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December 01, 2023

Confessions of the Libs of TikTok

Libs of TikTok @libsoftiktok


Literally shaking. The same day a report comes out that TikTok is the main driver of antisemitism on social media, I get a @Disney ad on TikTok.

.@RobertIger since we know you're very concerned with your ads appearing near antisemitic content, I thought you would want to know about this.

.@mmfa feel free to reach out to me for comment when you write up this story about @Disney's ads on TikTok urging them to stop advertising on the platform.

End Wokeness

𝕏 Premium: $8 per month
Disney+ premium: $14 per month

𝕏 supports free speech
Disney is trying to eliminate it

𝕏 has endless new content
Disney is making woke remakes

This isn't hard. Stop funding companies that hate you and use that money wisely.

#CancelDisney is in fact trending:


I'll cancel Hulu today. I had that dumb idea that getting Hulu would increase the amount of money Disney would have to pay to buy Hulu out, but... I mean, whatever, it costs me $7 per month and I barely even remember I have it.

BBC radio star says he struggles with being around "too many white colleagues" at work.

Why are you bigots colonizing him with your mere existence?!!?

BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Nihal Arthanayake has said an overwhelmingly "white" working environment is affecting his mental health.

The presenter told a journalism diversity conference on Wednesday: "It's really affecting me that I walk in and all I see is white people."

His colleagues' response when he told them this was to reply defensively that they were not being racist, he claimed, as he added that this was missing the point.

Speaking at the Journalism Diversity Fund (JDF) conference at BBC Media City in Salford, he said: "I've seen a lot of people leave this building because they couldn't deal with the culture."

He also said others found they had to try to be a certain type of person to progress with the broadcaster, adding: "If you want journalists to progress, they have to be who they are."

"I don't think there's a single Muslim involved in the senior editorial processes" at BBC Radio 5 Live, he added.

He went on: "The hardest thing is to walk into a room, look around and nobody looks like you."

Respecc my pronouns!

Ladies and gentlemen, the military under Biden, where the gentlemen are ladies.

The transition of a mentally ill man from physical health to mutilation.

Oh, I missed this when I posted about Mehdi Hasan's show being canceled: He presents himself as a Respeccable Left-Liberal now, but boy oh boy, in his younger, more overtly radical Islamist days, he sure didn't like homosexuals!

Philadelphia just passed an ordinance declaring every Friday in December "Buy Black Business Friday." Now promote Korean and Jewish-owned businesses, Philadelphia. They're minorities too. Oh you don't want to do that, huh?

The Faux Intellectual Magpies of the left picked up another term they keep repeating like six year olds. That term is "stochastic terrorism." The idea is that right-leaning people aren't allowed to express their opinions because there's a risk, statistically speaking, that any opinion uttered could possibly maybe hypothetically spur an unhinged person to commit an act of violence.

Keep that in mind -- and the constant completely false claims of a "trans genocide" -- as you read this.

'Bomb the churches': Trans-identified man indicted for threats to sexually assault Christian girls Court docs: Suspect identified as 'open pedophile,' vowed 'many more and larger attacks on Christians'

By Ian M. Giatti, Christian Post Reporter Monday, November 27, 2023

A trans-identified Illinois man and alleged self-described "pedophile" is facing charges for making social media threats to sexually assault Christian girls and commit copycat attacks similar to the attack at a Christian school in Tennessee earlier this year.

Jason Lee Willie of Nashville, Illinois, was charged Nov. 7 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois with 14 felony counts of interstate communication of a threat to injure, according to a federal indictment.

The threats, which are dated between March and August, include repeated references to Christians, black Americans, the Republican Party, and others.

Among the alleged threats cited in the indictment are threats to "bomb the churches": "...We're gonna bomb them, we're gonna bomb them. We're gonna bomb the churches. We're gonna bomb them. You know it. We're going to kill you..."

In an online video, Willie -- who also goes by "Alexia N. Willie," according to court documents -- made reference to "Christian trash," adding, "They're transphobic, they're homophobic, they're no different than the [expletive] white supremacists...."

The indictment alleges Willie also frequently used racial epithets and threatened to target anyone "with a cross around your neck."

Prosecutors say Willie also specifically mentioned harming children, with online video threats such as, "...We're coming for your children. We're not going to hurt you. We're not going to hurt you.

"You have to understand, I know how to get to you, and that's by [pounds fist into palm twice for emphasis] f--- your children. By hurting your children. And that's exactly what we're going to do."

In August, Willie made an online video in which he allegedly said, "Well, I guarantee I'll be in the bathroom raping your Christian daughters and there ain't nothing you f-- can do about it. You hear me?"

According to prosecutors, in another August video, Willie appeared to identify himself as a pedophile when he graphically described sexual abuse toward "little girls" and said, "You guys can't do nothing about it. I don't care, I'm openly a pedo. I'm openly a pedophile ..."

The left really is inciting its most lunatic members to shoot up schools to avenge non-existent "trans genocide."

But if you say you'd like to see immigration limited from countries with a culture of honor killings and terrorism, you're engaged in "stochastic terrorism."

And by the way: They've scheduled another "Trans Day of Revenge" for December 8. So when the next trans lunatic drunk on lies about "trans genocide" and the murder rate of trans people being genocidally high (in fact, they're murdered at a rate lower than that of the general population), you know who to thank.

From the Iowa Standard:

Leftists at the University of Iowa are preparing for a "Trans Day of Revenge" according to fliers advertising the Dec. 8 event. The fliers were shared by the conservative group Young Americans Foundation.

Following Chloe Cole's presentation at the University of Iowa in October, multiple protestors were arrested for blocking traffic outside the event. Cole is a victim of radical gender ideology. She is a detransitioner. You can read about her presentation here.

