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September 15, 2022

Martha's Vineyard Declares a "Humanitarian Crisis"
Plus: NeverTrump Declares a Humanitarian Crisis, Too!

Visit Martha's Vineyard @VisitMV

To our Island community, here is an update on current humanitarian crisis on Martha's Vineyard....we thank people for their continued help.


Still can't get over the optics of a humanitarian crisis.

"We have 50 brown people, I repeat, 50 brown people now entering the vineyard. Please stay calm. Should you be approached by one of these brown people, take any measures you feel necessary to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you."
Posted by: The Central Scrutinizer

Meanwhile... thousands are released into El Paso, Texas, which is expected to suffer silently so that the rich bitches of Martha's Vineyard don't have to hear about the problems their policies cause.

Just think of all the diversity Martha's Vineyard is getting and how much stronger it will make it.

Posted by: sniffybigtoe

Strange how that is exactly not the talking point from the left!

Lol. Commenter on Twitter just now:

"Ron DeSantis has done more to diversify Martha's Vineyard in 24 hours than its privileged and elitist residents have done since its founding in 1642. This is a win for diversity, why aren't they all celebrating? This man needs to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom."

Posted by: Jane D'oh

Brian Lonergan at American Greatness:

Chicago is a metropolis of more than 2.7 million people and an annual city budget of $16.7 billion. Yet the mayor of this proud sanctuary city professes to be outraged when two--two!--buses of illegal aliens arrive? Given their talking points such as "diversity is our strength" and "immigrants make communities stronger," one would expect Lightfoot, Adams, and Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser to be competing for the honor of receiving the most illegals. Instead, they are declaring public emergencies and attacking the man who was nice enough to provide them with more community strength.

After excoriating Abbott for allegedly using the illegal aliens on buses as political pawns, Lightfoot re-affirmed that Chicago is a welcoming city and vowed to "step up and do the right thing to make sure that migrants coming into our city are well received, that they're supported." Then, in an act of shameless hypocrisy shocking even by today's meager standards, Lightfoot proceeded to ship more than 60 of these same aliens out of the city to the nearby suburb of Burr Ridge.


The sanctuary mayors' predicament has resulted in widespread schadenfreude, especially on the part of those in Texas who experience the daily toll of the border crisis.

"'Welcome to our world' is what they say," Jonathan Thompson, executive director and CEO of the National Sheriffs' Association told Fox News Digital. "Welcome to the everyday problems we are facing, and you have been ignoring and that you continue to want to blame someone else for."

While opponents have accused Abbott of political motives for sending aliens to sanctuary cities, the problem on the ground in Texas is increasingly crossing partisan lines. The city of El Paso is so overwhelmed with aliens that the Democrat-led city government recently chartered a bus to send 35 citizens of Venezuela here illegally to New York City.

The leftwingers -- and the NeverTrumpers -- but I do repeat myself -- were fulminating hatefully and, of course, impotently.


A friend points out @RonDeSantisFL flew two planeloads of illegal migrants from Venezuela to Martha's Vineyard without coordinating with DHS or INS...

Does that make him a coyote?

I mean, I'm no lawyer, but 8 USC 1342...

That's not how laws work, you silly fat weakling retard. If they worked that way, then Biden would be a "coyote" for flying thousands and thousands of illegals around the country on secret darkflights.

And we know you're not a lawyer; you're a boy-pimp for John Weaver.

You fat piece of shit.

Rick Wilson, who looks like an interrupted circumcision, is every kids mental picture of what a sex offender looks like. Posted by: Azathoth

What a terrible thing to say.


@GovRonDeSantis' heartlessness and cynicism is hard to exaggerate. Basically using poor immigrants as pawns in the culture wars--and stepping stones to the presidency. Beneath contempt. He would be very dangerous if he ever became president.

