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January 27, 2021

The Morning Rant

talking ape.jpg

On Monday, in Buck Throckmorton's "De-platforming leftists" thread, the case involving the Masterpiece Cake bakery came up in the comments, to wit:

293 The Masterpiece Cake guy is being targeted by a tranny lawyer that hates Christians. He requests really vile cakes then files complaints when the baker says no.

Posted by: Notsothoreau - look forward at January 25, 2021 12:52 PM (JKNZq)

And this after SCOTUS ruled 7-2 in favor of Jack Phillips, the owner. Apparently, the tranny lawyer interpreted the narrow grounds upon which the case was decided as an invitation to relitigate. According to the wiki entry, the first attempt was dropped, a second suit was initiated last April, and I couldn't find further information.

But, having no legal training, there are some things I don't understand. In the first place, what does the tranny lawyer have to do to be declared a vexatious litigant? Maybe there has to be a lot more than 2 lawsuits. OK, I can sort of see this.

But my main question is, how does this case get off the ground to begin with? It seems to me that a judge with common sense could've ending this one back in 2012. Like this:

The gay guys show up in court with their lawyer, and the lawyer says to the judge: "Your honor, this cake shop doesn't want to sell my gay clients a wedding cake because they're gay."

Judge: "Well, why can't the gay guys buy a cake from some other cake shop?"

Lawyer: "Your Honor, that is scarcely the--"

Judge: "Aren't there other cake shops in town that would be more than happy to bake a wedding cake for a couple of gay guys?"

Lawyer: "Well, yes, Your Honor, but--"

Judge: "That's what I thought." ( *bangs gavel* ) "Case dismissed. Now get out of my court."

See how easy that would be? I suppose the gay guys might have a case if, somehow, Christians had an absolute lock on the custom wedding cake market in Colorado so that it was tough to find a decorator who *wasn't* a Christian. Because then they could claim some sort of "undue burden" was forced upon them that others didn't have to suffer. But Phillips' refusal to do a custom wedding cake for the gay guys neither broke their legs, nor picked their pockets. Meaning, where is the injury or damage? What it boils down to is that the gay guys sued Phillips because he hurt their feelings.

And this is where my lack of understanding of our legal system shows. This case is not really about the cake. Because if that's all the gay guys wanted, they would get in their car and drive a few hundred yards down the street to another bakery that would be happy to serve them, and that would be the end of it. I would think that, somewhere in all of these suits and countersuits there would be at least *one* judge who would ask some basic questions about why the litigants are in his courtroom. But no, everybody's arguing as if a custom wedding cake is some kind of basic human right.

Thus speaketh an untutored legal layman.


And on a completely different note, if you're looking for something entertaining to watch on TV, I have a couple of Netflix recommendations:

1. Last year we watched Manhunt: Unabomber, about how the Unabomber was tracked down, which we both liked. I thought it was a one-off. But, I was wrong. Manhunt: Deadly Games is the new season, a 10-part series about the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing and the subsequent controversy involving the security guard Richard Jewell and Eric Rudolph. It is a very well-told tale that doesn't turn any of the players on either side into caricatures, despite many opportunities. I mean, you have the FBI, the ATF, a party-hearty newspaper reporter, a lower-class security guard, rural militia men, and a malignant psychopath. Yet there's an impressive amount of nuance with each one. We were very pleasantly surprised.

2. The 8-part Swedish import Caliphate is an oddly constructed story with about 4 sub-plots in search of a main plot, yet it somehow works. The overarching theme is Islamic terrorism, and the action shifts between an ISIS bride in Raqqa, Syria who migrated from Sweden but is regretting her decision, a couple of second generation Muslim girls who are being recruited as ISIS brides and their conflicts with their assimilated parents, a couple of young, native-born Swedish brothers who have converted to Islam and want to be martyrs for Allah, and various Swedish anti-terrorist police who have caught wind of an impending attack on Swedish soil and are trying to determine the when-and-where details so they can stop it. It's very well-acted and suspenseful and there's some good plot twists. I'm actually surprised such a drama came out of Sweden, where I thought that the prevailing view was that anyone who didn't think that all immigration was just fine and dandy is an evil right-wing bigot so shut up. It's dubbed in English.

coup 20210127 03.jpg

coup 20210127 01.jpg

coup 20210127 02.jpg

coup 20210127 04.jpg

coup 20210127 05.jpg

coup 20210127 06.jpg

coup 20210127 07.jpg

coup 20210127 08.jpg

coup 20210127 09.jpg

Trump, You Magnificent Bastard:

coup 20210127 10.jpg
"Office of the Former President". HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Well, why not? If Obama could set up his phony baloney "Office of the President Elect" back in 2008, I see no reason why Trump can't invent his own office, too.