In response to police enforcing the law, leftists are using a flyer of a masked figure beating Herky the Hawk with a spiked bat to push the Dec. 8 "Trans Day of Revenge" event. The flier instructs attendees to cover their face and hair.

Question: Given that the left is constantly demanding that Elon Musk censor "dangerous misinformation" -- shouldn't we pressure Musk to begin censoring lies about a "trans genocide"? Karine Jean-Pierre just pushed this dangerous misinformation this week.

There Is No 'Trans Genocide'

Transgender activists and supporters protest potential changes by the Trump administration in federal guidelines issued to public schools in defense of transgender student rights near the White House in Washington, D.C., February 22, 2017.

By Wilfred Reilly

November 27, 2023 6:30 AM

Why do respected institutions continue to propound verifiably wrong conspiracy theories about how dangerous America is?

It is around 35 times more dangerous to be black than to be transgender in America -- and at least an order of magnitude more dangerous to be a young and working-class white guy, a Southerner, or a Yank of Hispanic origin.

This seems relevant given that a national event titled "Transgender Day of Remembrance" took place just a few days ago. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the occasion to mount the podium for a formal press briefing attended by many national media outlets -- during which she declared that the United States "grieves" for the all of 26 transgender Americans killed in 2023. These victims, Jean-Pierre went on to emphasize, were no mere Dead White Males but "disproportionately black women and women of color."


The only catch is that no such systemic violence exists. According to Jean-Pierre herself -- and, presumably, to an LGBT-rights group with every interest in magnifying the phenomenon -- the total number of trans-identified Americans known to have been killed in 2023 is 26. If we round that up to 30 (to account for December) and assume that just 1 percent of the U.S. population is trans (given that, as one very limited survey shows, around 3 percent of young Americans are), we obtain an annual transgender-murder rate of 30 in 3.32 million, or just 0.9 people per 100,000 people. Even if we, alternatively, assume an American trans population of just 1.6 million -- to gel with one high-quality but conservative recent estimate -- the resulting murder rate would be merely 1.9 per 100,000 people.

To put that in context, the murder rate for blacks in the U.S. is currently 30--33 per 100,000 people. The African-American community is an outlier but not necessarily a remarkable one: In a representative recent year, 4.5 percent of black-male deaths were the results of homicide, versus 2.3 percent for American Indians, 2.2 percent for Hispanics, 2 percent for Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders . . . and 4.9 percent for all whites under full majority. To say the obvious, all of these groups are currently living far more dangerously than "trans women."

Further, almost none of the small number of murders of trans people recorded in 2023 were due to "transphobia" from the MAGA-hat set. According to an excellent breakdown posted to social media by writer Pi Campbell, the "victims" highlighted by the Human Rights Campaign included such citizens as Banko Brown (the San Francisco thief/robber shot during a confrontation with a security guard), Manuel "Tortuguita" Terán (an armed environmental activist killed during a shootout with Atlanta police during the violent Stop Cop City protests), and DéVonnie J'Rae Johnson (a trans woman who attacked a security officer with a fire extinguisher).

Others on the list were Maria Jose Rivera -- killed in a tragic and widely publicized murder-suicide involving her boyfriend -- Camdyn Rider (murder-suicide with husband), Thomas "Tom-Tom" Robertson (victim of a shooting targeting someone else), and a black trans fashion plate called "YOKO" (hit by an SUV while piloting a small scooter). So far as I can tell, not one proven or even seriously alleged hate crime appears anywhere on the Human Rights Campaign's list.

In addition, it's not Evil White MAGA Men killing this tiny number of murdered trans "women."

I will note that this point has been made previously by the skilled gonzo journalist Andy Ngo, who earned a few weeks of internet infamy in 2019 for digging into a series of anti-trans attacks and summing up his resulting data set as: "Who is behind the murders? Mostly Black men." That year, I made some of the same points detailed above for the magazine Quillette: pointing out that the annual number of trans fatalities was around 29, and that this broke down to a grand total of one killing for every 67,690 transgender Americans.

Karine Jean-Pierre has a habit of stochastic terrorism. Just before the Trans Terrorist shot up a Nashville school, this bitch announced that trans people were "fierce" and "fight back."

She did not disappoint us after the slaughter: After a transgender lunatic murdered children and their teachers, she announced "Our hearts go out to the trans community..."

When asked if she would be inviting the families of the victims of the Trans Terrorists to the White House -- a photo op and propaganda opportunity the White House extends to all victims of crimes it believes will advance its political agenda -- Karine Jean-Pierre was dumbfounded that the question would even be asked, and scrambled to toss a word salad.

The left's insane rhetoric of hatred inspires leftists to commit acts of violence all the time.

But this isn't stochasitic terrorism.

This is just The Plan.

Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson

BREAKING: The inmate who attacked Derek Chauvin in prison stabbed him 22 times and did it on Black Friday to symbolize the Black Lives Matter movement

Prison report at the link.

Just in time for the Christmas Pagan Winter Festival season, Target hires an in-your-face transgender activist to help convince normies that that they're better off shopping at A&P.

And to be honest, you can stop trying to convince us to boycott you, Target. You had us at "tuck-friendly children's bathing suits."

Cosmo is actually promoting Satanic cermonies to empower women who get abortions.

Of course:

A TikTok influence defends not only Hamas' terrorism, but urges American blacks to kill children to free themselves from "oppression" as well.

Note that Disney is advertising on TikTok. In fact, it's not even a question that all corporations will advertise on a Chinese intelligence controlled platform that encourages actual violent terrorism against hated races.

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posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 05:40 PM

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