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January 16, 2018

The Morning Rant

talking ape.jpg"So help a poor gorilla out here, why was Trump's labelling some 3rd world shithole countries as 'shitholes' objectionable? Was it because they're really not shitholes, but happy, prosperous countries where everybody is doing fine, or is it that it's racist to call a shithole country a shithole even though it may very well be a shithole that happens to have a lot of brown people in it, or is it because they're actually shitholes but it's not polite to call them shitholes? Or perhaps the Democrats are just objecting to Trump's vulgarity. Which, of course, would be pretty damn funny coming from the party of Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, and Al Franken."

dude - socialist countries.jpg

Sally Kohn, Racist

sally kohn el salvador.jpg

Wait, isn't "a gang violence-ravaged and impoverished disaster zone" just another name for shithole (I mean, assuming she wasn't talking about Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston or Newark)?

Racist: Trump Calling Haiti A 'S***hole'. Totes Not Racist:

Obama - libya sh show.jpg

And Speaking of Haiti...

haiti - chelsea clinton.jpg

Here is Andrew Klavan on the shithole controversy, Of Crudeness and Truth: Thoughts on President Trumpís latest verbal tempest, wherein he states the obvious:

No person of importance on the right seeks to silence anyone on the left. The Left, on the other hand, is broadly committed to ostracizing, blacklisting, and even criminalizing right-wing speech.

Read the whole thing, which is a cascade of Obvious.

AoSHQ Prayer List

For submission guidelines and other relevant info, please contact Slapweasel, who is managing the prayer list. You can contact him at

home made gravy 71 (all one word) circle-a Yahoo dot com.

rickl- Lung cancer.

redc1c4- General Health. Would like to be healthy enough to look for a j*b.

kbdabear- Mother's dementia.

CaliGirl- Mom's boyfriend Arthur has cancer. --(12/26/17)- The gold digger that is elder abusing a friend of ours and making everyone miserable with ridiculous demand letters has claimed her first victim. I'm sad to report the special needs son of the elderly victim was found dead today. I have no idea how he passed. He was in his 50's and had no health problems.

Hrothgar- Lost Son in accident.

Ritabootoo- Passed Friday, December 8th. Prayers for Family and Friends. Frequenter of the Pet Thread and our beloved friend.

Fenelon Spoke- Healing for my son and ability to pay healthcare bills.

RedMindBlueState- Cousin Agnes has passed. Prayers for her friends and Family. If you could add her husband Mel, who has Parkinson's and moved into assisted living now without his wife, to the list, I'd appreciate it.

Dr. Strangepork- Friend may have had a stroke.

Bebe's boobs destroy- Former co-worker's four year-old has cancer.

Mindful webworker- Wife's health due to longstanding issues.

ibguy- Sister's brain cancer, (gioblastoma).

pookysgirl- Husband's suicide attempt and mental health.

Jade Sea- Husband's cancer

Moron Pundit- Father-in-law's heart surgery.

junior- Employment

Duke Lowell- Son in need of healing.

Miley- Future employment, big move, Mother's cellulitis of leg.

Captain Whitebread- Mother's health and stable employment.

Jinx- Mother's passing.

Emmie- Continued relationship with Daughter.

Vic- Return of cancer.

ReneeTX- Terminal brain cancer.

Booknlass- Relationship with Daughter.

Just wondering- My sister Lisa had a large brain tumor removed, is partly paralyzed and wheel chair bound with memory issues and heart failure - needs prayers for her encouragement and recovery. Also, our family needs prayers after the recent death of our father, after the passing of our mother last year. We've been through a rough patch.

Lin-duh fell- My FIL passed away 9/27/17. Could use the prayers for my husband finding a job.

Blacksheep- Stage 2 prostate cancer.

Weirddave and Gingy- Gingy's father passing away.

Alexthechick- Father's dementia.

Molly K- Niece killed by elderly driver.

Donna V- Bills to be paid and an alcoholic Brother.

Gushka- Infection after being bitten by her horse. Her friends' mental health after returning from battle.

TonyPete- Friends' terminal diagnosis, Wife's, (Renee), terminal illness.

bergerbuilder- Multiple strokes, out of hospital at end of September.

Chi- Friend's passing, (Lewis), after battle with cancer.

huerfano- Father's recovery from heart failure.

The Oort Cloud- Thalassemia, genetic blood disorder, complicated my hemolytic anemia. "Given" two years by doctor.

Mary Poppins' Practically Perfect Piercing- Job issues.

Hopped up on Something- Immediate Family member with cancer. Bone pain without opioids, Hospital Policy.

