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December 08, 2023

Tears of the Libs of TikTok

This will get the Tear of the Libs of TikTok flowing -- a father in Colorado wants to hang a Straight Pride flag in his kid's school, as other parents fly "Gay Pride" flags, and a court might just support his right to equal pride in his own kid's socially-disfavored sexuality.

A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court by one Denver Public Schools father alleging his two children have been denied their First Amendment rights to have a "straight pride" flag in school may stand a chance in court.

"This is not a groundbreaking lawsuit. This is just a controversial lawsuit," said David Lane, a civil rights attorney based in Denver.

CBS News Colorado has been following this lawsuit closely, which was first filed back on Nov. 10 by two Washington D.C. lawyers, Mike Yoder and ChadLaVeglia. The lawsuit argues Nathan Feldman, a father of two children attending the K-8 Slavens School in Denver, was denied being able to put up a cisgendered, heterosexual flag at school. He says a "straight pride" flag represents his children's beliefs and should be allowed on campus in the same way LGBTQ+ flags are allowed.


This lawsuit has riled up a lot of discussion and concern on social media, especially among the Slavens School community. Slavens' parents created a change.org petition supporting the school's teachers and inclusivity and calling for Feldman to stop the lawsuit.

"People are under the mistaken belief that offensive speech or hate speech is not protected speech. The U.S. Supreme Court has said the government doesn't get to choose and decide what is offensive, what is not offensive," said Lane. "If they're going to allow any political speech, they're going to have to allow all political speech of a related nature."

"Straight Pride" is apparently "offensive" "hate" speech.

A spokespyrsyn for LGBTQ Colorado argued that a Straight Pride flag shouldn't be allowed, because that is "divisive" and all about "us vs. them" whereas a gay pride flag is "inclusive."

Weird, I'm not feeling "included" when they claim that heterosexuality is "hate."

More Democrats say that Biden is a better president than... George Washington.

In its latest survey shared with Secrets, Rasmussen Reports asked, "Is Joe Biden a better president than Washington or a worse president than Washington? Or is there not much difference between Washington and Biden?"

Thirty-nine percent of Democrats said "better," 25% said "worse," 20% said "not much difference," and 16% said "not sure."

Across the aisle, 12% of Republicans said "better," 75% said "worse," 9% said "not much difference," and just 4% said "not sure."

Rasmussen also found that 40% of Democrats approve of removing memorials to Washington, 21% "strongly." Some 55% of Democrats disapprove.

The BLM rioters who burned down a Wendy's in Atlanta have been sentenced: Their punishment is... a five hundred dollar fine.

For criminal arson.

Is the American justice system tipped in favor of Black Lives Matter rioters who burnt a Wendy's to the ground and Portland, Oregon rioters who tried to burn down a federal courthouse?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and many on the right say we're not dealing with an equal justice system that has sentenced 561 defendants to jail or a combination of jail and house arrest. "J6'ers are being locked up for years for walking into the Capitol and some never walked inside at all, but the guys who plead guilty to arson and burned down the Wendy's in Atl in 2020 BLM riots only have to pay a $500 fine!!!" Greene tweeted this week.

The Wendy's case that she's referring to concluded last week when Chisom Kingston and Natalie White pleaded guilty to first-degree arson charges and were sentenced to five years of probation, a $500 fine and 150 hours of community service that has to be completed in one calendar year.

Kingston and White helped set a fire on June 13, 2020, during a protest over a police-involved shooting that killed Rayshard Brooks, who was supposedly sleeping in his car in the drive-thru lane. Brooks struggled with officers that night and eventually gained control of one of the officer's Tasers. Brooks was shot twice in the back, according to an autopsy.

LibsofTikTok says "2-Tier justice system" and links this:


This plea deal comes from Fulton County -- from the DA's office run by Fani Willis, currently attempting to imprison Trump on fantastical RICO charges.

But if BLM thugs burn down a Wendy's, they have to pay a $500 fine and pick up some litter on the side of a highway.

Stanford professors were "blacklisted" for not acceding to woke student demands, such as reducing their expectations of black students allegedly suffering from racial "trauma" and other nonsense excuses made up to excuse failure.

A new report suggests that Stanford University students, acting in pursuit of racial and social justice, emailed hundreds of professors during the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding they lower academic standards and blacklisted them if they chose not to comply.

In the spring semester of 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Stanford made all courses pass-fail. Despite this, many students pushed for more radical changes, according to recent reporting by The Stanford Review.

Forming a coalition, Stanford students cold-emailed hundreds of professors, demanding that academic standards be lowered even further.

The Stanford Review writes, "Professors who met and supported the extreme demands of students to radically overhaul their academic standards received a green check." Additionally, "Those who didn't--and retained even some basic academic standards, or those who merely did not make 'any announcement acknowledging current events'--were blacklisted."

An image of an email template that The Stanford Review reports was used by students to message professors began with the suggestion that, "I am a Black/non-Black student in your ... class and am reaching out for support with balancing academics and the weight of various world events occurring all at the same moment."

Citing the "trauma" being experienced by African American students at the time, students asked for favors like "[p]roper academic accommodations for Black students," professors be "[a]ttentive and compassionate to individual requests for academic support," assignment extensions, and "solidarity and support to Black students."

The report also suggests students maintained a blacklist of professors, in effect grading them by how they gave in to the demands of the cold emails.

The Stanford Review shows that among those 200 individuals on the blacklist for not complying was Professor Dawson Engler, who was marked down because he did not "feel comfortable gutting the class ... more than it [had] been by the pandemic." Professor Aaron Lindenberg was also placed on the list because he did not "make any announcement acknowledging current events."

