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August 04, 2021

The Morning Report - 8/4/21


Good morning, kids. Wednesday and in the lead are the twin stories of Angel of Death Andrew Cuomo's seeming impending exit from the governor's mansion in Albany and the continuing Chinese Coronavirus follies. Obviously, like most everything in the news, these are related but for sure extremely closely. The cynics here (and you can't blame them for being cynical considering everything we have witnessed since the coming of Trump and even before that fueled the cynicism) were sure that Cuomo was going to skate, and it certainly appeared that way as of a few weeks ago. But NY AG Letitia James dropped the hammer yesterday. Now the calls are coming for this greasy, crooked bastard to wire his damn mouth shut with his nipple rings and fall on his salsicce.

"We owe it to the American people to #BelieveSurvivor," Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted in support of the Democrat lynching of Justice Kavanaugh. After years of calling for "zero tolerance" on sexual harassment, the Cuomosexual chickens have come home to roost. As David Horowitz tweeted, "Chickens are coming home to roost -- all the dirty tactics & hypocritical moralizing Dems used to attack Trump are now focused on Cuomo. Speaking truth to power used to mean commie lies attacking Republicans and patriots. Now the worm is turning." Joe Biden, who had once called Cuomo the "gold standard", is now calling for his head. The Democrats and their media are now using the same dirty tactics against their own that they had formerly deployed against Trump.

Democrats, beginning with Attorney General Letitia James, a former ally, have come for Cuomo, not because they care about how many nursing home patients he killed or how many aides he groped, but because they, especially James, want his job. Now James released a report describing numerous cases of her feminist ally groping women. A month after Cuomo was claiming that whatever higher power (beyond his own reflection in the mirror) he believes in had made him a feminist, he ordered James' predecessor to end an investigation into the handling of the Harvey Weinstein coverup after getting $25,000 from Weinstein's old lawyer. This was the same investigation he had formerly demanded.

Was James really unaware of all this? Don't count on it. "Tish James says I'm a feminist and she's right," Cuomo had once bragged at a rally. "God told me I was a feminist." The first time Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment was twenty years ago when he was serving in the Clinton administration. And Congressional Democrats closed ranks around him. New York Democrats have gifted the state with paragons of virtue like Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who was forced to resign after multiple women accused him of choking and assaulting them, Comptroller Scott Stringer, whose recent mayoral campaign tanked after accusations of sexual harassment, and a legion of other cretins.

There's a reason that Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein felt so comfortable in New York. . .

. . . James isn't bringing actual criminal charges against Cuomo. That would take her away from her focus on destroying the NRA and President Trump. The investigation, like the orchestrated calls for Cuomo to resign, something he has no intention of doing, are a thinly disguised primary campaign. The Democrats want Cuomo's job, they aren't about to hold him accountable. An actual criminal trial would be too dangerous and would threaten too many party interests. Democrats want to primary Cuomo. They don't want to lock him up. And if he survives the primary challenges, they'll go back to being 'Cuomosexuals' all over again. And Attorney General James will go back to praising Cuomo as a feminist. Cuomo was as good at fake moral outrage as James and his Democrat opponents.

Good analysis from the estimable Daniel Greenfield insofar as gauging Ms. James' aspirations, and later on in his essay, he and his boss David Horowitz ring a rather optimistic tone about what they see as perhaps the beginning of the end of cancel culture and the political future of the Left more broadly. Nice to imagine that, but in the near term with his essay, I think he is missing a couple of things. Or perhaps he penned this before the news broke that every major and minor local and national Democrat up to and including braindead stooge president Joey Biden are unequivocally calling for him to resign.

There is no way to survive that. I also think he is missing the fact that in my estimation, as horrible as the serial sexual abuse of women and the corruption of his staff and the media to cover it all up and smear the accusers, this is to put out the real fire over his gross incompetence and possible malice aforethought in a policy that directly led to the deaths of at least 15,000 or more elderly nursing home residents by exposing them to the patients with Chinese Lung AIDS. And if Cuomo has to fall for that so do equally execrable monsters like Phil Murphy, Ned Lamont, Tom Wolf and Wretched Whitmer to name but a few. That to me is the real reason this is breaking right now.

