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Daily Tech News 7 April 2022 | Main | Mid-Morning Art Thread
April 07, 2022

The Morning Report - 4/7/22


Thursday, and when a reliably obsequious junta house organ like See-BS, albeit via the reportage of rare actual journalist Catherine Herridge, is broadcasting to the heretofore shielded and perpetually lied to low-information audience about the astronomical graft of official son of a bitch Hunter Biden, you know that the knives are for sure out for him. How it redounds, or more accurately, how it's supposed to redound on the degenerate cur that spawned him is yet to be determined. A means to oust Joey Soft-Serve via impeachment or, as co-blogger Joe Mannix and others postulate a way to get this out into the news cycle early so as to water it down to the point of drowning it out of future news cycles, especially as the midterms heat up? Whatever the reason, there are plenty of juicy and infuriating links, given their complete embargo for a year and half, below, if that is your cup of tea.

For me, a crucial story that will doubtless get lost in the sauce of Biden graft or the Ukrainian "front" (if you catch my meaning) where Sponge Brain Square Depends came within a few mangled words of openly declaring war on Russia, was the news that a judge has acquitted a January 6th defendant based on the defense that, contrary to the bald-faced lie that he and other so-called "rioters" stormed the Capitol building in an act of violent insurrection, the Capitol Police unlocked the doors and invited them inside. One wonders if See-BS will be trumpeting this news as loud as they are now reporting on the Biden crime family. I wouldn't hold my breath.

But this news is nevertheless both absolutely welcome as it is crucial. It in theory could liberate the Garland Archipelago of the political prisoners being held and abused there for months on end without any due process whatsoever, solely for the purpose of warning anyone the fate that awaits them if they dare utter a peep about the illegitimacy of 2020. Meh, given the stranglehold on social media the junta has, who needs a corrupt DOJ? Still, this is huge.

Alan Dershowitz, who is representing a January 6 defendant facing roughly 20 years in prison, told The Daily Wire in an interview Wednesday that the acquittal of Capitol riot defendant Matthew Martin is “enormously important,” sets a legal precedent, and could swing momentum in favor of his legal team. . .

. . . Brady Knowlton, who Dershowitz is representing, spent 18 minutes in the Capitol on January 6 after he and others passed several police officers walking in their opposite direction, The Daily Wire reported. Knowlton told The Daily Wire that an officer said, “You can go in as long as you don’t break anything,” before watching police and protestors shaking hands.

Dershowitz said that “the subjective intent of the defendant is key,” noting that the judge took Martin’s word over that of the police and the prosecution. The courts “have to look at the state of mind of the defendant,” he said.

“If that’s the rule, we will win,” he said. “Because it’s clear Brady honestly and reasonably believed that he was not violating any rules or laws — that he was being welcomed — as long as he didn’t do any damage.”

It cannot be stated loudly, forcefully and often enough, but let me make this as clear as day for the Johnny Ray Jr.'s and any other sub minimum wage, sub literate trolls out there.

-- Not one single protester/rally goer who was unlucky enough to have entered the Capitol Building was armed. Ergo by definition, they could not and cannot be construed as having an intent to riot, let alone overthrow the government with their bare hands or buffalo helmets.

-- As we have known almost since day one, the protesters inside the Capitol Building - as has now been proven in a court of law - were allowed in by Capitol Police who, after unlocking the doors lectured those they were about to let in to behave, as if they were talking to a group on a guided tour.

-- The only acts of vandalism and violence that occurred were committed by a) known BLM and Antifa plants and confederates dressed in MAGA gear, such as this John Sullivan character, who were loudly exhorting the crowd to riot or b) uniformed Capitol Police officers and undercover FBI/DOJ "glowies" resulting in the death of innocent, non-violent and unarmed protesters including Ashli Babbitr and Roseanne Boyland. The death of officer Brian Sicknick was not because a "MAGA insurrectionist" bashed him on the head with a fire extinguisher but because of a heart attack not induced by any physical contact with anyone. Whatever injuries may or may not have been sustained by law enforcement and other security forces were because of unarmed innocent people defending themselves from winding up like Babbitt and Boyland.

