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November 17, 2013

Gaming Thread (Wall of Text edition Part 2) 11/17/2013

Another console from Microsoft. With the last two gens, they went with raw horse power but this time they're changing it up. Main thing is that after a gen where they should have made money if it wasn't for the whole non-lead solder fiasco known as the RROD, they're now in a position of doing so. Wither you like Don Mattrick or not, he was a fixer for getting the division into the black. Unlike Sony's decision of having a console that you play your game and then turn off, Microsoft is angling the Xbox One to never be turned off while having their ecosystem be always a quick voice prompt away. Will this be the right business decision in the way to go?

(this should be shorter this week as my main keyboard died and I really HATE my cheapo backup)

The vision of the Xbox One is the same current vision of Microsoft as a whole where it's all about services and pushing what they know, software. Will people buy into it at a $500 price tag is the real question. They got quite an earful when they announced the thing with it having a mandatory online and with digital licenses. Wish we got a full picture of what they were aiming for before the pitchforks came out but it is what it is and they did a complete 180 on the stuff ending back up to where it is on the 360. Now, I can only talk about myself and though I understand people's concerns, my hype for the console has been diminished due to them walking it back. First, I'm getting older and with pretty much every other thing has or is in the process making the jump to digital consumption, I've hit the spot where I really don't give two hoots about actual ownership as long as it comes with ease of access, giving me everything at my fingertips. Plus, I frankly think that console gaming really needs a major shakeup and this would have been it.

okay, enough of this BS


Through and through, this is the biggest reason why the console carries a $100 premium over the PS4. It's gotten some major improvements over the first version, especially when it comes to time of flight and resolution. It even records your heartbeat, the strain in your muscles and your emotional state. Makes me very interested in seeing what the Robotics and garage programming community does with the tech. As for it in use with the actual console, though you don't need to have it connected, it's highly recommended with how tightly it's connected to the user experience. Want to walk into your house after work and start up your TV and have Netflix start up something before you sit down after taking your coat and shoes off? Doing the dishes and want to turn on music with out having to go and touch a controller? Well, that's what they're aiming for and in the realm of home automation, at it's price, that's pretty remarkable if they achieve it. And as for gaming, with it being packed in, it should get more devs to implement stuff that takes some crazy button presses for easy stuff (I'm looking at you GTAV and your character switching).

if there is one thing that I would like to know is that since they've dusted it off, will the Kinect be connected to their Tellme software.

TV Stuff

Well, instead of having to deal with tuner cards that HDMI In port where you can plug your cable box into really ties everything together. Turn off the dash in the cable box's settings and except for DVR stuff, Live (and with the help of Rovi Video) will do everything for you. Of course if it works.


Pretty good demo by MS about their UI

Mandatory Patch

Unlike the PS4, there is a mandatory patch that you need to download as the console doesn't ship with an OS. It's going to be interesting in seeing how they accommodate service members and if/when the servers shit the bed next weekend.

Xbox Fitness

Do you like fitness? Well, Microsoft is releasing a service with the new Kinect and a partnership with Beachbody (P90X, Insanity and T25) and 10 Minute Solutions. It's free till end of 2014. I have my concerns about how strict it is when it comes to form but this could be cool. Also hope this doesn't kill any chance of getting a new version of Nike+ Kinect Fitness (the best fitness "game" on the market)


Ryse - What was once supposed to be a piller of Kinect games for the 360 has been reborn as a beatem up. IMO, this game has the best graphics of the launch games for either consoles but man, that gameplay looks...ugh. All sizzle and no steak. This game is gonna get trashed in the reviews, you can just feel it. Might be good for a rental though if you want to see a pretty CryEngine tech demo (though it would be prettier if you could turn off that busy HUD).

