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March 01, 2024

The Flawless Victory of the LibsofTikTok

The Bee:


We should stop using transgender activists' much-demanded terminology and adopt a more truthful vocabulary, writes Jenifer Roback Morse at the National Catholic Register.

Trans Rights Activists (sometimes abbreviated to TRA) wish to impose obligations that other people owe to the "transgender" person. Before we accommodate this demand, it would be prudent to take full notice of the fact that people can define themselves into or out of this new legal category called "transgender" for any reason they want.

Let me give you some examples of some very different kinds of people who are currently wearing the "transgender" label.

1. The Pretender: a mediocre male athlete who says he's a woman so he can win competitions he could not win against other male athletes. He is not the same sort of "transgender" as

2. The Predator: the convicted rapist who says he's a woman so he can be housed in women's prisons, locked into a cell with his preferred victim. He, in turn, has nothing in common with

3. The Autistic Teen Girl: who says she's a boy because she sees it as a way to fit in with a group of friends who seem to like her better as a trans boy than an ordinary girl. She has something in common, but not much with

4. The Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoric Teen Girl who has spent too much time in internet chat rooms and becomes convinced that becoming a boy will make her happy. She has literally nothing in common with

5. The Adult Man who decides, after years of marriage and perhaps siring children, while secretly cross-dressing because it sexually arouses him (known as "autogynephilia"), that he is, and always has been, a woman. He, in turn has nothing in common with

6. The Victim of Munchausen by Proxy, the boy whose mother has been the center of lots and lots of attention since she decided he was really a girl when he was age 3.

More at the link. Keep an eye on #6. But in the meantime, you can wonder what the odds are that a politically extremist Karen AWFL with the state-mandated PURPLE HAIR could have not one but two "transgender" children if not for Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

Two out of four! She's batting five hundred! That crushes Ted Williams! That crushes Babe Ruth!

I watched Michael Malice talk with the Triggernometry guys. One of the Triggernomety guys -- Konstantine, maybe? -- said that wokeness is starting to end because women will revolt when you come after their children.

Malice replied that that severely underestimates how eager AWFLs -- Affluent White Female Liberals -- are to sacrifice their own children for the sake of gaining some transitory social clout.

And AWFLs view transgender children as winning lottery tickets. They're eager to program their kids to be gay or trans.

Keep this vicious, Murder-Mother mentality in mind as you read this AWFL woman humiliate her own sons for The Cut, exposing them for widespread public hatred for the sake of boosting her Internet Clout by 0.2%.

Recently, I walked into my kitchen and the morning light hit my stove's greasy backsplash in just the right way to reveal a finger-traced drawing of a dick 'n' balls spraying a few fingertip-dots of jizz. Who, I wondered, was the artist who chose my stove's grease for their canvas? I asked both of my sons (they are 13 and 10), and they convincingly denied having done the doodle -- I'm a connoisseur of their drawings, and, indeed, the style wasn't one I recognized.

Did your editor tell you to pretend your sons didn't draw it so you don't seem like such a Saturnine, child-devouring monster?

We briefly speculated about which of their friends might be the artist, but I'm more amused than anything, and I don't really care who drew it. I have no need to shame a kid over it.

Shaming your own children for the delight of strangers strongly suggests you do have this need.

The drawing did remind me, in all its forward-gesturing glory, that adolescence is creeping into my house, and it's time to look alive, parenting-wise.

I've never been much for the "boy-mom" thing. Beyond the obvious gender-politics ick, it's part of what I think of as bumper-sticker culture: the labeling and characterizing of every surface of our lives, for, I guess, fun. Very childish behavior.

She means she doesn't want to act as a "boy-mom," because she doesn't want to label her boys "boys." Who knows what genders they might mutate into with the right dose of parental radiation?

(Hot damn that was a smooth turn of phrase right there.)

Making my kids' putative gender identities a badge that I wear alongside my own? Why is this cute? Anyway, I've tried to raise my sons in a spirit of loving gender agnosticism if not neutrality, while of course honoring their passion for trucks, the NFL, and bag-tagging each other at every opportunity.