Seth Abramson, a Russiagate Hoaxer, and therefore a great ally of Max Boot and the rest of NeverTrump:

Seth Abramson @SethAbramson

RETWEET if you would like to see the U.S. Department of Justice investigate pro-Trump MAGA-Republican governors Ron DeSantis (FL) and Greg Abbott (TX) for human smuggling and kidnapping after they transported migrants across state lines without their consent as a fundraising ploy.

Our own little proggy troll:

so tell me again how this is different than what the administration is doing by bussing illegal immigrants all over America in the dead of night, or the plane-loads they fly under cover of darkness? I forgot how that's different. Posted by: TecumsehTea

It's different because we want to enforce the border and stop this. You want to continue it -- but keep the illegals in red states and red counties.

Nope! You're the ones who virtue signal your "Welcome" signs; you keep 'em.

Chris Hayes

Deeply deeply sick and dehumanizing to fling human beings somewhere vindictively.

Pretty sure Hayes has a place on Martha's Vineyard. Posted by: The ARC of History!

I don't know if that's true. Sounds true-ish!

A parody comment from a commenter which, despite its parodic nature, has the ring of authenticity:

This will seriously impact Republicans credibility with suburban women. Plus it's racist. Posted by: Jonah Goldberg

Noted Conservative Hugh Hewitt is giving the Legacy Media tips on how to illustrate the plight of the illegal aliens, and score points against Greg Abbott:

Hugh Hewitt @hughhewitt

Replying to @thatkingthingand @RitaPanahi

Ran past that w/FMH hundreds of times. There is nothing --nothing-- nearby to which the immigrants can repair. Legacy media: Perhaps cover these folks as individuals and follow what actually happens to them as they wander towards Rock Creek Park or up towards MD?

The True Conservatives Conserving Conservatism at The Bulwark are, get this, outraged about this. Jonathan V. Last is blaming, get this, "Christian Nationalists," claiming that these illegals are not being sent to leftwing jurisdictions as a protest or to highlight the problem that the leftwing elite prefers to keep hidden, but simply to be "cruel."

"For the Christian Nationalists," this True Conservative Christian writes, "cruelty is the point."


Oh right -- because DeSantis is a racist. Just like Trump.

Weird how anyone who opposes Neoliberalism (and the Democrats you're paid to shill for) is now "Just Like Trump."

It's almost as if this has nothing to do particularly with Trump at all, but is only about the loathsome neoliberal deposed Establishment grifters smearing and destroying all of their competitors, so that the Democrats can give them the Republican Party back to them to run as controlled opposition.


Ah good, lecture us all about being a good Christian, abortion-supporting Judas.

I've said this a thousand times. I will say it once more: NeverTrump are rabid Open Border-ers. This is the main and foundational reason they opposed Trump.

But they are cowards and liars and do not believe in ever fighting a fair fight, where they make their true opinions known. They know that Open Borders is not a popular political on the right, so we've had to endure six fucking years of Phony War about other things they don't like about Trump, his mean tweets, grabbing metaphorical p*ssies, etc., all things they think they imagine should win points with conservatives.

But they will not come right out and state their real, original motivation for intense loathing of Trump: Because they are Open Borders fanatics, and Trump said he was going to deport the illegals back to their home countries.

Ask anyone in Conservative, Inc. about this, any NeverTrumper, and get ready for a lot of double-talk and platitudes without any definite meaning as they attempt to obscure their actual position on immigration, which is, as the Wall Street Journal used to declare every July 4th (until 9/11, when it became impolitic to say): "There shall be open borders."

One of the Open Borders fanatics' favorite subterfuges is to talk about free trade in absolutist terms. This is their way of talking about Open Borders without talking about Open Borders -- because, in their minds, there is no way a nation can maintain completely free trade, with no tariffs, unless that nation also enacts Open Borders with respect to population flow. If you just allow goods to move across borders completely freely, this will create labor problems, as jobs will move overseas; you must then also allow and encourage labor to follow trade. Again, freely -- and across Open Borders.

