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Daily Tech News 20 December 2023 | Main | Mid-Morning Art Thread
December 20, 2023

The Morning Report — 12/20/23


Good morning, kids. Like so many other editorials over the past three years, the lead story no longer shocks me but the effect on my blood pressure and my intestines is unmistakable. With literally zero evidence and zero legal precedent, and as is typical of Democrat hacks-in-black, using voodoo, interpreting a bad mescaline trip, reading burnt goat entrails, and good old fashioned pulling it out of their ass, the Colorado State Supreme Court overturns a lower court's correct decision and has banned Donald Trump from the GOP Primary ballot. The 4-3 decision, though, has been paused for appeal at SCOTUS. How kind of them. On a purely political level, it's kind of telling that despite all the bloviation and bluster that Donald Trump has had it, they still feel they have to do whatever they can to sabotage him and keep him off the ballot.

As of this moment, he's going to be the nominee, the attempts to imprison him on equally spurious grounds notwithstanding. As an aside, one has to wonder if, and it's a big "if," SCOTUS does overrule this decision that that will be an indicator that SCOTUS will throw out the attempt to strip Trump of his presidential immunity from prosecution. Now you can understand the Sheldon Whorehouse and Dick "James Hodgkinson-affiliated" Durbin's attempt to oust Justices Alito and Thomas going into overdrive. I can't even imagine the pressure on Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney-Island; Roberts is a scumbag and I'll just assume the worst about him right now.

That said, Trump's removal from the CO primary ballot is meant to bolster the titanic lie that he attempted to overthrow the government and reverse the 2020 election – one that no doubt was stolen from him and us – by force. Can't let anything explode one of the most important Leftist myths ever, can they? And with that intact, it makes all of these attempts to use the courts to sabotage and destroy his campaign look legitimate in the eyes of the ill-informed. And sadly that is a sizable percentage of the population.

Be that as it may, like every other assault on our heritage, culture, history as well as the barest of bare minimums of morality and ethics that everyone should possess, this one is painful in the extreme.

“They had to adopt the most sweeping interpretation on every single issue. The only opinion that’s not sweeping is when they get to the First Amendment and free speech, then they adopt a narrow interpretation,” [George Washington University law professor Jonathan] Turley said. “They suggest Trump doesn’t have free speech protections. In order to establish he was engaged in an insurrection, they go back to speeches in 2016, and they basically daisy chain these speeches to say, ‘look he’s been at this for a long time.’ I think the factual and legal basis of this opinion is really so porous that the Supreme Court will make fast work of it.”

“They’ve got to get involved first of all because there’s not much time to make a final decision and also have to get involved because this is dead wrong,” Turley added. “I think they are dead wrong on the law. I just published a piece in Georgetown for this theory. I think it’s fundamentally flawed, both in terms of the language of the Constitution and the history.”

. . . “They had to adopt the most sweeping interpretation on every single issue. The only opinion that’s not sweeping is when they get to the First Amendment and free speech, then they adopt a narrow interpretation,” Turley said. “They suggest Trump doesn’t have free speech protections. In order to establish he was engaged in an insurrection, they go back to speeches in 2016, and they basically daisy chain these speeches to say, ‘look he’s been at this for a long time.’ I think the factual and legal basis of this opinion is really so porous that the Supreme Court will make fast work of it.”

. . . “This country needs some healing, and what the Colorado Supreme Court did is they basically took a blow at democracy in the name of democracy as you mentioned,” Turley told McEnany. “We never needed the democratic process more. We need voters to be able to make a decision.”

For the umpteenth-bazillionth time, on January 6th, 2021 at his rally that was about a mile away from the Capitol, at no time did Donald Trump ever exhort the crowd to violently storm Congress, or overthrow the government or in any other way, shape or form in any real meaning of the word "insurrection" call for one. I defy anyone to provide me with an accurate, unabridged/edited transcript of his remarks that shows otherwise.

In point of fact, what was going on at the Capitol started way before Trump even started speaking. And we all know what went on: a false flag op run by the DOJ and Nancy Pelosi's Capitol PD to frame innocent, duped people as "insurrectionists" and "terrorists" that "threatened our precious democracy" (vomit). Not one of them was armed. Not one of them engaged in any violent behavior. All were under the control and supervision of police and security guards and more or less behaved accordingly. As now has been verified, it was several dozen or even scores of agents-provocateur acting on orders from or even undercover agents of the DOJ/FBI/police who engaged in violent behavior or egged it on. Ray Epps, BLM leader Sullivan, anyone? The only people who died were unarmed rally-goers Ashli Babbitt, gunned down by Michael Byrd and Roseanne Boyland who was beaten to death by DOJ goons.

The CO Supreme Court, along with all of the kangaroo court abominations are alleging, have ZERO basis in fact. What they are prosecuting Trump for is solely having the gall to believe he could exercise his First Amendment rights. Just like Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton did. And all of them, especially Clinton, did indeed encourage electors to break the law and sabotage the Electoral College.

And ditto all of the kangaroo court trials that destroyed the lives of several hundred innocent people, many of whom are still languishing behind bars in the Garland Archipelago. Meanwhile, criminals run wild in our streets and millions of foreigners who have no right to be here are rushing our border unimpeded and unpunished.

