend’s dog, who may need surgery soon.

4/6 – Paisley1333 gave an update. We had prayed for her trainer, who went through her third round of cancer in December. The trainer’s surgery was successful, and it appears they got all the cancer. While under the knife, she had a seizure (which she has daily), so the doctors got to experience that and changed her meds. This has been a huge help. So very good news and so grateful for all the prayers.

4/8 – FenelonSpoke asked for prayers for her husband. He was stubborn and didn’t go to the doctor for about 5 days and has shingles. He is in pain.

4/10 – FortWorthMike updated the Horde. His MIL, who was going through cancer treatments, had miraculous results. The tumor is reduced so much, there is no sign of cancer. They won’t say cancer-free, but it’s just something to monitor now.

For submission guidelines and other relevant info, please contact Annie's Stew, who is managing the prayer list. You can contact her at apaslo at-sign hotmail dot com. If you see a prayer request posted in a thread comment, feel free to copy and paste it and e-mail it to Annie's Stew. She tries to keep up with the requests in the threads, but she's not here all of the time, so she may not see it unless you e-mail it to her. Please note: Prayer requests are generally removed after four weeks or so unless we receive an update.

2 Corinthians 4:8-9
We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.

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posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 08:01 AM

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