April 09, 2021

Mid-Morning Art Thread
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Antonio Donghi

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The Morning Report - 4/9/21 [J.J. Sefton]
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Good morning kids. Friday and the weekend is here. It's all a joke. A sick fucking joke. A crude, crooked, venal pervert who now has the cognitive ability of a mercury-laden mollusk is emitting the most alarming noises from his flapping bivalve. No, not the fact that he called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms "the AFT" (although considering the anti-Semitic Marxist blood-libel spewed by AFT "kapo" Randi Weingarten, it's kinda-sorta in the ballpark [Coors Field peut-etre]), but that his masters' voice is declaring things that have come closer than this nation has come in 160 years to touching off a hot civil war that will make the thuggery and mayhem that burned out dozens of urban areas last summer look like a joke.

Quoth he: "But I also -- today, we’re taking steps to confront not just the gun crisis, but what is actually a public health crisis.  Nothing -- nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment. They’re phony, arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we’re talking about.”

Later in the remarks, Biden added, "For a fraction of the cost of gun violence, we can save lives, create safe and healthy communities, and build economies that work for all of us, and save billions of American dollars.”

After what our country has been through over the last year with the endless [Chinese] COVID-19 lockdown orders, the words "public health crisis” are very ominous indeed. Tin-pot dictators in governors’ mansions across the county have used those words to impose the most draconian -- not to mention unconstitutional and extra-legislative -- regulations our nation has ever seen...

...I fear it’s only a matter of time before someone gets the idea to regulate gun ownership by declaring a public health emergency. Is that what Biden’s up to with the language above? Time will tell, but don’t be surprised if whoever is running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tries to make an end-run around Congress to push through emergency orders to confiscate guns from those deemed a "health risk,” beginning with anyone who attended the Trump rally on Jan. 6. My firearms were, unfortunately, lost in a tragic boating accident, so I don’t have to worry about it, but you definitely should.

We can and no doubt will debate the myriad factors, cultural, moral and spiritual that some feel might preclude ordinary American citizens from actually being pushed to the point of grabbing that fire hose and giving that parched, desiccated Tree of Liberty a good long drink. And that is exactly what the Enemy within has always banked on. But we can never know the future and history is unpredictable. Just as we could never have imagined the events of 2020 that culminated in Black Wednesday, it would be foolish on anyone's part, us or them, to be so cocksure of what will or will not happen. 

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, the junta just sent two almost inconceivably disastrous signals telling the dark age death cult throwbacks in Tehran, and in Turtle Bay, to commence firing. 

The State Department’s decision to offer sanctions relief before Iran commits to ceasing its nuclear weapons work contradicts earlier promises from senior administration officials, including Blinken, who repeatedly vowed before Congress that he would not unwind sanctions as a precondition for talks with Tehran. That policy has already been reversed in the wake of talks with Iran and European powers this week in Vienna.

The administration’s unilateral actions to unravel sanctions also contradict Blinken’s sworn testimony before Congress in January, in which he promised to restore Congress’s traditional role in sculpting foreign policy. When the Obama administration first inked the 2015 accord, it bypassed Congress due to fears that lawmakers would not sign off on a deal that awarded Iran with billions of dollars in cash and legitimized its nuclear enrichment program. The Biden administration appears to be traveling down a similar path, despite promises otherwise.  

And as the left hand of the Junta is loading up bundles of billions for the Burqawitz Brigade, the far left hand just stabbed the State of Israel in the face: 

Biden State Department wonk Ned Price claimed at a press conference: "It is a historical fact that Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza and the Golan Heights after the 1967 war.” Price thus signaled once again that Biden’s handlers plan to take up the Obama administration’s betrayal of Israel and support for the Palestinian jihad in a big way. But the central claim is wrong: contrary to the propaganda that inundates the world every day, Israel did not occupy "Palestinian Territories” in 1967 or at any other time. 

Price and his colleagues in the Biden State Department don’t know, or don’t want you to know, that the "West Bank” (that is, Judea and Samaria) and Gaza were part of the original post-World War I Mandate for Palestine, set aside for a Jewish national home. Not only that, but between 1949 and 1967, when they were under Jordanian and Egyptian rule, nothing was ever said about how they were occupied "Palestinian” territory; in fact, there was no mention made of the "Palestinians” at all, as they were not invented until the 1960s, as a rhetorical stick to beat Israel with. After the 1967 war, Israel was occupying land to which only Israel, among all the countries of the world, had any legal claim... Palestinian spokesmen have again and again made it clear that the Qur’an and Islam in general, not quarrels over various patches of land or occupation or settlements, are what make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict intractable.

...And here we are. "Palestinians” and their allies told Biden, Price, and the rest that their land was "occupied,” and that all that was involved was a simple land dispute, and they credulously believed. Mission accomplished. The Palestinians’ befuddled American benefactors will start writing checks shortly.  

Kind of a sick irony that on Holocaust Remembrance Day, the United States is openly signaling that the State of Israel must withdraw to what is accurately labeled "the Holocaust border." And in that vein, bipedal chemical spill Malig-Nancy Pelosi opened her filthy sewer on that very subject:  

"Seventy-six years after the Holocaust, shadows of the same dark forces of hate are again emerging in our nation and around the world, with disturbing displays of antisemitism seen on the streets of Charlottesville, on the sacred grounds of houses of worship and even inside the United States Capitol on January 6,”  

100% Fuckin'-A right, lady. It's your party and your political movement that is the source and heirs to the paper-hanging Viennese son of a bitch who touched off the original - one which you and your fellow travelers are itching to recreate right here in the land formerly known as America. Funny how in his own twisted and sick way, Chairman Mao was correct when he stated that "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." The difference is your side looks to use it as a tool of oppression. Our side views it as the ultimate firewall to prevent it. 

