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MSM suggests Palin lied about her stance on the Bridge to Nowhere. [krakatoa] | Main | Roggio: Hezbollah Brigades targeted in Iraq
September 01, 2008

Look How Svetle and Unpregnant Ms. Palin Is
"It's over," say Kos Diarist and Madamoiselle Milky Loads
New Smears Mutate, and Karl Rove Blamed: Rove Made This Up to *DISTRACT* From Her Poor Judgment in Taking a Flight While Pregnant

Another Update (See Far Below): DU Says: "Now We Move on to the Daughter"

A wisp of a leaf of a twig of a pixie, I tells ya.


Another obviously photoshopped picture of Gov. Palin wearing her tin-foil fat suit here.

This picture shows that Governor Palin is about to give birth to six pounds and eight ounces of right-wing Xtianist hatred.

These people ought to be ashamed. But they haven't any.

Thanks to Brett. Brett Weir!

New Theory! The daughter got pregnant, but to hide that fact, they aborted it, and then Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy "as a distraction."

Then they hunted and killed a pregnant teenaged runaway and presented this changeling-baby as Sarah Palin's own.

Which only tells me one thing: We need this fucking woman as Vice President. Or at least Director of Operations at the CIA.

As my friend not_steve_in_hb said (cleaned up to be slightly more respectful), Sarah Palin is the first vice presidential candidate worthy of sexual fantasies since Lloyd Bentsen.

Is It Over? Sullivan, Daily Kos Diarist declare "scandal' over based on these flickr pictures... until, of course, a Daily Kos Diarist "proves" they're fake, or we see those very-scientific "fat suit comparison" I predicted earlier.

You can either take my word for it or check these sites yourself. I'm not linking them.

Not Over... For God's sake, they won't stop. Having had their first attack on the daughter disproven, now they're launching a direct attack on her (without even the pretense of attacking Sarah Palin for "dishonesty").

Now they're saying, oh, we were wrong, she wasn't pregnant then, she's secretly pregnant now.

Some of the elements from the previous smear are simply being recycled, but set in present rather than six months ago. Now, you see, the daughter is mysteriously absent from school, etc.

All that stuff about her being absent from school before? Oh, we were just funnin'. Now you can believe the crap we're just making up as we go. It's now she's mysteriously absent and hidden.

Larwyn sent me this the other day. This is from Democratic Underground. (I don't want to link them, either, but I'll so so here.)

Let the left explain their game in plain words:

NoodleyAppendage (1000+ posts) Sat Aug-30-08 10:26

122. What many here don't understand. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. RUMOR IS TRUTH.

The modern laws of media hype and political warfare have a useful tenet:

Repeat ANYTHING or raise false concern over ANYTHING and it is likely to be planted in the conscious/subconscious of many voters.

If people start to think that there might be something fishy with Palin's last kid (if hers), then that's FINE. One more doubt (whether tied to reality or not) is another hesitation at the ballot box.

GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE. The "rising above it" bullshit has served us so well in the past, hasn't it?

If you have problems with the story, then STFU and get out of the way of Dems who are engaged in MODERN POLITICAL WARFARE. Go tend your garden or some other pedestrian task, because the "concern trolls" are not helping shape the message.


Karl Rove Blamed, Predictably: KRYMB.

It was inevitable, wasn't it? From the Daily Kos thread mourning the end of their first crazy rumor:

Karl Rove (2+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Ellie the Kat, Exhausted Pennsylvanian

I would suggest that maybe Karl Rove himself started this story.

By getting everyone in a tizzy over the grandmother angle he gets us all to stew over it for a few days. Then proof that the Gov is the mother surfaces and we all have black eyes. This also damages DailyKos and other reality based sites.

Then someone else tries to bring up the flying on the plane story while 8 months pregnant with a high risk pregnancy. The media then fires back: "We already looked at that pregnancy story, why don't you just drop it."