Now my own cynicism comes to the fore, since if Cuomo does exit the scene we get Lt. Governor Katy Hochul filling in until the next election in 2022 and it certainly looks as if Letitia James is being groomed or is grooming herself to get the nod. So we're swapping out projectile colitis and eye shingles for terminal pancreatic cancer here in the Empire State. Oh joy.

Continuing on the Chinese Coronavirus theme, yesterday lame duck Commie mayor of NYC Bill DeBolshevik put the hammer and sickle down on those of us who do not want to get vaccinated by requiring "zee paperz pleez" if you want to go to a restaurant and gym. No doubt this will roll out everywhere else unless people push back. And judging from the attitude I have seen from my neighbors, I don't see that happening. Whatever the merits or dangers of these vaccines, they're not for me.

Well, I reject the vaccine. I will be happy to reassess the case in a few years, once we've had a chance to see how it performs in the long term. For now, I'm young, healthy, reasonably fit, have no leukemia or other aggravating conditions. I'm not at serious risk. If you are at risk, go get the vaccine. You will then be protected. If you're worried that I may still get the "delta" variant and transmit it to you -- it turns out that you're just as likely, as a vaccinated person, to get it and transmit it to me. But I'm not worried. Fauci says that if I walk around without a mask, I am "encroaching" on your right not to get sick. I'm sorry, but you have no such right. To live your entire life in fear of getting a disease is no better for your mind than a bad case of the flu is for your body. But the flu is transient, whereas perpetual fear of disease is not: It will disable you, and make you an isolated, lonely, scared, bitter person. You may not get COVID, but you will be sick.

Fortunately, it seems a number of my fellow Americans agree, even in the middle of New York City: In the days after the CDC's new mask guidelines, a fair proportion of people continue to ride the subway and bus maskless. The mask mandate for public transit has been in place since the beginning, but many New Yorkers have had enough of it. Likewise on the Long Island Rail Road last weekend: by the time my train reached Huntington, I found myself surrounded entirely by people not wearing masks. As if by tacit consent, everyone agreed that it was time for the stupidity to stop. The conductor came by, asked us for our tickets, and said nothing about masks.

New York City's Mayor de Blasio has just announced the city will require a vaccine passport, with scannable QR-code, for indoor dining, gyms, and concerts. The chips are down: In New York I have a choice between living in isolation or letting the government track every visit I make to a restaurant. For the first time in my life, I feel the law being brought to bear against me. I feel the attempt to turn law-abiding and peace-loving citizens into criminals. But I will not be coerced. I will not be blackmailed. I don't know whether I'm going to end up fined or in jail or just lonely -- but I hope others will join me in telling Mayor de Blasio that he can go straight to hell.

Also, an equally outraged Steve McCann nails it (this is an excerpt so do read the whole thing):

I am in my later 70's; over my lifetime I have lived among and have been exposed to people in refugee camps suffering with tuberculosis, cholera, hepatitis B and diphtheria and, after arriving in the United States, polio. I managed to get through the Asian Flu pandemic in 1957-58, the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968-69, the HIV/Aids pandemic in the 1980's and the Swine Flu pandemic in 2009-10.

Thus, I am well aware of medical risks and realities, particularly when it comes to my health. I have been vaccinated for everything from tuberculosis to diphtheria to smallpox to polio to the annual flu. I have been reliably informed that I have a very robust immune system and, thankfully, I have never been seriously ill with any viral or bacterial infections.

I researched, from credible non-government sources, the evolution and development of the mRNA (Pfizer and Moderna) vaccines, their possible side effects and approval process. After considering the short and long-terms unknowns of a new type of vaccine that contains attenuated virus based on the Covid-19 genetic code provided by China combined with the realities of Covid infections, I concluded that I was unwilling to run the risk of compromising an immune system that had maintained my good health for nearly eight decades.

