April 07, 2021

Mid-Morning Art Thread [CBD]
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Flight Over New York At Twilight

Lorser Feitelson

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The Morning Report - 4/7/21 [J.J. Sefton]
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Good morning kids. Wednesday and while there are so many things being inflicted on us that in their own right could send even a marginally aware low-information observer into paroxysms of foaming-at-the-mouth rage, this morning, after reading the lead story, I'm just beside myself. It's the world's oldest hatred and once again, tragically and horrifically, it comes straight out of the flapping upper chin exhaust hole of a Jew -- in name only:

"American Jews are now part of the ownership class," Weingarten said. "Jews were immigrants from somewhere else. And they needed the right to have public education. And they needed power to have enough income and wealth for their families that they could put their kids through college and their kids could do better than they have done." 

"What I hear when I hear that question is that those who are in the ownership class now want to take that ladder of opportunity away from those who do not have it," she said.

Does this filthy shit-whore not even realize that what she just spewed is in the top five (among scores) of the most hideous anti-Semitic tropes? The fact is, it's not that Weingarten is unaware of her lineage but that she is absolutely aware of her politics. To go into an exploration of why those born Jewish become the worst kind of atheists and totalitarians would take days (I refer you to a well-known work on the subject by Norman Podhoretz Why Are Jews Liberals), but there is one underlying factor that I think plays a not insignificant part and also explains the current festering plague of woke consuming society: self-preservation. 

No doubt Randy Weingarten is a true believer. While her bilge is of the lowest variety, intended to resonate with the lower classes that are beholden to her fiefdom of the AFT, specifically the non-white urban poor, (see also Hank Johnson referring to Israeli Jews as "termites", Trayvon White claiming Jews control the weather to make money and oppress blacks, and of course the many musings of Sharpton, Farrakhan, Wright etc. ad nauseam), there is no real difference to what she says and does to that of, say, George Soros who moves in a more upper crust milieu, shall we say, when he denounces and actively works for the destruction of the State of Israel. And for those new to this site, we add the prefix Nazi collaborator to Soros' accursed name for good reason; as a teen in Nazi occupied Budapest in 1944, he and his father who had both renounced their Judaism years before actually profited off the expropriated money and belongings of their Jewish neighbors that they helped ship off to Birkenau. 

Self-preservation. "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," if you will. And there's no better way to "join 'em" than to out Joo-hate the gentiles at it. Is this what we are witnessing with the BLaM-tifa garbage? Forget what the Democrats have given them under and in some cases over the table directly from the US Treasury; they have a war chest (emphasis on the word "war") upwards of $1 billion direct from the CEOs and CFOs of some of our biggest corporations. Yes, as I have speculated in these pages, that there are indeed braindead true believers in the C-suite, but there are also those who fork over the dough-re-mi in the hopes that the tiger will eat them last. 

Whether it's Delta's Ed Bastian blasting voter integrity laws as racist, Coca Cola's James Quincey insisting on racialist brainwashing for his employees or Randy Weingarten vying for "Kapo" di tutti capi among the Jew-hate set, the motivations are essentially irrelevant. With the SPLC now defining "hate" as anyone and anything opposing everything Democrat-Socialist, we are all Jews now. 



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Daily Tech News 7 April 2021
— Pixy Misa

Top Story


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April 06, 2021

Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (4/6/21) Thank You Sparky Edition
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The Quote of The Day

"Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.”
Richard P. Feynman

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Quarantine Cafe: Unnatural Relations With Chickens Edition
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Fauci Once Again Predicting Death to Red States Permitting Normie Activities
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Texas dropped the mask requirement a month ago.

Fauci predicted a spike in covid infections in two weeks.

It didn't happen.

He now says -- like any prognosticator of Doom, telling his cult followers that the end is nigh -- that Judgment Day is still coming, we just have to give it some more time.

It's late, but it's on the way.

He says that the situation is "complicated."

Strange, the situation was very simple and easily forecasted when he issued his earlier false prophecy.

But now it's "complicated."

Meanwhile, the left continues giving no fucks about massive BLM Arson Parades, nor the daily scrum that antifa gets into with cops and citizens trying to drive to the supermarket.


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Well Here's Some Good News! [CBD]
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Arkansas House votes to override governor’s veto of bill preventing use of surgeries and hormones on 'trans children'

It's nice to see a bit of pushback against the corporate lackeys in our statehouses.

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Comment Thread
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well another post refuses any comments, so I'll try to post this new thread.