And that's what happens, it gets dropped and another wingnut with horrible judgment gets away with it.

Another brilliant move Karl. Just brilliant.

And another:

* No (0+ / 0-)

This woman made a mistake by getting on that plane. That mistake could come back to haunt her.

So Karl Rove invents a story that the daughter had the baby and the mother rushes home to be with the daughter.

This story removes all the other stories from being discussed and it hides the governor's poor judgment for getting on that plane.

Then the proof comes out that the gov really is the mother. Everyone in the reality based community has a black eye. And all the true stories that reflect on the Gov poorly get overlooked.

And if anyone then tries to go back to any of those other stories, the media people just say: "That? That's old news. The only reason you are bringing that up is because you love Obama. You people are so unfair. That pregnancy? That's been hashed and rehashed. Why would you bring all that up again?"

Finished. Another wingnuts mistakes get glossed over. All from the brilliance of Karl. Karl doesn't have to manipulate anything but a story.

by prius04 on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 10:52:55 PM PDT

A long-term scheme:

The proposition being offered is that KR (0+ / 0-)

began orchestrating this back in March, including persuading Palin to take that flight back to Alaska and then rush to the hospital for induced labor within 24 hours of the speech in Dallas.

Catch-22: If Palin was pregnant and dared to board a plane, that's just as bad as the other thing!

If she wasn't pregnant, but lied about it to cover for her daughter, then she's a liar, without the integrity needed to be President when McBraaaaaains dies.

If she was pregnant, then her reckless disregard for what she herself would unequivocally declare human life makes her completely unfit for the office of President when McBraaaaaains dies.

Thanks for these to AQ.

HUNT FOR THE MOLE! Kos Kids suspect --

Someone set us up the bomb.

Having peddled this ridiculous and vicious smear, and fearing the "black eyes" this has given them, and how it has reduced (I shit you not) the "credibility" of DKos, the Kos Kids are now trying to find out... What Rovian Conspirator tricked us into believing this story?

The diary that started this whole thing...

That picture was used as "evidence" that she was not pregnant...

Only the picture chosen had, oh-so-conveeniently, a desk corner positioned just so it obscured Palin's midriff.

The diarist, I think, had to have had access to more photos from the conference than just that one -- including ones, like this, which would have clearly shown Palin pregnant.

I say we investigate "Photogate".

What did the diarist know, and when did s/he know it?

by WIds on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 09:09:10 PM PDT

An Attempt at Sense... Rebuffed!!!

I'm astounded by the capacity of some here to bend their logic into a pretzel.

Was it part of Rove's plan to start this $hit in Alaska press, WAYYYY back before McCain was even the nominee, all planned to trap dKos into speculation?

McCain - Worse than Bush

by MAORCA on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 09:23:35 PM PDT

But no -- the conspiracy lives! It just takes another form!

No, but it may have entered into the decision (0+ / 0-)

The story was out there. Imagine Rove imagining that the opposition would buy into it, promote it, etc., and then you set up a "Checkers" speech.

by a brain on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 10:52:34 PM PDT

"A brain." I question the naming.

Can't argue with that...

I watch a woman fake pregnancy on tv and it was also very convincing.

by igwealth5tm on Sun Aug 31, 2008

Someone responds, thankfully, "I saw them make a dinosaur in Juraissic Park and it was very convincing too."

Since the Left is Now Claiming that She Committed "Attempted Manslaughter' by Flying the Plane While Pregnant...

...let's look at the facts.

1) She was a full month away from her anticipated delivery. Not a week. A full month. Eight months along, not nine. Thus, she'd have no reason to suspect, particularly, she was about to give birth.

Why would a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy fear an air flight?

2) Her water didn't break, although that's how the story's been told later. She had "leakage." She knew something funny was going on -- and so went home to see her OB/GYN. But there was never a fear of imminent delivery.

3) And there was no imminent natural delivery -- her OBGYN induced labor when she got back to Alaska.