AoSHQ Weekly Prayer List

Please submit any prayer requests to “Annie’s Stew” at apaslo atsign hotmail dot com.

Prayer Requests:

Prayer Requests:
10/7 – Lee Also requests prayers for her good friend who needs a lung transplant. He’s been on the list for a while, but it’s getting to the point where he needs it sooner than later. She also would like prayers for the family of the person whose untimely death will give life to her friend. They have lost someone they love. But their generosity will help her friend.
11/18 Update – Her friend has moved closer to the hospital, which means he’s up higher on the list. He’s getting rehab in preparation for the transplant, so keep praying for him, please. And prayers also for the family who lost a loved one and allowed their loved one’s organs to give new life to people like her friend.
12/23 Update – Her friend just got THE call. It may turn out that the lungs won’t be right, in which case, someone else will get them and he will have to wait. She requests prayers that her friend makes it through surgery successfully, and through recovery, and for the family of the donor, that they may have peace knowing that their generosity saved a life.

10/27 – Caiwyn requests prayers for his father, who has been battling pancreatic cancer for 3 years. His chemotherapy treatments are no longer effective enough to justify continuing with them, and they are being discontinued. Prayers for him, and for whatever more time God could possibly give him with his family.
1/10 Update – Caiwyn’s father passed away on New Year’s Eve, surrounded by his wife and children. The family is doing all right and mostly is just glad he’s no longer in pain. Caiwyn sends thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
12/2 – Sgt. Mom is asking for prayers for her daughter and unborn grandson, Jamie. The Daughter Unit is 40, this is her first pregnancy, and because of her age, this is considered a high-risk pregnancy, with an elevated chance of Downs’ Syndrome for Jamie. They had an ultrasound this week and an amniocentesis is scheduled for the week of Christmas. The Daughter Unit will carry on with the pregnancy regardless – but prayers for a healthy, normal child are humbly requested.
1/6 Update – Sgt. Mom sends her gratitude for the prayers, and they found out yesterday that her unborn grandson is healthy and developing normally. No spina bifida, and no trisomy disorders were found!

12/9 – Roxxee asks for prayers for her daughter, who has developed a severe addiction to prescription Adderall, and is now in deep psychosis. She has cut herself off from family and friends and will not respond to any of them. Praying for a Christmas miracle that she wakes up from her psychosis and gets help.
1/4 Update – Roxxee reports: God works in mysterious ways. On the Tuesday before Christmas, her daughter’s mental health tragically deteriorated. However, this event enabled them to get her in a treatment facility where she is finally getting the intensive help she needs. Roxxee asks for continued prayers that the doctors help her and she is able to make a full recovery.

12/12 – Katya, the designated driver sends an update that she was in the ER with shortness of breath last weekend, and has found she has a blood clot in her lung now. The blood thinner she was on for the clot in her leg wasn’t doing the job, so she is giving herself injections twice a day of enoxaparin sodium. She feels good, mostly. She sends her thanks for prayers and support through her chemo treatments.
12/29 Update: Last week was her last chemo treatment. She still has 4 infusion treatments of Keytruda, which is the immunotherapy drug that is still in clinical trials in the US. She has an appointment on Wednesday with the surgeon to scheduler her mastectomy. She sends thanks for continued prayers and support.
1/19 Update – Katya’s surgery was pushed back to the 28th because she has pneumonia.

12/22 – Homer’s Donuts asks for prayers for work. He was laid off on 12/22 with only a few days of notice, and it feels horrible not knowing when the next paycheck is going to come.
1/11 Update – Homer’s Donuts has an interview on 1/13 that is well suited to his career experience. Please pray for that to work out well!