My medical history and attendant health decisions are unique to me. Every person in the United States has their own distinctive medical history, and depending on circumstances, heredity and previous access to medication, an immune system able or unable to fend off a variety of diseases.

A one-size-fits-all vaccine, particularly one that was approved on an emergency basis with unknown short and long-term side effects, requires allowing the citizenry to evaluate the risk for themselves. Instead, those that choose not to vaccinate are being called vile names and being threatened, intimidated and coerced by politicians and government bureaucrats. Additionally, vaccines are being mandated as a condition of employment by many private businesses and in the federal government at the direction of the Biden Administration. . .

. . . Every country that has pushed mass vaccination has experienced tremendous growth in Covid cases as well as increased hospitalizations and death rates among both vaccinated and unvaccinated people brought about by these variants. Fortunately, the variants to date, while highly contagious, do not appear to cause the same hospitalization and mortality rate as the first or alpha variant.

But that does not stop the Marxist-inspired Democrats and the Biden Administration from using the growth in cases to again threaten mandatory vaccinations, mask mandates and potential lockdowns in furtherance of the strategy put in place at the beginning of the pandemic to strip Americans of their rights and transform the populace into one that will meekly acquiesce to any specious government edicts.

I'm stuck in New York for the foreseeable future and even with that lanky hunk of Communist piss a lame duck, I doubt very much Eric Adams, even being merely a Trotskyite and not a full-on Maoist freak, is going to abolish this crap if he wins Gracie Mansion, almost as much as I doubt Curtis Sliwa has a chance at beating him. That being said, it took me all of about two seconds to find a PDF of the CDC vaccination card as well as how to fill them out. There is no way any bar, restaurant or other venue is going to have the wherewithal nor even the desire to do more than give a cursory look at it and wave you in. Traveling on airplanes might be more problematic but I am hardly a frequent flyer and if this is not resisted right now they will no doubt spend the billions of ill-gotten tax dollars to create bureaucracies to do the job. Or pay off Big Tech and the private sector to be the enforcers.

The CDC = Center of Diseased Control-Freaks. I have no fealty to illegal laws and edicts passed by illegal juntas and tyrants based on incompetent, inept, uncaring, unfeeling technocrats who are so far removed from reality and the last people you want controlling life and death decisions, let alone if you want regular or unleaded. If this makes me a criminal, so be it.

And while all this is going on, here's some reassuring news:

We can all sleep better tonight. The Los Angeles Times reported Monday on the July 29 arrest of Glen Allen Brooks, 61, of Huntington Beach, Calif. His crime? Brace yourself, gentle reader, for Mr. Brooks has been identified as a participant in the Jan. 6 "insurrection" at the United States Capitol. Imagine, he's been on the loose all these months, no doubt insurrecting to beat the band the whole time.

Mr. Brooks's alleged misdeeds are detailed in an FBI affidavit, in which a special agent (whose name is for some reason redacted) says that on Jan. 6, at 3:13 p.m., Brooks "entered the Senate side of the U.S. Capitol by climbing through a broken window near the Senate Wing Door." The affidavit goes on to say Brooks left the Capitol at 3:30 p.m.

And how did this dangerous insurrectionist spend those intervening 17 minutes? Did he menace any House or Senate member? Did he assault any police officers, destroy or steal any property? Did he go off in search of Vice President Pence, perhaps to cajole him into invalidating the electoral vote?

He did none of these things. He took some pictures. Photographs included in the affidavit purport to show Brooks using his cell phone to snap pictures, all in the presence of a dozen or more uniformed police officers, none of whom appear to be doing anything to stop him or anyone else from meandering about the room. Brooks reportedly shared some of his pictures with members of his church prayer group back home, one of whom reported him to the FBI. . .

. . . There have been 114 homicides in Washington, D.C., this year, a 5 percent increase over the same period last year, and based on the Metropolitan Police Department's past performance, we may assume more than 30 percent of them will go unsolved. Perhaps the FBI's time and effort would be of better use in trying to improve these statistics.

Andrew Breitbart, PBUH, said it best: "Fuck you. War."

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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