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Daily Tech News 14 June 2023 | Main | Mid-Morning Art Thread
June 14, 2023

The Morning Report — 6/14/23


Good morning kids. While all eyes obviously were on events taking place in Miami, friend and friend of the blog Bob Zimmerman informs us of something truly disturbing if not unsurprising. And the fact that it's unsurprising is the truly disturbing thing.

On June 3, 2023 there was a rally supporting the queer agenda in front of the Reading City Hall in Pennsylvania, partly instigated it appears by the endorsement of the city’s Democratic Party mayor, Eddie Moran. On the other side of the street were several Christians who vocally expressed their opposition to that rally.

Those Christians found themselves repeatedly harried by the police. As Matthew Wear noted, “I preached for 10 minutes or so until a tyrant cop laid hands on me and threatened to arrest me if I continued.” Soon thereafter a second Christian, Damon Atkins, began quoting the Bible in protest. That same policeman, Police Sergeant Bradley McClure, immediately arrested him. . .

. . . It is very clear the Christian counter-protesters did nothing but express their first amendment right to free speech. They certainly did nothing to disrupt the queer rally. Moreover, the video shows that McClure both exaggerated and lied about what happened in order to justify the illegal arrest. Despite this, Mayor Moran, Democrat, immediately issued a statement supporting the arrest. So did the city’s police chief Richard Tornielli. . .

. . . Whether Atkins will take legal action against McClure, Moran, or the city of Reading remains unknown at this moment. What we do know is that the Democrats who run this city are firmly hostile to the first amendment and freedom of speech, and support arresting those who express opinions they don’t like.

In his note to me, Bob said: "This ain't America any longer." For sure. And with that, we turn back to the absolutely related events of Miami, and the man who once so accurately stated, "In the end, they're not coming after me. They're coming after you — and I'm just standing in their way."

Well, the full court press is for sure on to get him out of the way.

“We have a nation in serious decline. If the communists get away with this, it won’t stop with me,” Trump said.

“They will not hesitate to ramp up their persecution of Christians, pro-life activists, parents attending school board meetings, and even future Republican candidates — which they do. We must end it permanently, and we must end it immediately…The seal is broken by what they’ve done. They should have never have done this,” he continued.

Trump’s warning about increased persecution against Christians, pro-life activists, and parents attending school board meetings comes after [so-called quote-unquote "president"] Joe Biden’s [junta] has been caught repeatedly framing these groups as “extremist,” dangerous, and even potential domestic terrorism threats.

Forget the psychotic transexual terrorist who massacred Christians and whose manifesto is still being held under lock and key (as an aside, will we ever get to see the video that the LA Times has in a vault of Obama's speech at the Rashid Khalidi farewell dinner?), or the dozens of firebombed churches and pregnancy crisis centers, or even leftist allies like Target threatened by homo-tranny terrorists themselves for not being zealous enough in their thighs, er, eyes, or even the Junta-approved anarcho-terroristic crime wave sweeping much of the nation.

This despotic, technocratic tyranny is going to crush the life out of all of us and use it to grease the cogs of their machine.

Some leftist groups beat around the bush about what they stand for and what they do.

Not ‘Climate Defiance’ which is running a fundraiser to ‘Make Complicit Climate Cowards’ Lives F____g Miserable’.The ecoterrorist group which boasts of having “fully shut down Joe Manchin’s keynote” and “made pipeline lover Amy Klobuchar flee the stage at her own book launch party” is also pretty clear about what donors can buy by funding the environmentalist group. For $100, you get “photography for one direct action” while $1,000 buys you a “whole keynote speech shutdown, soup-to-nuts”. . .

. . . Declare Emergency has retained its 501(c)(4) status despite this criminal activity. Tax code regulations clearly state that illegal and criminal activity voids any such status, but as the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s IRS investigations have shown, leftist eco-terrorists, actual terrorists and pedophiles have been able to retrain C3 and C4 status no matter what their crimes are.

The eco terrorist group linked to the Degas attack, like Climate Defiance, fundraises through Action Network. And they are not alone. Freedom Center investigations have shown that Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, the DSA and Communist Party USA and Antifa all fundraise through the Action Network. As does the Democratic National Committee.

The Action Network, like Climate Defiance and Declare Emergency, is a 501(c)(4) and it shows the entanglement of the Democrat establishment with the far Left even when its extremists are targeting Senate Democrats and the White House for not adopting their full radical agenda. . .

. . . Why won’t the Biden administration stop this even when its own personnel are being targeted? The American Left is the tail that wags the Democrat dog. The Biden [junta] would rather be slapped around by its own political extremists than take action against them. Biden’s Justice Department tried to go after mothers protesting at school board meetings as domestic terrorists, but doesn’t have anything to say when actual leftist domestic terrorists target it.

. . . The Biden [junta] and the IRS could easily put a stop to this if they choose to. The violations are blatant and pulling the Climate Emergency Fund’s nonprofit status is as straightforward as it gets. The tax code and precedent make it abundantly clear that illegal activities and protests are incompatible with tax-exempt status for charities. The Fund has lied to the IRS by falsely claiming in its 990s that it “supports only nonviolent, legal activities”. Even the briefest glance at its grantees and partners, and its own rhetoric, makes it clear that it supports organizations engaged in illegal activities.

And that was obvious even before Climate Defiance began crowdsourcing “Make Complicit Climate Cowards’ Lives F____g Miserable” which offered donors the opportunity to donate $1,000 to fund the shutdown of an event by public officials. . .