12/29 – NavyMom requests prayers for her family. Their daughter decided to cut NavyMom and her husband out of her life and her children’s lives. NavyMom’s husband is having lunch with her daughter’s fiancé on Wednesday, so prayers for the right words and hearts to be softened.
12/30 Update – NavyMom reports that the lunch went well, and they are hopeful that the divide can be healed. The next step will be lunch with their daughter. Prayers are still needed for hearts to continue to be softened. NavyMom sends her thanks!

12/29 – empire 1 asks for prayers for her husband, who recently died. She found him, and she probably could use some prayers, too.

12/30 – Prayers of healing are needed for Tikvah, who had part of her foot amputated today and requests prayers. She needs to stay totally off it for 6 weeks to heal.

12/30 – Fox2! requests prayers for his niece, VM, who is pregnant at a relatively high age for being prima (first birth).

1/6 – NaughtyPine has several requests: For the family and friends of Art, who they lost suddenly in late November. The tears come and he’s missed terribly. For the family of Russ, especially his children who are currently estranged from each other. Family healing would make it easier on everyone. For Michele, who lost her ailing father on New Year’s Day. Her “baby” brother died suddenly last March. She is now the sole survivor of her immediate family.

1/8 – Captain Whitebread requests the means to get an eye exam and some new glasses. His current glasses are 4 years old, and he can see distances fine, but his up-close work is blurry. Since he works around computer screens all day, that’s a big problem. His side jobs have all shut down due to Covid, so he’s barely getting the bills paid now; there is nothing to spare.

1/18 – Pollywog the ‘Ette requests prayers for “Thing From Snowy Mountain”. His sister just passed away from Covid caught due to a suppressed immune system from chemo. His mom is in her 80s and also caught it, leading to hospitalization and was put on a ventilator (although she has been allowed to remain conscious). He needs comfort, physical endurance/strength, and positive human interaction. Prayers for provision and a better job would also be helpful.

1/20 – Washington Nearsider requests prayers for his mental and financial stability as he leaves his marital home after several years of debating the issue back and forth. Nearly all of the familial debt is in his name, and he is moving into a one-bedroom apartment with only a mattress and computer. Prayers for his wife that she finds peace and grace, and for his two children (ages six and four) that they come through this difficult time with resiliency, maintaining their joy, and exuberance for life.

For Healing:

12/21 – Toad-O requests prayers for his mother, who has just tested positive for covid-19. She is 88 years old and in a nursing home.
1/18 Update – Toad-O reports that his mother was released from quarantine and is back in her old room. She never did have any Covid symptoms. Prayers answered.

12/23 – Notsothoreau requests prayers for Jesse in DC’s mom. They believe she has had a stroke. She is in the hospital and being transferred to the stroke unit. She is 94 and would appreciate prayers for healing.

1/10 – Annie’s Stew requests prayers for healing and protection for a sweet young family, expecting their first baby. The mom-to-be has many health issues, and now the dad-to-be just found out that he has lymphoma.

1/13 - Coelacanth asks for prayers for a friend’s son who was snowboarding and had an accident. He was undergoing spinal surgery last night, and it is feared he may never walk again. His name is Gavin.

For submission guidelines and other relevant info, please contact Annie's Stew, who is managing the prayer list. You can contact her at apaslo at-sign hotmail dot com.

If you see a prayer request posted in a thread comment, feel free to copy and paste it and e-mail it to Annie's Stew. She tries to keep up with the requests in the threads, but she's not here all of the time, so she may not see it unless you e-mail it to her.

Please note: Prayer requests are generally removed after five weeks or so unless we receive an update.

Please remember the Prayer of St. Francis:

Keep calm and pray on!

Who Dis:

who dis 20210127a1.jpg

Photo 2 (leggy!)
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5 (leggy!)
Photo 6
Photo 7

For the 'Ettes:

who dis 20210127b1.jpg

Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6 (I guess I'm going to have to explain this one)

Monday Who Dis: Canadian-born actor Ryan Gosling, who is also an accomplished jazz guitarist, danced the night away with Emma Stone in the 2016 musical La-La Land.

Today's Edition Of The Morning Rant Is Brought To You By DIY Cheetos:

diy cheetos 01.jpg
(click for bigger cheetos)

I kind of miss that fluorescent, not-found-in-nature orange color of the commercial Cheetos, but eh, this recipe may be better.

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