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March 06, 2024

"GamerGate 2.0" Begins as Grifter Organization Sweet Baby, Inc. Pressures Game Developers to Fill Their Games With Divisive Woke Content

The left is determined to invade and invert every single pastime, turning all leisure activities into propaganda exercises for Marxism. They are following the example of their nationalist socialist fellow-travelers the Nazis, who themselves invaded all social clubs and Nazified them. The end-goal is to permit the populace no escape from never-ending indoctrination.

For at least ten years, the left has been attempting to subvert the video game industry. As is so often the case with the left, they see (spit) men, often white, having fun which is Not Approved by the Regime, engaging in anti-social, sexist activities like Not Declaring Their Allyship With Women and Other Minorities Every Half Hour.

Although people aligned with the GamerGate customer revolt partly stopped the previous invasion, the forces of wokeness and authoritarianism came roaring back in recent years.

You've probably heard of "sensitivity readers" in the publishing industry. These are grifters who "offer" their services to read unpublished manuscripts and tell publishers in which way they must be censored -- or blocked from publishing altogether -- to avoid the friends and allies of the sensitivity readers from #Cancelling the publisher and causing them major public relations grief. And, they threaten, losses of profit as well. (Though I think that's a phantasmal threat -- everyone hates these people, and anyone who defies them will make more money, not less.)

Sweet Baby Inc. claims to be a game development company, but they develop no games. Instead, they pressure actual game companies to hire them to censor their games for them. In addition, Sweet Baby Inc. demands that the companies paying them for their worthless services increase Muh Representation in every game, no matter how little sense it makes.

For example, Sweet Baby Inc. was hired by the God of War developers. The latest game involves the Norse gods. God of War includes a black female Norse god.

Sure, sure.

Sweet Baby Inc. was hired by Insomniac Studios to "advise" them on Spider-Man 2. Spider-Man 2 increased diversity by:

* Including the younger black replacement character Miles Morales, and, rather than having Miles in a protege role learning from the older, much more experienced Peter Parker, frequently outshining him.

* Turning Mary Jane, who is a supermodel into the comics, into a somewhat dumpy woman of very average looks. (In fairness, they did this in the first one, too, which Sweet Baby Inc. did not work on.)

* Turning Mary Jane, who is, as noted, just a model, into a badass who can take down heavily armed thugs just as well as John McClane, because all women are strong. They just have to believe in themselves!

* Defacing its Spanish language parts by adopting the fake white transgender lingo "Latinx."

* Turning the famously, flagrantly heterosexual Black Cat, whose relationship with Peter Parker was decidedly sexual and less emotional, into a lesbian, because the key to Good Writing is to just fill everything with lesbians as if they were bedbugs.

* Forcing people to spend a lot of time playing a deaf minority girl (of course), who is presented as a hero as she illegally sprays pro-gay graffiti on other people's buildings.

And etc.

Spider-Man 2 did not bomb, because the first Spider-Man was the biggest selling game in Sony's history.

But it only sold half as much as the first game.

They also "consulted" on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This game is one of the biggest bombs of the year and will likely destroy Rocksteady studio, which developed it, and that destruction is well-earned.

Although the game's failure cannot be blamed solely on wokeness - reviewers call its gameplay boring and incredibly repetitive -- it is also offending people with its wokeness. For example, the "Kill the Justice League" is in fact the main goal of the game, and the players do get to murder Batman, Green Lantern (the black one, John Stewart, of course), the Flash, and Superman. They're all under the mental control of Brainiac, and now evil.

You know who's not under Brainiac's control, and so who you don't murder? Wonder Woman -- because, as Anita Sarkesian has been claiming for a decade, you can kill all the male characters you want in a game, you can slaughter men by the literal hundreds, but if a single female character is on the receiving end of violence, then that's Sexist and encouraging violence and r*pe against women.

How does Sweet Baby Inc. get actual game developer companies to make worse and more unpopular games than they otherwise would, and get paid for telling people how to lose money?