. . . While Democrats and their media continue to posture about an insurrection, their donors and their platforms are funding an actual insurrection that includes eco terrorists targeting Congress and even occupying Pelosi’s office. This continuing green assault is made possible by the complicity of the IRS in allowing 501(c)(3) charities and 501(c)(4) platforms and activist groups to continue funding vandalism, riots and attacks on elected officials.

I hate to differ with the estimable Daniel Greenfield but it's not that that the junta is allowing itself to be slapped around by its own political extremists. It's that they either tacitly approve of what they're doing or they are in some way directly involved in what they're doing, the slapping around of Klobuchar and Manchin being completely acceptable in an egg/omelette fashion. Manchin in particular is kind of a pain in the ass to them anyway, which is not my way of patting him on the back since I regard him as a political windsock that blows which ever way benefits him personally, and a windsock insofar as what comes out of his cakehole, but I digress.

No. As Trump accurately states, they are indeed after us.

The United States government has been secretly amassing a “large amount” of “sensitive and intimate information” on its own citizens, a group of senior advisers informed Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence, more than a year ago. 

The size and scope of the government effort to accumulate data revealing the minute details of Americans' lives are described soberly and at length by the director's own panel of experts in a newly declassified report. Haines had first tasked her advisers in late 2021 with untangling a web of secretive business arrangements between commercial data brokers and US intelligence community members. 

What that report ended up saying constitutes a nightmare scenario for privacy defenders. 

“This report reveals what we feared most,” says Sean Vitka, a policy attorney at the nonprofit Demand Progress. “Intelligence agencies are flouting the law and buying information about Americans that Congress and the Supreme Court have made clear the government should not have.” 

In the shadow of years of inaction by the US Congress on comprehensive privacy reform, a surveillance state has been quietly growing in the legal system's cracks. Little deference is paid by prosecutors to the purpose or intent behind limits traditionally imposed on domestic surveillance activities. More craven interpretations of aging laws are widely used to ignore them. As the framework guarding what privacy Americans do have grows increasingly frail, opportunities abound to split hairs in court over whether such rights are even enjoyed by our digital counterparts. . .

. . . “This report makes it clear that the government continues to think it can buy its way out of constitutional protections using taxpayers’ own money," says Chris Baumohl, a law fellow at EPIC. “Congress must tackle the government’s data broker pipeline this year, before it considers any reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” he said (referring to the ongoing political fight over the so-called “crown jewel” of US surveillance). . .

. . . Perhaps most controversially, the report states that the government believes it can “persistently” track the phones of “millions of Americans” without a warrant, so long as it pays for the information. Were the government to simply demand access to a device's location instead, it would be considered a Fourth Amendment “search” and would require a judge's sign-off. But because companies are willing to sell the information—not only to the US government but to other companies as well—the government considers it “publicly available” and therefore asserts that it “can purchase it.”

. . . Most Americans have at least some idea of how a law enforcement investigation unfolds (if only from watching years of police procedurals). This idea imagines a cop whose ability to surveil them, turn their phone into a tracking device, or start squeezing records out of businesses they frequent, are all gated behind evidentiary thresholds, like reasonable doubt and probable cause. 

These are legal hurdles that no longer bother an increasing number of government agencies.

NB the excerpt is from Wired which isn't exactly a conservative site, but the article is indeed alarming or more accurately reflects/confirms what many of us have already suspected is being done. And Avril Haines as a reminder is the Jew-hating swamp-dwelling Director of National Intelligence.

Yup, "This ain't America" indeed.

Watching the Tuesday circus in Miami and listening to media pooh-bah pronouncements about the gravity of the moment, I recalled a conversation with a friend about the indictment of Donald Trump. He repeated a phrase he had heard recently: “We’re not voting our way out of this.” “This” of course is a reference to the great divide tearing America apart, and Exhibit A is a Democratic president’s willingness to use the Department of Justice as a weapon against his leading Republican rival.

There are many good reasons why no former president has ever faced criminal charges, and it’s not because they behaved as angels for the rest of their lives starting the minute they left office. It’s because previous generations understood there had to be limits to the use of government power, or the country would tear itself to pieces every time the presidency changed hands. But the far-left wing that has taken over the Dem Party always knows best and believes it can cancel its opponents by shutting them up or, in this case, locking them up.

As always with them, this time is different because they are morally superior people.

So while history was being made in a Miami courtroom, it’s the kind that inflames the political and cultural chasm while offering no solution to the millions who feel left out.

For many of them, Trump was the reason they had any faith in the political system at all. To see him tripped up by a president and a Department of Justice they believe is rigged against the opposition only fuels their estrangement. Their disgust suggests some possible meanings to the rest of phrase that “we’re not voting our way out of this.”

I know it's Murdoch's NY Post but I don't have space to link the whole thing, and for once, Michael Goodwin writes a damn good essay without his usual snarky snipes at Trump. And he's right on the money. The notion of a two-tiered justice system is bad enough but when even someone like him starts using the phrase "We're not voting our way out of this," even quoting someone else means that that sentiment is seeping more and more into the public consciousness.

Not just on our side of the divide either. The Left regards it as an expression that they are not going to be able to avoid what we consider the unthinkable in achieving their final victory over us.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

ALSO: The Morning Report is cross-posted at if you want to continue the conversation all day.

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