Publius- Father's health. Rheumatoid arthritis, severe pain during flare-ups. Stamina, in general.

Cannibal Bob- Two brothers in law. 1. Brain tumor hospice soon. 2. Just diagnosed cancer around heart and in aorta. Biopsy taken. Stage 3. 3. Cousin just completed 5 rounds of chemo for cancer in abdomen. Reoccurance from many years ago.

Insomniac- 1) That my autoimmune disorder will stay under control. 2) That the work situation I have will continue to come together and grow.

OregonMuse- Shoulder replacement and recovery.

Slapweasel- Father's dementia and Mother's attitude.

Jane D'oh- Son's Best Friend was in a terrible automobile accident. Surgeries and long recovery ahead. (1/9/18 )

USNtakim- My MIL, (73), is going in for surgery 11/22/17 for bowel re-sectioning. Please pray for her and her family.

Iron Mike Golf- My grandsons. Safety and peace for them. Mrs IMG is scheduled for surgery.

Cheri- Lost Son, (21), in February to hiking accident.

Teresa in Ft. Worth- Lost Daughter, (26) to suicide on September 7th.

Alf767- Employment. 60 y.o. ex-pilot in aviation industry.

Backwards Boy- B'Gal has Congestive heart failure, COPD, scleroderma and arthritis.

Northernlurker- Money issues, does NOT want to dip into investments.

Dang- Esophageal cancer. Starting radiation and chemo week of 11/26/17.

westminsterdogshow- Best friend's Mom, Marge passed away 1/1/18. Prayers for Family and friends. (1/3/18 ) Multiple breast biopsies.

Methos- (12/12/17) Mother has Alzheimers and friend Herb died shortly before Thanksgiving, leaving a wife with unspecified memory issues and three adult children.

LCMS Rulz!- (12/12/17) 1) Advancing dementia in my Mother-in-Law: we're going to have to move her all-too-soon; 2) Praise and Glory be for the near simultaneous cancer healings among three of my in-laws.

Michael the Texan- (12/12/17) Difficult divorce from longtime physically abusive wife. Please pray for my wife, too, as this divorce will leave her with much less financial freedom.

Elisabeth- (12/12/17) Chronic stress from my perpetually low income is worsening my known autoimmune problems and probably some that haven't yet been diagnosed, and I've just started my fifth course of antibiotics for a recurrent sinus infection and nothing I've tried to improve my income situation (finding a better job, asking for a raise, selling my work, finding cheaper housing) has worked. Plus, I need new glasses but can't afford the eye exam.

Redinabluestate- (12/12/17) Prostate cancer.

Physics Geek- (12/12/17) Both my mother and stepdad (divorced and not together) are suffering from dementia, with my stepfather's case being somewhat further along.

NoLongerInTheBellyoftheBeast- (12/18/17) I need to have prayers added to the list for a friend and cow-orker named Renee who just got diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I could also use prayers for myself. Major joint pain and long term major depression. And prayers for better finances to pay medical bills.

Johnny- (12/19/17) About a year and a half ago my wife divorced me. It was all very civil and amicable. Today she told me (texted me) that she is now engaged. This whole time, I've been torn up and depressed, of course, but, I don't know, maybe I was in denial or something, because when she told me that.. Gah. It's really over. That life that I was so excited about, will never come to pass.

Tone Staple- (12/19/17) For a relative with Pick's Disease, and for his family. Pick's Disease is a form of dementia that starts with gradual loss of language.

Arch Stanton- (12/19/17) My dad is recovering from having a pacemaker put in, and battling COPD.

Captain Whitebread- (12/19/17) I've had to go to the local hospital ER a couple of times since heart surgery because I was concerned I might be having more heart trouble. I didn't, but since I didn't have insurance, the bill was huge. I tried paying a little every month, but sometimes I missed because money is really tight.
Monday, I was served with a court summons. The collection agency working for the hospital is taking me to court. I owe $4500. I have no way of paying in full. I have to appear in court with the next 35 days. All I am asking from the Horde is prayers that a workable solution might be found. I am not asking for money; everyone has done more than enough after my heart surgery and when I almost had my electricity cut off a couple of years ago. I believe that with enough prayer, a way will reveal itself. At this time, I don't know what it is. But I believe there is one.

Ladyl- (12/20/17) My dad is back on Hopice and isn't doing great.