It's very simple, as the founder of the grifter group explains: You pitch your money-losing ideas to the companies' leaders. Then, when they turn down your ideas (as they SHOULD!), you just go to the marketing department and "terrify" them by telling them how much money they'll lose when Sweet Baby Inc.'s ideological allies cancel the game for not being sufficiently woke:

People are now noticing that Sweet Baby Inc. is associated with a whole string of woke bombs. Video games are expensive -- they cost $50-90 a pop now -- and people do not like spending the better part of a hundred bucks on a dreary, boring woke sermon.

And actual games journalists are now going through the statements made by Kim Bellair, the grifter group's founder, and its various other talentless bent weirdoes, and finding that they really, really, really hate men, white people, and straight people, and especially hate straight white men.

Also known as "the very backbone of the videogame market."

Kim Belair says that white male gamers are "picky babies."

About two-thirds through the 30 minute presentation Belair compared white male gamers to picky babies saying, "I think in our industry and in so many creative industries -- if you want to look at film, and, television and any art form -- we start treating our core demographics as a fixed and static value something that does not want to change and something that is locked in place."

"So despite the changing face of audiences, despite the changing face of conferences like this one, we still look at our core demographics and say, 'Okay, they're white, cis, hetero males.' And we cater almost exclusively to them. And the problem is that we don't just cater to them like, 'You know, here's something that we think you'll enjoy.' We cater to them like a picky baby."

She elaborated, "We feed them the same thing that we know that they love and we keep on feeding it. We're like, 'Here you go. We know you love it. Eat this. Eat this. Eat this.' So then when they get anything else they react as a picky baby would, which would be like, 'Oh! No thank you. I do not want this.' And we've actually done this so long that what we're doing is creating an entire nation of picky babies and they make us scared to deviate from what we actually want to do. Just in case these picky babies don't want to play our games."

She really wants the videogame industry to stop making games for straight white men.

Next, she said, "The way that we look at demographics is that we go, OK, the majority of our player base is, let's say, a white male. So we're going to make stuff for white males. But if you make something from the perspective of an Asian trans woman, and it's really strong, then it will work for people."

An account on Steam created a plug-in (if that's the right word) called "Sweet Baby Inc. Detected." The point of this plug-in was to alert you if a game you were going to buy was mutilated by the talentless man-hating wastes of space at the company.

A Sweet Baby Inc. employee immediately began harassing the account and attempting to get him banned.

In turn, she (?) got banned from X, because organizing a campaign to mass-report someone is a violation of Twitter's/X's terms of service.

Kindred attempted to get Kabrutus and his Steam Curator list taken down in a series of posts on X.

First, Kindred wrote, "The Steam curator harassment group Sweet Baby Inc detected is lead by this person, kabrutusrambo. Here's them trying to be slick so they don't get reported. Even with the discriminatory language filed off, the group itself still fails the code of conduct."

Next, Kindred stated, "anyway report the f*** out of this group."

Finally, Kindred added, "And report the creator since he loves his account so much."

Kindred revealed on BlueSky her X account was limited writing, "They got my a**, I'm guessing a few hundred gamers reported me."

Kindred then shared a screenshot that reads, "After careful review, we determined your account broke the X rules. Your account is temporarily in read-only mode, which means you can't post, Repost, or Like content. Most accounts regain full access in a week, but it could take longer."

And now Sweet Baby Inc. is following the example of Zoe Quinn all those years ago, and running to their friends at soon-to-be-shuttered woke game site Kotaku.

Following this failed cancellation and a greater light being shed on comments that Sweet Baby Inc. CEO Kim Belair and her employees have made, Belair and her co-founder David Bedard quickly ran to Kotaku to do damage control.

The entire purpose of the article is to try and shape Sweet Baby Inc.'s image as a harmless narrative design company. However, it fails at that as Belair contradicts what's on her own company's website as well as previous comments she's made in the past.

She informs Kotaku, "Sweet Baby is, at its core, a narrative development company. That means anything from script writing to narrative design to narrative direction, to story reviews."

She adds, "One of the things that we do offer is cultural consultations or authenticity consultations. For us, that generally means that we might be asked to look at a story if there's a character in it who is marginalized in certain way, and [the studio] wants us to connect them with a consultant who can bring a little bit of authenticity...But the perspective is never that we're coming in and injecting diversity...For the most part, it's the reverse. It's that a company has created a character and they want to make that character more representative and more interesting."