She claims she doesn't want to fetishize her sons' "Gender Identities" before proudly announcing she's raising them in a "gender agnostic" way, and only begrudgingly indulges their normal boyhood appreciation of trucks and big machines.

She'd much rather if they were painting their toenails, obviously.

She only means she doesn't want to fetishize their normal, natural, non-mentally-ill gender identities. If she warps them into sick twisted freaks, then she'll start fetishizing, believe you me.

She then discusses the fact that girls are becoming ultraprogressive while boys are growing to be more conservative -- and wails about how horrible a prospect this is.

This did not come as a huge surprise to me or Gray. He teaches humanities at a local college, where I have taught too, and we've often talked about how tricky it can be to keep hetero boys involved in classroom debates. Many of these young men seem very anxious about saying the wrong thing, and will often refuse to participate, sometimes projecting a provocative kind of defensiveness that is its own argument.

By refusing to join a rigged non-debate in which they will be shamed no matter what they say, boys are showing "defensiveness" which is its own form of defiance of the Right Way of Thinking.

As much as I think cancel culture is a fake problem in media...

LOL, she thinks "cancel culture" is something Fox News imagined. What a shock.

... it feels very real to young men when they're sitting in a classroom. Whatever they are feeling, it feels real as hell. Insisting that they're imagining their enemies doesn't help.

After the study came out, there was a lot of speculation as to what might be causing this ideological schism. Is it capitalism? Men's-rights influencers? Is it the dreaded woke mind virus?

I'm just going to spitball here: People naturally reject any ideology that makes them second-class citizens and demand they behave as servants to higher-ranked citizens.

But no, you're probably right, it's probably "capitalism" and "men's rights influencers."

There's no mystery about why young women are becoming more progressive, but it's harder to understand the factors behind the increasingly conservative young men.

Hmmm... could it be that as these feminists become more progressive -- more dogmatic, more shrill, more demanding, more entitled -- that boys will very naturally become firmer in their rejection of this toxic, aggressively denigrating anti-male mindset?

Nah. It's probably just capitalism again.

My friend Greg sent me a fascinating piece of analysis by Dr. Robin James, who argues that central to the move toward conservatism among young men is a sense that they're an aggrieved party -- that they are being robbed of entitlements.

She's talking about her own sons, remember.


Applied to people, it maps to feminism and its mirror, misogyny....


The appeal of a grievance-based identity makes it hard to convince straight white boys that they in fact have plenty going for them, and that they have no reason to feel aggrieved. Doing this convincing, whether it's in the classroom or at the dinner table, requires a light touch. It's very easy, and very satisfying, to be doctrinaire -- social media encourages and rewards it. ...

My own feeling is that we progressive parents of white sons could ease up. It's possible to model and enforce ideological ground rules for your family while also allowing young people to bring up their questions and TikTok-based information without fear of a parental freeze-out. For those of us (like me) very firm in our political beliefs,

No shit? You're plotting how to indoctrinate your boys into your cult.

... it feels good to stake your position and defend it well. But as adults, we need to figure out a way to help our young people work through confusion without feeling shunned by their own families.

Straight young men are "confused." You know who's not confused at all, right?

The NY Post also wrote about this column, though I disagree with it. I think this is about more than "rebelling against your parents." Girls aren't rebelling against AWFLs' woke soydeology, boys are -- because this ideology is essentially racist against boys. It's like adopting a black kid and then teaching him white supremacy. Of course he's going to reject that.

By the way, that article has a photo of the woman who wants to pound the male out of her sons.

Imagine in your minds what she looks like -- specifically, the set of her face, the cast of her eyes, the line of her mouth.


How close did you get?

That's not resting bitch face.

That is active bitch face.

The NY Post article notes some other articles this miserable, venomous c*w has written:

Jezer-Morton, author of columns headlined Does Anyone Feel Like an Actual Adult? and My Mom Is Selfish. Do I still Have to be a 'Good Daughter'?