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Prune-Faced Leathren Whore Lisa Murflonski Now Trailing Republican Challenger Kelly Tshibacka By Ten Points
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As a commenter alerted us a month ago, Alaska changed its voting system to a jungle primary, in which every candidate competes against each other in the primary, regardless of party, with the top two vote-getters advancing to the general election.

There's another twist, too: You can indicate your *second* choice, and if your first choice doesn't have the votes to go to the top two, your vote will go to your second choice.

This seems almost designed by Alaska's establishment to make sure that the liberal Democrat posing as a Republican Lisa Murflonski always advances to the top two run off, because Democrats will naturally choose her as their second choice.

So she's probably guaranteed a position in the top two.

But the actual Republican in the race is beating her by a fair amount, a Republican polling company finds.

At the Daily Mail:

Alaska GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski is now TRAILING her Republican challenger by nearly 15 points after voting to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial


Polling from theGOP polling firmCygnalfound thatTshibaka was leading in an all-party primary, taking 33.6 per cent of the vote, compared to Murkowski's 18.8 per cent.

Al Gross, an independent who was the Democratic nominee for Alaska's 2020 Senate race, came in third with 17.6 per cent.




Tshibaka, Alaska's Commissioner of Administration, is viewed favorably by 61 per cent of both Trump voters and Republicans.



Murkowski, on the other hand, is only viewed favorably by 10 per cent of Republicans, the poll found. Another 87 per cent of Republicans have a negative view of the incumbent.



With voters from all parties, Murkowski is viewed favorably by 33 per cent and unfavorably by 63 per cent.


Maybe Murflovinski is now regarded (accurately) as simply a Democrat so that we can expect she will get the usual Democrat vote share, plus a bit because she's an incumbent and because her face looks like the cover of the Necronomicon.

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Recently Resigned Matt Gaetz Aide: I Left Gaetz's Employ For Personal Reasons. But the National Media Lied and Said I Was a Witness to Sexual Improrpieties.
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I really wish those on the right who are joining yet another political op against a Trump supporter would put their own sexual hang-ups about unmarried men being required to live like celibate monks until marriage.

Matt Gaetz has ZERO accusers. Zero. This  bullshit seems to come from people who are trying to extort him.

And the op includes putting out rumors to the press that a guy who left Gaetz office for entirely unrelated reasons actually left because he was witness to unspecified perversions.

I would think by this point that people would begin to be at least suspicious that they might be watching another Kavanaugh Op in action, but some people just seem to want to vindicate their own notions of sexual chastity, and join with the left when the smear someone with unproven accusations.

Unproven accusations? Shit, these accusations are currently *unaccused.*

Reported by @mattzap:

I spoke via phone with retired Air Force Capt. Nathan Nelson, Rep. Matt Gaetz's former director of military affairs who is scheduled to hold a press conference now-ish on a recent contact he had with the FBI. Here's what he told me:

On Wednesday, a day after the NYT reported on the Justice Dept.'s investigation into Gaetz, Nelson said two agents came to his home in Northern Florida. They told him they had info from the "national media" that he knew of illegal activities involving Gaetz & had quit over it

But by Nelson's account, that was not true. He told me he had no knowledge of Gaetz being involved in illegal activities, & had left the office for other reasons. "He’s always been very, very professional in his public life,” Nelson said of Gaetz.

Nelson said he invited the agents in and they talked for two hours. "I went into detail about the extent of my relationship with Congressman Gaetz, from the time he was a state rep, and when we first met, to my tenure as director of military affairs," he said.

He said the agents did not tell him what "illegal activities" they believed he knew about involving Gaetz. "I was convinced that ... when they left, I felt they were convinced I had no knowledge of any illegal activity," Nelson said.

The agents were from the local FBI field office in northern Florida. Nelson said after the interview, he contacted Gaetz's office to ask if there was anything more he should know, and to tell the office what the FBI had asked him about.

Nelson said he wanted to hold the press conference essentially to pre-empt what he viewed as a false report that he knew about illegal activities involving Gaetz. He told me, though, that no media had contacted him about such a report; he was hearing that 2ndhand from the FBI

At the presser, which just ended, Nelson seemed to draw a parallel between the secondhand allegation about his knowledge & the allegations against Gaetz. "I'm saying the allegations that named me were baseless...that kind of reflects on the allegations against Congressman Gaetz

Nelson also told me he believed other former staffers and interns were being contacted by the FBI, but he could not provide any names. He said he was not upset with the FBI reaching out, but instead, was concerned that media would report something about him.