I have my reservations about Donald Trump as I know many of you as well for some of his ill-advised and in some cases catastrophic decisions that helped the globalists fuck him up and greased the skids of election theft in 2020. But that said, with him the likely nominee, and more importantly in the face of all of this, that has to be put on the back burner. There will be time to hold his feet to the fire, assuming his ego will even allow that, but for now, we have to realize this is an attack on all of us. Hence, Ramaswamy delivers another well-timed and well-stated shot across the bow:

In his statement released on X, Ramaswamy called the ruling a true “attack on democracy,” characterizing it as “a cabal of Democrat judges” seeking to bar the former president from the 2024 election

“I pledge to *withdraw* from the Colorado GOP primary unless Trump is also allowed to be on the state’s ballot, and I demand that Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, and Nikki Haley to do the same immediately – or else they are tacitly endorsing this illegal maneuver, which will have disastrous consequences for our country,” he said.

“Today’s decision is the latest election interference tactic to silence political opponents and swing the election for whatever puppet the Democrats put up this time by depriving Americans of the right to vote for their candidate of choice,” he added.

Ramaswamy then outlined some of the history behind the 14th Amendment, noting that it was passed “to prohibit former Confederate military and political leaders from holding high federal or state office.”

“These men had clearly taken part in a rebellion against the United States: the Civil War. That makes it all the more absurd that a left-wing group in Colorado is asking a federal court to disqualify the 45th President on the same grounds, equating his speech to rebellion against the United States,” he noted.

“The Framers of the 14th Amendment would be appalled to see this narrow provision—intended to bar former U.S. officials who switched to the Confederacy from seeking public office—being weaponized by a sitting President and his political allies to prevent a former President from seeking reelection. Our country is becoming unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers,” he concluded.

The cynic in me of course notes that Ramaswamy is no doubt lobbying hard for the veep slot on the Trump ticket. But you can't dispute anything he said. And it needs to be said and acted on. Not sure about DeSantis but the personal political ambitions and allegiances of Haley and Crisco might preclude their standing in unison and telling the CO court to go fuck itself.

In any case, whatever you think about Trump as a candidate or even a leader (I could care fuck-all about his "personality"), all of the above along with the continued sliming of him as "literally Hitler" and the fear-mongering that Trump will become a tyrannical dictator – the abject chutzpocrisy of that propaganda campaign is a howler that makes a dead man's ears bleed – is telling. It is they who fear him because they fear all of us.

The irony of course is that with each charge and each outrage hurled at him, Trump's poll numbers only go up. And that has not been lost on some of the more clear-thinking of the Left.

[Dem poll guru Doug] Schoen stated that as a Democrat, he believes it will not only hurt the party, but “democracy” as well. The pollster continued to highlight allegations against Trump have yet to be “fully vetted in a court of law,” emphasizing Biden should fight to keep him on the ballot.

“Well, this is one Democrat who believes this is gonna hurt Democrats and certainly hurt democracy. You know, Donald Trump has not been convicted of anything, and to kick him off the ballot preemptively is to me anti-democratic and against the interests of the Democratic Party,” Schoen stated. 

“Donald Trump has a lot of negatives, but to throw him off the ballot, based on allegations which have not been fully vetted in a court of law, with appeals, is to me contrary everything our country stands for. And I’m a Biden supporter. I would vote for Joe Biden tomorrow. But I would tell Joe Biden that he should press the Supreme Court to get Donald Trump back on the Colorado ballot, indeed on every ballot.”

Good on Schoen, but I will assume that he assumes that all of the charges will stick, so he can preen, strut and gloat about his "principled" stand when Trump is sent off to Leavenworth, or Old Sparky given the warped bloodthirsty mindset of the Judiciary. But, reading between the lines, Schoen also fears Trump can and will beat Biden, probably even in as close to a landslide as today's political landscape can give. Of course, the 82 million ballot gorilla in the room is the fraud factor, now baked into the system, ironically because of Trump's initial handling of the pandemic and falling for the lockdown scam.

Regardless, the rejection of Biden by a growing number of Democrats, some even recognizing it as the party and not just the celeriac-in-chief thanks to the disaster of an economy and all the other disasters over the past three years, and the potentially camel-back-breaking-straw of in your face Jew-hatred, a change is going to come.

Rigged elections or not.


  • "The Democrats very cleverly substituted voluntary servitude for involuntary servitude."
    How Black Americans Were Tamed to Vote Democrat for 200 Years
  • The University of North Carolina’s Ralph Baric and EcoHealth Alliance co-founder Peter Daszak drafted a grant proposal a year before the outbreak of COVID-19 that disguised the risky nature of their work to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is part of the Pentagon. While DARPA ultimately opted not to fund the project, newly-unearthed communications between Baric and Daszak reveal that the two scientists knew U.S. researchers and government officials would “freak out” if they knew exactly what research the pair was seeking to do, and perhaps more critically, where they wanted to do it.
    American Researchers In Bed With Wuhan Lab Misled Pentagon About Civilization-Threatening Virus Research
  • Michael Walsh: "With immigration much in the news today, Madden as it happens was a model immigrant, who gave back more than he took. Yes, he was a gangland kingpin, but as the greatest living American novelist, James Ellroy, consistently illustrates in his works -- a la Balzac -- behind every great American institution is a very great crime, or series of crimes."
    A Model Immigrant

NOTE: The opinions expressed in the links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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