That's the theory -- Open Borders and Free Trade are two sides of the exact same coin.

The arch-libertarians therefore use Free Trade as a stealth way to argue for Open Borders. People are generally in favor of Free Trade, so it's a more palatable way to argue in favor of Open Borders.

This is why they screamed so disproportionately loudly about Trump's fairly minor adjustments to our trade schemes, which all rectified actual problems and abuses in trade. They were screaming about these minor things because it wasn't really about these minor things at all.

It was about Open Borders. Again.

Some of the NeverTrumpers, who are now just on the payrolls of archprogressive Democrat-aligned billionaires -- such as the grifters at The Bulwark -- seem to be more open now about admitting that yes, they are and always have been Open Borders, and will oppose any candidate who opposes Open Borders... not just those who write Mean Tweets or have been divorced twice, but even nice Harvard-educated Navy men who've remained married to the same woman.

All that other bullshit is a smokescreen.

I remember scolding AllahPundit about this. He was constantly attacking DeSantis, and I began reminding him: You are pretending that Trump is uniquely evil, and uniquely a figure to be opposed. And yet you continue opposing, with the same venom and vehemence, anyone who does not hail from the Acela Corridor Corporate Yuppie Con Establishment. You're giving the game away that this is not about Trump; this is about any populist push-back against neoconism (which is really just neoliberalism).

I don't know if he read that but within the next few weeks he started pretending to be open to a DeSantis candidacy, just to stop Trump.

But this is -- and always has been -- about Open Borders.

Almost all of these scumbags are atheists, but they do have one religious impulse, and that religious impulse is for Open Borders.

Open Borders now, Open Borders forever!

They want Open Borders. They know you Stupid Racist Bigoted Rubes will never support them if they say so, so they'll sell you on Free Trade (failing to note their secret understanding that there can be no free trade without free movement of labor across borders as well) and they'll talk about Mean Tweets and Grabbing of the P*ssies and Russian Pee-Party Prostitutes and everything except the fanatical commitment that drives them, an America Without Borders.

Because they're "honorable." Except for lying to you, all of the time, constantly, about everything, about large things, about small things, about meaningless things.

They lie because it's simply their nature. They are snakes who count themselves clever for manipulating and deceiving people, and they love feeling "clever."

Update: For those who question my statement that, for the archlibertarians, free trade and open borders are two sides of the same coin, see this CIS report.

This article argues against that position -- which is confirmation that that position exists.

It is frequently maintained that "free trade" belongs to "free immigration" as "protectionism" does to "restricted immigration." That is, the claim is made that while it is not impossible that someone might combine protectionism with free immigration, or free trade with restricted immigration, these positions are intellectually inconsistent, and thus erroneous.

I didn't mean to say Free Trade actually equals Open Borders. I meant to say, to this type of corporate archlibertarian, the two are synonymous -- so if they want to argue in favor of Open Borders without using the forbidden words "Open Borders," they can get cute and argue for "Free Trade" instead, knowing (in their minds at least) the same arguments that support the one support the other.

I banged out that commentary, which is stuff I've wanted to say forever, in five minutes, in response to the Omidyar-funded propaganda by Last. Five minutes doesn't allow a lot of time for editing.

DEI Poster Girl:

Flashback: The federal government sent 70 secret nightflights of planes filled with illegals to Florida.

The US has sent over 70 flights of migrants from the Mexican border to Jacksonville, Florida since the summer -- but the Biden administration has not disclosed any information about the clandestine transports, Gov. Ron DeSantis' office claimed.

The alleged flights -- which landed in overnight hours -- come as officials struggle to deal with overcrowding at border facilities, according to The Washington Examiner.

"Over 70 air charter flights [on] jetliner airliners coming from the southwest border have landed at Jacksonville International Airport," Larry Keefe, the Republican governor's public safety czar, told the outlet.

"On average, there's 36 passengers on each of these flights. And that has been going on over the course of the summer through September."

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