The black Norse god wasn't "injecting diversity"? Race-swapping Deadshot wasn't "injecting diversity?" (I know they made Deadshot black in the movie, but in the Arkham universe, where this game supposedly takes place, Deadshot has already been depicted twice, and he was white, as he is in the comics.)

Turning the most famously Down With the D heterosexual Black Cat into a lesbian wasn't "injecting diversity"?

The company's own website makes it very clear they want to inject diversity into games. Their About Us section reads, "Founded in 2018, Sweet Baby Inc. is a narrative development and consultation studio based in Montreal and working around the globe. Our mission is to tell better, more empathetic stories while diversifying and enriching the video games industry. We aim to make games more engaging, more fun, more meaningful, and more inclusive, for everyone."


Their Outreach section also states, "New and marginalized talent can change this industry if given the proper support. We want to provide this through our outreach programs."


Belair also stated in 2019 that she did not want a video game developer to include a Frenchman, but rather wanted that character to be black.

She said at the Game Developers Conference, "I once worked on a project where they had an all-white cast where they expressed their desire, 'Okay, we need to mix it up a bit. How about this character's like stereotypically French.' So they have a beret and they have like a striped shirt. And I was like, 'Okay, if you need to do that, can we at least make them a person of color?' And they said, 'Oh no, that would be weird. They're already French.'"

"So I want to do better than this," she asserted.

It's very clear that Belair and Sweet Baby Inc. do indeed want to inject diversity into games and she's just straight lying to Kotaku in order to try and save the company's image.

It wasn't just Belair, Bedard decided to hide behind his employees identities. He told Kotaku, "People can't imagine that we might do anything else but DEI. They can't imagine that we're just talented writers, that we're talented narrative designers and that people are hiring us because we tell good stories, because we collaborate well, and because we write video games."

If you're such talented writers, why can you only secure jobs in this very stupid parasitic grifter organization where you merely make demands to turn white characters black and straight characters gay? Why can you only secure work in DEI charity grifter groups? WHY CAN'T YOU MAKE YOUR OWN GAMES AND IPs? Why are you only able to piggyback and dickride on the creations of other, actually talented people?

BTW, I didn't buy a PS5 and was waiting to buy one when Spider-Man 2 and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League came out. But when I read about all the wokeness, and the fact that I'd have to spend more than half the game not playing as Spider-Man, but as Fake Minority Replacement Spider-Man and Deaf Girl Graffiti LGBT propagandist, I decided I would wait for Suicide Squad. And than that turned out to be an even bigger disappointment than Spider-Man.

So now I just might skip this cycle of videogames. I guess I'm an ex-videgamer now.

Well done, games studios!

If you think this is just about movies or videogames -- I'm sorry, you're wrong. As I mentioned earlier, these people are on a mission to Wokify every single hobby, pastime, or social group that exists, just as their political forebearers the Nazis did.

The goal is to make it so that you are never free of woke indoctrination and constant reinforcement of THE MESSAGE.

You cannot escape it, even in your fictions and fantasies.

There will be NO ESCAPE -- not even in your dreams.

And no decent art has ever, in all of history, been made by a Political Commissar.

A Hopeful Sign: One game by a smaller studio, Hell-Divers 2, is enjoying huge success right now. People are laughing at the multi-hundred-million dollar bomb Suicide Squad, wondering why they can't just make a good game with all that money like Hell-Divers 2 did for far less.

Hell-Divers is imposing a strictly No Politics rule on itself and users.

How serious are they about that? Well one little bitch began whining that he wanted the game designers to make a rainbow flag cape available. So that they could dress their characters in it, and bring Current Day Gay Extremist Advocacy into a science-fiction game where such a flag would make no sense.

What was Hell Divers 2's response? Well, according to the pansy who was pushing to put the gay flag into the game -- the banned him just for proposing it.

Shiiiiiiit... I might have to buy a new platform just to play Hell Divers 2!

I don't know if that story is true; someone claimed it online. He could be making it up.

Still -- there is no rainbow flag cape in the game.

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posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 05:00 PM

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