What is the point of affirmative action placement into elite schools, if those students are just going to turn around and use their race to demand to do none of the coursework expected of them? Should we just let them take four years off and mail them their diploma?

Wokal Distance @wokal_distance

Dec 7

The reason woke activists have huge freak outs over small, mundane, everyday thing is to try to make you walk on eggshells to avoid setting them off. However, learning how to appease them forces you to learn and internalize woke ideas so you know how to avoid upsetting them.

People generally want to keep the peace, and the woke abuse this bynusing the threat of freak outs to make you think "how can I avoid upsetting the activists." This forces you to learn woke ideology and think in woke terms, so you can figure out how to avoid setting them off.

The goal of this is psychological: they want you to have to integrate woke ideology into your everyday thinking so that you begin to get a little voice in your head that says "don't do such and such so you can avoid a woke activist freak out."

By doing this the woke are effectively hijacking your psychology by forcing you to integrate woke ideas and norms into your own thinking. When this happens eventually it is your own conscience that is always telling you "don't do such and so or you'll get freaked out on"

Because wokeness has no stopping point it always reaches into every area of life. So, when wokeness hijacks your conscience it turns your conscience into an inward facing woke "eye of sauron" that endlessly searches your mind for any thought that violates woke ideology...

If you do not resist and instead try to avoid troubld you end up being forced to integrate the voice of woke activists into you own thinking, and the result is that you end up having flare ups of conscious guilt every time you have a thought that isn't woke.

Once that happens the woke will have entirely hijacked your conscience and soon you'll be self policing your own thoughts and behaviours in order to avoid getting mobbed or freaked out on.

See how this works?

The woke have a concept called the "unbearable searchlight of complicity." It's their term for constant, unending, hypervigilant searching for anything complicit with "systems of oppression" (racism, sexism, etc)

It's the conceptual equivalent of an all seeing eye of wokeness

The unbearable searchlight of complicity is essentially the same as what @ConceptualJames called the "eye at the end of history." It's an omnipotent eye that looks back on history and judges everyone according to the strictest interpretation of woke ideology.

It's looking back and judging every moment of history, and every thought of every person for even the slightest hint of anything that is complicit with any system or structure that the woke think is oppresive.

When you internalize woke ideology and integrate wokeness into your thinking your own conscience becomes it's own little "unbearable searchlight of complicity" that ruthlessly searches your own mind for anything thought that goes against wokeness...

And once that happens you will end up censoring even your own thoughts in order to avoid the judgement of the "unbearable searchlight of complicity" AKA the woke eye of sauron.

There is only one way to avoid this: stop trying to appease woke activists...

The only way you end up letting your conscience get hijacked is if you try to appease wokeness, avoid conflict, and walk on eggshells. However, if you refuse to do that then thebwoke virus never gets a foothold in your thinking.

Speaking the truth is the antidote here.

By telling the truth and refusing to appease wokeness you avoid having to internalize woke ideology, and this will allow you avoid having your conscience hijacked.

So tell the truth and quit walking on eggshells. Don't let the voice of woke activists get in your head.

A new Will "Lia" Thomas is destroying puny women in swimming. As a man, he was a mediocre/bad swimmer. But as a fake woman, he's shredding their records.

A collegiate transgender swimmer is being compared to Lia Thomas after winning races and smashing a program record, prompting renewed calls for the NCAA to take action to ensure competitive fairness in female athletics.

Meghan Cortez-Fields, a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey who swam for three years on the men's team, broke a school record in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 57.22 seconds at the Cougar Splash Invitational held Saturday in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

Cortez-Fields also won the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 2:12.05. Four days earlier, the swimmer won the 100 butterfly and was part of the winning 200 medley relay in a meet against William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.


Gaines said that Cortez-Fields' record-setting time would have been a nonstarter on the men's side.

"As a swimmer myself, I can attest to these times and what they mean," she told Fox News. "Fifty-seven seconds in the 100-yard butterfly for the men is atrocious, for lack of a better word. That's not competitive by any means."

She said policies allowing male-born athletes to compete against women based on gender identity are "only adversely affecting women."

"We don't see females going into men's sports and becoming record-smashers," Gaines said. "This is only going one way."

Tennis great Martina Navratilova also weighed in, saying on X: "Women's sports is not the place for mediocre male athletes who compete as women. Period."

Riley Gaines commented that it seemed very familiar to see a mediocre male similar suddenly blossom into a record-smashing "female" one.

By the way, this very stable person has a big tattoo on his mannish forearm of a female's body with breasts and long flowing hair. And a "dick and balls," as Megyn Kelly put it, bluntly.

And when I say "big," I mean big. The tattoo is oriented up and down his forearm so it takes up almost all the real estate of the underside of his meaty, muscular man-arm.

A 50-year-old man is not only competing against teenaged girls in swim meets, but -- of course -- changing into swimwear in their changing rooms, which one suspects is the real prize here.

The President of the National Women's Law Center fights for the right of men to beat the shit out of women in sport, and says that women can learn something important from losing to men in sports-- the important skill of "losing gracefully."

Hodgetwins @hodgetwins

Her husband works for the DOJ and is the one prosecuting Jan 6 protesters too, no shit.

Tells you all you need to know about these people

It's all one big incestuous gangbang of ugly people you wouldn't want to see naked even if you were in the Reverse Pornography industry, where you're paid to watch people f***ing.

The Bee: "I don't want my skull fractured by a man," says bigoted female karate tournament entrant who refuses to fight 250 pound opponent "Julianna."

Racist goes to Italy and declares everyone is racist because everyone there is white.

Too many Italians in Italy. Via Paul Chato, who makes fun of this Dumb Young Thing.

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posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 05:35 PM

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