At the press conference just now, Nelson said he remains "loosely affiliated" with Gaetz's office as a "military advisor," but has not spoken with the congressman in several months. He said he's had no contact with the FBI beyond that which occurred on Wednesday.

Maybe we should all wait until there's one actual accuser before all running like panicked horses every single time the left starts shooting off (blank) pistol shots to get us running in the direction they want.

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If I Told You You Had a Lovely Body, Would You Hold It Against Me That I'm Posting an Open Thread?
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Nearly Fully Open Thread
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BREAKING: Biden’s DHS may restart construction on the U.S.-Mexico border wall to fill any "gaps” in the current barrier, says DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

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— Ace

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Another Open Thread
— Ace

Sorry, I'm calling it a day. I'm beyond frustrated. I can't post anything and the minute I do, it disappears. Or posts, but refuses to allow comments.

I can't keep knocking my head against the wall.

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Noontime Open Thread: Open Thread Edition
— Ace

Sorry, I cannot figure out how this works. My posts are disappearing.

I know it's been a while since the last thread, so here's a fresh one, while I try to figure out if I'm doing something wrong or if the blog just can't save posts.

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition [CBD]
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NY budget will likely hike taxes on state’s top earners to highest in the country

The additional tax revenue would be used to up spending for schools, provide funds for undocumented workers and for small businesses and tenants who are behind on their rent, the Journal reported.
Isn't that sweet! Taking care of the poor wetbacks and other illegals who have sucked this country dry since the 1960s. Hell, they are probably doing better than the equivalent American citizen who actually has to pay taxes and insure his car and pay his parking tickets and health insurance and...

But I have a vanishingly small amount of sympathy for New Yorkers, because they have ignored this issue for years until the progressives became so firmly entrenched everywhere that there was no recourse. Not that the NY Republican  party has been worth a cup of spit for the last generation...they have been too busy lining their pockets and taking advantage of the amazingly corrupt political process in both the city and the state governments.

But now with the perfect storm of Covid and the unintended consequence of untethering people from their workplaces, those high income folks will run for the hills, or at least out of NY and to low tax states, who will be happy to have them.

So good luck NY! More people suckling on the government teat and far fewer rich people to pay the bill.

It sounds like the perfect leftist plan!

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Mid-Morning Art Thread [CBD]
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Sailing ships

Konstantinos Volanakis

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Daily Tech News 6 April 2021
— Pixy Misa

Cross-posted from my own blog, Ambient Irony, mostly to give the team here some examples of embedding videos and Tweets and such.

Top Story

  • Oracle has lost its copyright suit against Google over the latter's use of the Java API. (ZDNet)

    This was a hugely important case; a win here for Oracle would have destroyed the US software industry, which has its problems but doesn't deserve to be wiped out.

    Interesting to note that the 6-2 split had Thomas and Alito dissenting. I'll need to read their opinion because they are not idiots.

    The full decision is here.

    The decision doesn't sound particularly decisive according to commenters at Hacker News.
    The fact that the Supreme Court decided not to overturn the decision of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that APIs are copyrightable means that binding precedent on every court except the Supreme is that they are. And for fair use, one of the statutory factors is the "effect" of the copying on the "market for or value of the copyrighted work."
    That is, they handed the case to Google, but set no precedent for the lower courts. In short, they punted.

    Not unfamiliar behaviour for SCOTUS watchers.


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The Morning Report - 4/6/21 [J.J. Sefton]
— Ace Open Blog

Good morning kids. Tuesday, and in the lead is the continued Orwellian assault on logic and reason, the focus of which is the recently passed voter integrity law in the state of Georgia. I have no love lost for Brian Kemp and his state's Republican lawmakers. In abrogating their legal responsibility and absolute moral authority to prevent Georgia's 2020 national electors from being stolen, they, along with the four or five other cities across the country that used an overflowing sewer in Atlanta as the pretext and camouflage to hijack their states' elections, they have put us figuratively and quite probably literally before too long under the gun. 

Perhaps Kemp's and his party's reasoning for passing these laws, which if you look at the fine print aren't necessarily as tough as they are being made out to be (and that in itself is another reason to be utterly disgusted with anything GOP) was trying to wash away the taint of failure from last November and save their sorry asses from an irate electorate. They had to have known, especially since one of the fattest faces of election fraud there and nationally for well over a year is Stacy "Tank" Abrams, that signing this law would cause a reaction from her and her ilk. In any case the firestorm that it has touched off is off the charts, especially given the absolute stranglehold on elections courtesy of Dao-Min Yen among other things, and the near compete control the Enemy has of all branches of government, the bureaucracy, the media, schools and an alarmingly large swathe of the private sector. 