-- The actual "Stop the Steal" protest rally which featured President Trump and other notable politicians and pundits was legal, peaceful and taking place many blocks away from the government-caused mayhem at the Capitol. Yet the rally itself, and its purpose which, again was peaceful and legal, is being painted as the worst attack on "our precious democracy" (*vomit) than the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined.

-- Considering the malfeasance of Malig-Nancy Pelosi and Muriel Bowser who are in control of the Capitol Cops and DCPD respectively in knowingly providing scant police presence and whose officers allowed the protesters in, and considering the fact that the FBI and DOJ have a record of staging dubious entrapment scams that involve coercion and prosecutorial misconduct to railroad otherwise innocent parties, what happened at the Capitol building was a pre-planned, staged Reichstag Fire event.

As a result, the J-6 kangaroo court in Congress and the scores of political prisoners still being held in deplorable conditions - pun most definitely intended - have been and continue to be used as a means to crush any and all opposition to the junta that stole the election as well as delegitimize and even criminalize GOP candidates, in particular, any non-establishment pro-MAGA candidates and groups. I know I am sounding like a broken record as I have written this time and time again. But given the motives of those in power, the news of the verdict in this one case is pretty damned huge as well as encouraging. Lest we forget, the only reason the junta was emboldened enough to attempt to criminalize parents from protesting at school board meetings was because they did it before with the J-6 prisoners and thought they could get away with it.

While this verdict is certainly good news and hopefully causes the ripple effect Dershowitz describes that ends this nightmare for both the persecuted citizens and political opponents running for office, corrupt law enforcement and government are not going to lick their wounds, declare a mea culpa and beg forgiveness. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Touted as an overdue (if duplicative) law that no one could disagree with, the Emmett Till Antilynching Act signed by [so-called quote-unquote "president"] Biden last week includes a subtle provision that could boost the Biden [junta's] war on wrongthink.

The bill sailed through the U.S. Senate and the House with ease. The tactful naming made the bill radioactive to oppose, which is why 422 congressmen voted in favor while only three opposed.

Rep. Thomas Massie, one of the three who voted against the bill, expressed a handful of concerns, including that there are a limited number of constitutionally specified federal crimes, that lynching is already criminalized, and that “Adding enhanced penalties for ‘hate’ [on top of existing criminal punishments] tends to endanger other liberties such as freedom of speech.”

He also highlighted another potential pitfall of the legislation: “The bill creates another federal crime of ‘conspiracy,’ which I’m concerned could be enforced overbroadly on people who are not perpetrators of a crime” . . .

. . . I’m sure someone will retort: conspiracy to commit a federal crime is already a federal crime. This is not a universally accepted interpretation of conspiracy law, nor does the law’s language or historical precedent justify such a broad interpretation — hence the ostensible necessity for the new antilynching law. Criminalized conspiracies are those plotting “against the United States” – like the Volkswagen executives who attempted to defraud the Environmental Protection Agency by faking emission results and, more recently, the leader of the Oath Keepers who plead guilty to seditious conspiracy for his part in the Jan. 6, 2021 riot. . .

. . . With this new law, the U.S. government has further expanded into the realm of policing thought crimes. Ominously, this law comes on the heels of the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to broaden the “domestic terrorism” category and expand methods for identifying “threats". . .

. . . “Domestic violent extremism poses the most lethal and persistent terrorism-related threat to our country today,” claimed Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last spring. A White House press release added: “The two most lethal elements of today’s domestic terrorism threat are (1) racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the white race and (2) anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists, such as militia violent extremists.”

It’s a mountain-out-of-a-molehill on par with the “Don’t Say Gay” hysteria. But this one may have far greater consequences down the road as texts, emails, social media posts, and everyday speech are monitored and analyzed by various three-letter agencies to establish the intent of our discourse.