Forza 5 - Well, it's Forza so you should know what to expect, a decent sim racer. You have 204 cars at launch (209 if you buy the VIP version of the game) and 14 tracks at launch. And them finally including F1 cars is really nice. And though it's not exactly ground breaking (Real Racing 2 on the iPad and Forza 2 have had them), I'm also honestly curious about seeing if Driveatars actually work this time as if you're gonna be playing single player, nothing is worse than the stupid line driving tanks in racers. They also are doing the season pass thing, $50 for six monthly 10 car packs. Oddly they haven't said anything about track DLC yet though. Now if only my Clubsport or G27 wheels would work.

Dead Rising 3 - This is what was started as a 360/PS3 until it was originally cancelled by Capcom because Capcom Vancouver couldn't do what they wanted to do because of technical reasons until Microsoft swooped in and payed for it to be moved to the XONE. Of course, with the report from Digital Foundry, it seems like they still have technical problems but that being said, it's still a Dead Rising with a ton of zombies on the screen. Still don't know how I feel about moving the timed playthrough into a secondary game mode. And Capcom has to be Capcom with letting you dress up as the Blue Bomber but only if you beat the game two times (non-timed and timed) unlike the series history of just throwing the suit into stores.

Killer Instinct 3 - Well, it's been 17 years since we've seen this series and frankly, it's the most known game of the launch exclusives since they've been streaming it every Friday for a few hours each week for about 4 months now. Though it's made by Double Helix, it's been getting quite a bit of love from the FGC with a ton of pros saying it's a legit game. The pricing structure is a bit interesting on the game as you get the game for free with a free character on rotation but for $20, you get the full game and if you buy the $40 package, you also get the acrade version of the first Killer Instinct. That being said, it will be interesting in seeing how the public reacts to a game that is only shipping with 6 characters (2 are free post launch downloads if you buy the game) and no real single player mode outside of training (story mode will be added when Fulgore is released in March).

Crimson Dragon - Well, this was supposed to come out last year for the 360 until it was pulled at the very last second (it was all over that week's XBLA game release promotional material). They even released the side game for the Windows phone. But here we are, the spiritual sequel to the Panzer Dragoon series is finally coming out for $20. The game is for the most part an on-rails shooter with some added wrinkles of free flight areas. It's got 6 levels and seven different dragons (well, one of them is free if you buy the game before the end of the year). Will admit that them using English instead of the made up language they created for the Panzer Dragoon series is a little disheartning but it is what it is. I hope this game is good as Yukio Futatsugi has some plans to make another Panzer Dragoon Saga and a Phantom Dust game. IMO, this will be the first game I buy when I get my console.

Fighter Within - Well, I don't think it can be any worse than Fighters Uncaged but no, just no.

LocoCycle On one hand, this game looks ugly and boring and on the other, you have Twisted Pixel and a bunch of b and c class actors having fun under the Texas sun. I'm gonna skip this one myself

Powerstar Golf - Microsoft, trying to get into that Hot Shot Golf money with the help with Zoe Mode (Zumba Fitness). Probably the most interesting aspect of this three click golfer is that there is no actual online multiplayer but rather everything you do in game has a leader board. I dunno, it could fill a hole since Hot Shots on the Vita was lacking.

Zoo Tycoon - Well, it's been 5 years since we've seen the last entry in this series and Frontier looks to be mashing together their Kinectimals series with their Kinect: Disney Adventures together for a whimsical entry in this long running series. Wish it wasn't a $60 game though

Day 1 media apps

• Amazon Instant Video
• Crackle
• Fox Now
• Hulu Plus
• Machinima
• Microsoft SkyDrive
• Muzu TV (Indie music videos)
• Netflix
• Redbox Instant
• Target Ticket
• The NFL on Xbox One
• Twitch
• Univision
• Verizon FiOS
• Xbox Music

Accessories to keep an eye on

Controller - Though split screen has essentially come down to only being in fighting and sports games, you can always use an extra.

Kinect Mount - Don't over look this accessory, like the first Kinect, you're really going to need a mount.