Well, you take the most flak when you're directly over the target. And in digging his heels in and doubling down on defending the law Brian Kemp is acting merely out of political expediency, then so be it. To paraphrase Milton Friedman, this is a prime example of an absolutely wrong person profiting politically (TBD) by doing the right thing. As I alluded earlier, the Orwellian, insane position that somehow requiring someone to have a valid ID to prove who they are when casting a vote is the moral and legal equivalent of lynching Emmet Till does not and cannot hold water in this or any other universe, despite the volume in both decibels and phlegm being spewed in all directions from the usual suspects. 

Dao-Min Yen, Mail-In Voting and the imminent legalized election-rigging of the "For the People" Act (sound of Sefton retching), how is it that on one day every two years, asking someone to show an ID is racist and disenfranchising? Do blacks and minorities not have driver's licenses, or passports, or other government-issued IDs? How are they supposed to get into most if not all buildings, take out loans, buy cigarettes and booze, certain over the counter and most prescription medicines, gain admittance to bars and nightclubs or even... get on an airplane?  

Since the bill’s inception, Delta joined other major Atlanta corporations to work closely with elected officials from both parties, to try and remove some of the most egregious measures from the bill. We had some success in eliminating the most suppressive tactics that some had proposed. However, I need to make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values. The right to vote is sacred. It is fundamental to our democracy and those rights not only need to be protected, but easily facilitated in a safe and secure manner. After having time to now fully understand all that is in the bill, coupled with discussions with leaders and employees in the Black community, it’s evident that the bill includes provisions that will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives. That is wrong." 

I'd like to think Delta CEO Ed Bastian is merely doing this to avoid having to put out the mostly peaceful flames on the backs of his wife and kids courtesy of the mostly peaceful Armed Militant Wing of the Democrat Party, Black Lives Matter/Antifa. If on the other hand he is below a certain age and a product of the American higher education system that is alarming. Either way, we as a nation - now in name only - are well and truly screwed.

And speaking of Democrats, Atlanta and Nazis, Coca-Cola has also jumped on the woke bandwagon in declaring something completely rational and reasonable to be racist and evil. Too bad as they try to burn the negative and every copy of Gone With the Wind and erase history, they seemed to have missed this little nugget from the Wayback Machine:

Did you know that Nazi Germany was one of Coca-Cola's biggest markets? Have you ever seen an official Coca-Cola advertisement promoting the company's partnership with the Nazis during the 1936 Olympics under a jingoistic tagline -- "One people, one country, one drink, Coke is it" -- that would have made Adolf Hitler proud? No?  

Does Coca-Cola not highlight its financial history with Nazi Germany when crowing about its racial purity tests today?  Or the fact that Germany's inconvenient declaration of war against the United States made it sufficiently difficult for Coca-Cola to maintain its prominent reputation within the Reich that the company's German representatives repurposed the operations of hundreds of bottling plants toward the production of a new drink called Fanta to serve thirsty German soldiers throughout the war? Does the Coca-Cola Company not brag about Fanta's wartime genesis as a Nazi beverage? How strange. 

One would think that a company so dedicated to rooting out "white supremacy" that it forces its white employees into racial re-education training seminars would first want to take a hard look at its own rather awkward historical relationship with actual white supremacists intent on building a world-dominating "master race." That's what "racial justice" requires, right -- the punishment of one generation of Americans for the sins of generations past? So why should Coca-Cola's questionable corporate history be off-limits when it goes out of its way to demonize white Americans for no other reason than the color of their skin?...

...All the racial animosity that nearly destroyed humanity last century is back in "woke" form, and some of the same companies that underestimated the Nazi threat then are underestimating the evil intent of the new racialist agendas that are taking over the corporate world today.  Isn't that, after all, why Critical Race Theory exists — so that pretend intellectuals can repackage discredited race-based theories from the past into academic language that can be used once again to justify outright racism?  If so, 2021 Coke and 1936 Coke still have much in common.  The only thing really differentiating the symbolism of a Nazi swastika and a Black Lives Matter clenched fist, after all, is which racial group is being targeted and which racial group is doing the targeting.

Tyranny -- It's the real thing.



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April 05, 2021

Monday Overnight Open Thread (4/5/21) I Have No Idea What The Hell I'm Doing Edition [Misanthropic Humanitarian]
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http://ai.mee.nu/images/FlagAndBarrels.jpg more...

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