This is so fucking stupid my teeth hurt even discussing it. But this whole idea -- that it's frightfully reckless for a pregnant woman to board a plane -- is based on the idea that she was deep in the ninth month and ready to deliver her baby.

But she wasn't. She gave birth one month early, after induced labor. A woman in that position would not suspect she was about to deliver a baby -- because she wasn't scheduled for it, and wasn't feeling labor pains, etc. -- and so wouldn't think much about a six or seven hour plane trip.

They're Just Not Giving Up...

the phot may be real but is that tummy real....thats the question

by votingin08 on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 09:02:23 PM PDT


Baby-suit, pillows, any number of

... ways to make yourself look pregnant. I'm not saying she faked it or not, but why the rush to try and defend her? Sarah Palin is not on my team, I feel absolutely need to defend her honor.

Besides, if their is no story here, there no story here and it will all go away. If there is a story ... Then it is the most bizarre political tale since Jim McGreevey.

by Larry Madill on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 08:55:33 PM PDT


One line of reasoning suggests ...
that the fake pregnancy was to coverup the teenaged daughter's incest (which raises the likelihood of Down's).

I think this whole thing is totally cheezy, but I think our political process is totally cheezy as well. I didn't used to think so but the last two presidential cycles have caused me to wake up and smell the feces.

I don't really care about what happens to repugs anymore. They haven't shown they care about me and mine.

by Urizen on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 09:21:16 PM PDT

So a bit of nasty honesty there -- "I don't care that this isn't true, I'm just going to keep making up wilder and more vicious nonsense because I hate 'repugs.'"

Perhaps if Madamoiselle Milky Loads had inquired into the mindset of those pushing this rumor -- and wondered, um, what exactly is the source for the oft-claimed "fact" that the daughter was out of school for eight months? I've only seen that on Kos and DU, and cocksuckers like Power Glutes parroting them -- he wouldn't have been in such a rush to push it.

Nah, what am I saying. Power Glutes Andy never met a conspiracy theory he didn't immediately post under the guise of "just airing questions," nor a cheap smear he was above publicizing.

Revulsion: At DU, they're just more honest about this than Power Glutes Andy:

"Pic from the Governor's convention-can we end this now?


66. I agree...time to move on to the daughter

And the response to that?

"LOL! Destroying the Palin family one member at a time :rofl:

LOL and rofl indeed, dude. Rock on.

These are the people whose pathetic smears Madamoiselle Milky Loads is peddling.

He never paused for a moment to question, "Wait, on whose authority, exactly, do I have it that Bristol was ever 'missing' for any period of time?"

He just accepted their claims uncritically.

Because they're fellow Obama cultists. Incapable of erring, let alone lying to impugn a 16 year old girl whose only offense is being born to a "Rethuglican" mother.

How the fuck do you live with yourself, asshole.

"A different kind of politics."

By the way: A Hillary supporter tried explaining to me why he hated Obama so much. (This was when I thought Obama was okay, relativey.)

"He puts out the most vicious stuff," he said. "And anything you say about him, he plays the race card."

"No he doesn't," I said. "I haven't seen that.'

"Well his supporters do."

"Well that's not really his fault," I said.

"You'll see," he said.

I'm beginning to understand. I know that Obama calls up the press pushing the race card on them.

I don't know, obviously, if he pushes this kind of crap to Milky Loads. I doubt it.

But I begin to understand the visceral hatred this Hillary supporter had for Obama. Whether Obama and his people are responsible for his cultists' viciousness, I sure understand the feeling of despising Obama for it.

For all of it. For DU, for Kos, for Princess Power Glutes.

Thanks to TopsecretK9. And Qwinn, too.

Dr. Seuss Hates Sullivan: NSFW, and really very profane and just plain awful. But, hell, if you want to read a vile put-down of Sullivan -- which he richly deserves -- and prefer such put-downs in the form of Seussian poesy, click here.

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