September 11, 2004

Who Is Gerald Lechliter?

Not only is he the Boston Globe's favorite source, he's devoted an entire website to pushing the Bush AWOL lie.

But he assures us he's an "independent."

RedState says the entire Boston Globe piece on Bush/AWOL looks like it was simply cribbed from Lechliter (who we know they know of, since they quote him extensively).

And one little tidbit from Mr. Lechliter himself:

In way of background, I am a retired (1999) Army colonel with active Marine enlisted service (1967-69).

Interesting dates of service. Why, one could even imagine an anti-Bush partisan serving at that time doing all sorts of things to, ahem, document his charges.

I'm sure glad that none of the "political partisans" Dan Rather warns us of are being used by the liberal media to drive their story!

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