So while the borders are open to drug dealers, rapists and other criminals from south of the border as well as Middle Eastern Religion-of-Peace peaceniks, the FBI and DOJ are focusing laser-like on parents who oppose the mind-, body- and soul-rape of their children and anyone who does not vote Democrat-Socialist while the Defense Department prepares for our greatest long range national security threats, "global warming" and homegrown white supremacy, but mostly homegrown white supremacy. Windmill status: [X] Tilting At, Hard.

If you're wondering how can any of those agencies, large and well funded (with our money) as they may be can police the thoughts of 330 million of us (minus the 40 million foreigners here illegally and soon to skyrocket), they have eyes and ears everywhere, maybe even in your own home.

The Left’s phony Jan. 6 “insurrection” witch hunt isn’t going to die down anytime soon. The Democrats still hope to use it to stigmatize and marginalize virtually all of their opposition as “insurrectionists” that all decent lovers of “our democracy” (that is, the Left’s hegemony) should shun. And although it is now almost a year and a half since the Terrible Event That Was Worse Than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, there are more Jan. 6 prosecutions all the time, thanks to “citizen sleuths” who are ratting out protestors who were at the Capitol on the fateful day.

There are so many snitches that the system is being overwhelmed. NBC News reported Wednesday that “aided by citizen sleuths who keep identifying Jan. 6 rioters, the Justice Department is finding that it has more cases than lawyers to prosecute them.” Accordingly, “the Justice Department is asking Congress for additional funds to prosecute those cases — a list that keeps growing.” It’s growing because “multiple online sleuths in a network of ‘Sedition Hunters’ working’ to find Jan. 6 participants have told NBC News that they’ve successfully identified to the FBI hundreds of additional Jan. 6 rioters — including dozens who are pictured on the FBI’s Capitol Violence website.” And the feds, of course, are only too eager to act upon the information these rats feed them.

One snitch said nobly that he had plenty more work to do: “There are hundreds still to go,” he said, “speaking anonymously to avoid retaliation from supporters of the rioters.” Yeah, you know, he doesn’t want trouble from those dangerous traitors who were going to overthrow the government led by a few grandmothers and a guy with Viking horns. But however ridiculous it is, the narrative must be perpetuated, and so the “sleuth” remains anonymous. . .

. . . In September 1932, a thirteen-year-old boy, Pavlik Morozov, was found murdered in a Siberian forest; it turned out that he had denounced his father to the secret police, and authorities claimed that his own relatives had killed him. He was hailed as a hero of the Soviet Union. Before Pavlik was killed, he appeared at the trial of his father, Trofim Morozov, who called out to his son in the courtroom: “It’s me, your father!” Pavlik told the judge: “Yes; he used to be my father, but I no longer consider him my father. I am not acting as a son, but as a Pioneer,” that is, a member of the Soviet youth brigade.

Watch for the “citizen sleuths” to become heroes of the new woke order the Left is trying to build if they succeed. Maybe we’ll see statues of some of these slouching Internet nerds replacing the statues of Washington and Jefferson that Antifa and its allies have pulled down. Every civilization, even the most degenerate one, has its heroes.

Now you understand why Nikole Krylon Jeri Curl's 1619 Project and Ibram X. Krement's Jive Kampf crackpot race theory, along with Howard Zinn's bromide People's History of the US is the default curriculum of schools. No surprise why they want to criminalize homeschooling and ultimately replace the nuclear family with the all-powerful State as the parent.

Yes, this court decision looms potentially quite large, as does the impending seating of Kentanji what's her face on SCOTUS.

The End of America: 100 Days That Shook the World available here.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

ALSO: The Morning Report is cross-posted at CutJibNewsletter.com if you want to continue the conversation all day.

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BONUS: Long distance "def" dedication to the brave patriotic fox who gave his life to defend freedom.

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posted by J.J. Sefton at 08:23 AM

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