Wow. She's just a bucket of sunshine isn't she?

Her family exists only as fodder for her to publicly bitch about.

My old friend steve_in_hb used to (loosely) quote Nietzche: If everyone in your life seems to be hateful, maybe you're the one who's actually hateful.

Eh, go back to your boxwine and benzos, Karen.

As Malice said: You underestimate the viciousness with which Affluent White Female Liberals will sacrifice their own children, especially their unfashionably masculine children, for the sake of social clout.

And as he also said: When you look at the drag shows, it's all vile white liberal women bringing their children to gay sex shows. This one brings a toddler! Hey, the important thing is that she Feels Seen on social media!

A "trans woman" has been sentenced to life in prison for a "sex fantasy murder," and trans extremists are demanding this sick murderous pervert be housed with women.

By the way, Megyn Kelly has an easy tip for understanding what our deliberately-corrupted and dishonest Newspeak really means: Whenever you see the phrases "trans woman" or "trans man," just substitute the word "fake" for "trans." So "trans woman" is a "fake woman" better known as a man.

We have to resort to this kind of decoding to disentangle the knot of self-reinforcing lies of Newspeak.

Anyway, this murdering man will probably go to prison with Cis Future Victims.

A trans woman who went by the name Scarlet Blake (born Alice Wang) has been sentenced to life in prison for the 2021 murder of a man she met at random on the street. Evidence in the case showed Blake was obsessed with murder and killing and found sexual gratification in violence. She had previously killed and dissected a neighbor's cat while filming herself. Naturally, all of the headlines in the UK are about the violent "woman" killer. Here's the Independent:
A woman who live-streamed the dissection and killing of a cat has been jailed for life for murdering an innocent man by drowning him in a river.

Scarlet Blake, 26, walked the streets of Oxford looking for a victim until she encountered Jorge Martin Carreno, 30, during the early hours of 26 July 2021.

She persuaded him to accompany her to the secluded Parson's Pleasure area, where she is believed to have hit him with an object, strangled him until he lost consciousness and then drowned him in the River Cherwell.

Jurors heard that Blake had a "fixation with violence and with knowing what it would be like to kill someone", and received sexual gratification from the thought of death. After murdering Carreno, she told a new partner that she had done so because "my lover said it would be hot".

The judge in the case concluded that Blake was partly inspired to the murder, and to the prior killing of a cat by a Netflix show.

The murder came four months after Blake livestreamed the horrific killing of her neighbour's cat. Blake used cat food and a carrier to lure the pet...

Blake dissected the animal, decapitated it, removed its fur and skin, and placed its body in a blender.

Once she had dissected the cat, she said: "Well, one day, I want to learn how to do this to a person."

Ladies, you need to stop being homicidal maniacs. Don't follow the example of this "woman."

Joanne's not having it:


"It's ma'am." Spoiler: It's not ma'am.

An obviously-mentally-ill girl records her transgender evolution. It's hard to watch.

Below, The World's Oldest Teenager Tay-Tay Lorenz "interviews" -- attacks -- Chaya from LibsofTikTok. Notice Chaya's shirt; it's a picture of Tay-Tay crying in her MSNBC meltdown.

Tay-Tay wants to know why Chaya objects to gay porn comic books in schools. When Chaya asks if she supports comic books showing boys getting sodomized by men, Tay-Tay repeatedly lies and claims she's unfamiliar with the book she's defending, Gender Queer, and will not take an affirmative position on whether the book is appropriate for children. She just insists -- supposedly without having read or even skimmed through the sexbook -- that "experts" (aka leftwing woke teachers) should make the call, and that none of us has sufficient expertise to judge if a comic book showing explicit gay sodomy is appropriate for grade schoolers.

Key quote: "Here, this is a blowjob."

Social media has had a bad effect on us all, but its effect on women has been absolutely devastating, and in many cases, feralizing:

digg this
posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 06:10 PM

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