Live card - it's the Xbox, if you want to do anything, you need a Live sub. If you buy the Day 1 version, you get a free skin in Killer Instinct. Frankly though, use the 14 day gold card that comes with the console and buy a card during the Black Friday sales.

Eneloops - They have those rechargeable battery packs again but frankly, at the price, you're better off with just buying some XX Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries as they're probably going to run longer than those packs (buy them separately and they're like $30 for 4 and the charger from Amazon). Just make sure you buy real ones as there is a lot of Chinese bootlegs out there.

External Harddrive - Like the PS4, they really skimped on the size with 500 GB (465 usable not including in how big the OS is). Unlike Sony though, the internal HDD isn't replaceable so you're stuck using USB 3 external HDDs. And to top it off, there isn't day 1 support for it. Watch NewEgg during their Christmas sales, should be able to get a nice 4 TB one for cheap.


Gaming News

Nintendo bought a stake into Dwango (parent company of NicoNico). Considering it's popularity in Japan (think youtube big), that's a great buy.

Japan gets the cool stuff with collector's edition of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros

Lucky Palmer points out the obvious that Rift and consoles just isn't going to work out, nerds throw salt and rage

4J Games and Microsoft trying to work out a way to transport saves from the 360 port of Minecraft to the Xbox One port

They apparently found a completed but unreleased game in the Rise of Nations series while digging through the 38 Studio servers. It will be part of the IP auction on December 11th

PS4 and PS3 gets an exclusive mission and low poly Snake skin for MGSV: Ground Zeroes. Didn't they already do the low poly Snake in MGSIV?

• Shocker, Naughty Dog teased a new Uncharted

Also, another shocker from that boring ass special on Spike TV, the PS3 and PS4 get early access to the Destiny beta. Would have been nice if they announced how long the time period is

Infamous: Second Son gets a release date, March 21st

Microsoft announced that the Games with Gold program will come to the Xbox One sometime next year (wouldn't be surprised if it's for their Spring update).

Shuhei Yoshida blames reviewers for not liking the PS4 games from Sony.

FTL getting a free expansion and the iPad release should be hitting sometime next year

Yeah, this would be better in a tech post but after almost 8 months of playing footsie, Apple finally bought PrimeSense (their tech was the key to the first Kinect). As long as you know the tech's limitations (there are a few), it's a pretty good building block for a low cost solution. Throw in the fact that Microsoft bought most of the cool higher tech stuff before they announced the first Kinect and this is about what's left for proven stuff on the market. Good buy at that price IMO.

New Releases

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U) - Well, it's Nintendo's big Wii U game for Christmas season and it looks really good. Doesn't have that quick rehash feeling that the New Super Mario Brothers U games have.

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) - And here is Nintendo's big 3DS game for the Christmas season. Can't wait to play this game. I gots ta have it. The reviews are looking killer for this game.

Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS) - Eh, these games always feel like more of the same no matter the platform. No idea why they're releasing it now either as it's going to get lost in the shuffle.

Drive on Moscow (iPad) - Considering in how much time I've put into Battle of the Bulge on my iPad, I'll be picking up this new game from Shenandoah.

Lords of Waterdeep (ipad) - Never really played the boardgame that much but I'll be picking this one up depending on the price. Looks like a solid translation as a videogame.


Stuff I'm playing

Been playing Pathogen on my iPad since it was on sale (came out on the 7th tisk) and Pocket Tactics was talking it up. It's a really good abstract game that works on chain reactions with a dose of tic-tac-toe. It's just a fascinating game that is a ton of fun with local multiplayer. It was on sale for a buck from Thursday to Saturday night bit I honestly think it's worth the full $3 it's normally is. It's worth keeping in your Appshopper wishhlist at least.

Also been playing Spirit Stones, Gamevil's clone of Puzzles & Dragons that also borrows quite heavily from Puzzle Quest for the match 3 mechanics. really haven't hit a point where they force you to pay money outside of PVP battles which are meh anyways.

that's it, I'm out peace
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