Anonymous- (12/19/17) ...Her family has to leave the R.V. park because her husband lost his job two months ago. He has a job prospect in Texas so he is going after it. There are 7 of them living in a 16 ft. trailer but the children are always clean and happy. She has been driving for Uber just to keep food on the table. She's scared about moving, trying to be normal for the kids, doesn't know what will happen if this job prospect doesn't work out. She's got such a good heart and is trying so hard, right now she feels a little desperate and tired.
Please pray for her and her family. I know how much it helps.

Anonymous- (12/22/17) A dear friend who survived cancer--twice--died unexpectedly Thursday night. Not from cancer. He was one of the kindest, sweetest people I've known. His widow is in shock, and sitting in their house looking at the tree they decorated together, and their gifts to each other under it.

Patrick from Ohio- (12/24/17) Can you add my Sister In Law Denise she suffers from LUPUS like symptoms and nothing is really working.

JQ- (12/26/17) 'Twas an otherwise Merry Christmas, because it might be Dad's last, as he has advanced cancer. Dad (80s) is ambulatory but slowing down...
The reality of Dad's situation hit hard tonight after I got home and my heart is breaking. Prayers welcome, if you would please. Thanks, Merry Christmas, and God bless you all.

Jim, Sunk New Dawn- (12/26/17) From a rather chilly Orlando, FL. 89 y/o Step Mom in deteriorating health. One way trip, and a contest as to what gets her first. Water around enlarged heart, or OldTimers. Looks like I'll have to make a hasty long term TDY to Orlando, for however long time is left.

DaninMN- (1/8/18 ) Daughter came home from NICU and met her 19 Month old Sister.

mpfs- (1/1/18 ) Mom was taken by ambulance yesterday afternoon to the hospital. Possible stroke. When they took her sugar last night it was... 759. Even the neurologist did a double take.

Catman- (1/2/18 ) My dad died tonight.... Please prayers.

Ron- (1/2/18 ) Please pray for the family of Zack Parrish, the Douglas County Sheriff's Deputy who was slaughtered in an ambush in Highlands Ranch, CO on December 30. He was a true follower of Jesus Christ. Zack was 29. Please pray for his wife Gracie and the two little daughters he left.

rocketeer67- (1/2/18 ) Praying for strength to get through a totally unexpected, unforeseen and unwanted divorce from my wife of 20 years. Praying for understanding as to why she has asked for it. Prayers that her eyes would be opened to the hurt that this is causing everyone around her, even if we're all trying to accept it (with varying degrees of success moment by moment) with dignity, grace, and love. Most importantly, prayers for our young children, who while appearing to be bearing it better than expected are clearly (at least to me) not themselves.

AllenG- (1/9/18 ) None of my normal pith tonight. I desperately covet the prayers of the Horde. The 9 yr old son of one of my old HS/Church youth group friends wouldn't wake up this morning. They took him to the ER and an MRI found a mass in his brain. A first surgery to remove it was only partially successful, he still hasn't woken up, and he's been back I surgery for the lady couple of hours. His name is Brody Nelson. I grew up with his mom, Courtney. They and their family could really use a miracle right about now...

Gabe- (1/9/18 ) I have a couple of good friends, Patrick Porter and Barbie Turner who are both battling cancer. A petition to the almighty by the horde would be huge IMO.

Commander Cobra- (1/9/18 ) Prayers for active Service Members and those who have served.

sulla- (1/9/18 ) I'd ask to have my mother and sister-in-law added. My mother broke her shoulder this week, and my sister-in-law is recovering from a liver/kidney transplant.

Fox2!- (1/14/18 ) Please add a friend to the list. She is in ICU, sedated and intubated.

jeannebodine- (1/14/18 ) feeling particularly low right now in this brutal winter. My 68-year old husband suffers from Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease and he is deteriorating rapidly. We have no family around us and friends are thin on the ground, even though we always had many friends throughout our lives. Even close friends have disappeared. It sure is a different world out there than the one I grew up in. Prayers would be so appreciated for my husband and for me, a full-time spouse caregiver. Thank you so much. Prayers for you and the Horde from my end.

Please contact Slap through email, as he cannot be around for many of the posts in threads. Feel free to copy and paste emails to him for Prayer Requests.

If he can post in your "voice", he'd like it better. It personalizes the prayer, instead of his shorthand. Be as specific or as vague as you need. Anonymity is, of course, welcome.

He'd also like to pray for the people who aren't on this list. For those who don't choose to publicize their maladies, we understand. You won't suffer in silence. A candle will be lit in your name.

Through the arguments and the infighting, we all love one-another. Through our faults and occasional vitriol, we have found one-another. The beauty of such an occasion goes beyond words and into the ethereal plane of existence.

Please remember the Prayer of St. Francis:


Let us console others, O Lord.

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