Let's ask the "AFT" for a judgement call, m'kay?  Have a nice weekend.



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Daily Tech News 9 April 2021
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April 08, 2021

Martial ONT [Weirddave]
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Thursday night. I guess that means it's my turn to be frustrated by the temporary blog software. I swear y'all, all of us COBs have been trying our damndest to get our IT guy to say "yxiP retsiM", sending him back to the 5th dimension and restoring the blog to normal. So far, no luck.

Today was a beautiful day here, 80-couple degrees, low humidity, bright blue sky with scattered cotton ball clouds and a bright sun. Just the perfect day to put the top down and drive to Palestine, which I did. There I bought two 9.9 Johnson outboard motors for $350. I thought there was only 1, but he threw in the other as a "parts motor". Parts motor hell, it runs fine, all that needs to be fixed is one of the clamps and the steering handle. Hell of a deal, I think. The motor size limit on our lake is 9.9, but it doesn't say anything about how many 9.9 motors you can have. I'm thinking of rigging both of them onto the back of the jon boat (not really). Twin 9.9s, baby, I'll rule the lake! Gonna spend all summer on the lake, just me, my girl and my Johnson.


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Quarantine Cafe: Come On Man Edition
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Toddler hugs retriever on the way out the door:


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— Ace

I accidentally posted some incomplete drafts.

Here's an open thread for now.

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New CPD Figures Prove That Biden Was Lying When His Puppeteers Told Him to Call the Border Crisis a Mere "Seasonal Bump"
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Biden's claim that this tidal wave of desperate people just represented the normal, expected "seasonal bump" is proven to be another of this demented old rapist's endless lies.

Just the normal "seasonal bump:" 

They had to redo the Y-axis just to make the trendlines fit the graph?

Gee, Resident Biden, that doesn't sound too "seasonal bump"-ish to me.

It's even worse for the unaccompanied minors that they are *PAYING DRUG SMUGGLERS TO LITERALLY DUMP OVER A 14 FOOT WALL.*

Border Patrol agents rescued two young Ecuadorian sisters after alleged human smugglers dropped them over a 14-foot-tall border fence in the New Mexico desert, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced in a news release.

Video from a Border Patrol camera, shows the children, aged 3 and 5, being dropped on the US side of the barrier on Tuesday evening, according to the agency.

US officials are scrambling to deal with an influx of migrants into the country and a CBP spokeswoman said thatmore than 300 agents are being deployedalong the border with Mexico. This includes some agents that were moved earlier this year.

The night-vision footage shows a person the CBP describes as a human smuggler climbing atop a section of the border fence and lowering a child down the side of the barrier before dropping her the rest of the way to the ground.
As the first child stood up, the person repeated the process and dropped another child onto the US side of the fence. They appeared to be several feet off the ground when they were dropped.
"Immediately after both children landed on the ground, two smugglers immediately fled the area and abandoned the helpless little girls on the north side of the international boundary line," the CBP said in the statement.

The children are literally seen *bouncing* when they hit the ground.

The rise in unaccompanied minors being dumped over the wall is almost asymptotic:

Well, now even this pathetic cuck is doubting the demented rapist he worked so hard to elect:

Even the "Democracy Dies in Darkness" Washington Post's "fact-checker" Glenn Kessler observes that Biden's claim is "no longer operational" -- but of course the newspaper that spent so much time documenting Trump's "lies" won't call this a lie.

And Glenn Kessler also appears oblivious to the fact that this lie was supported by... the Washington Post itself, which claimed (in an "analysis" they had to later "adjust") that this was all just sort of normal and expected.

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Quick Hits
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Kovid Karen Spazzes Out on Delivery Woman in Elevator
— Ace

This is from January, but it's making the rounds now.

Just prior to this clip being filmed, an emotionally tempestuous young woman demands of the delivery woman who just entered the elevator to get out of the elevator, supposedly to give the young woman enough "social distancing" space to get out of the elevator herself.

That may not make sense to you. There amount of additional space granted by such a thing would be small.

What I think the woman wants is for the delivery woman to get out of the elevator so she can hit the CLOSE DOORS button and ride the elevator alone.

Enjoy the stampy-footed meltdown as Young Karen doesn't get what she wants.

You'll see she also seems to have assaulted the woman.

Thanks to Soothsayer. He linked this clip via Steven Crowder, who observed about Karen's entitled meltdown, "I guess that doesn't work if it's not Daddy."

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The Woman Who Andrew Cuomo Groped Offers New Details About the Sexual Assault
— Ace

The sixth victim -- remember, he's up to nine accusers now -- adds new details to her claim of actual sexual assault.

She alleges that, without warning and without consent, Cuomo reached underneath her shirt to grab her breasts.

She now adds additional detail about the sexual attack.

She was summoned to see Cuomo due to a problem he was very much allegedly having with his mobile phone. I say allegedly because Governor RapeWhistle often created false pretexts to get the women he wanted to harass or molest into his office alone.

And according to her account, not only did he never mention this alleged problem with his mobile phone, he literally said nothing at all to her before he began groping her.

He just got up and started grabbing her breasts.

In a recent interview with the Times Union — her first public statements on the matter — she described what happened when she reached the office on the second floor: The governor came out from behind his desk, and began groping her in a sexually aggressive manner.

"And that wasn’t just a hug," she said. "He went for it and I kind of like was, 'Oh, the door is right there.' ... I was mortified that a woman who works here is going to come in and see. ... I was terrified of that happening, because that’s not who I am and that’s not what I’m here for."

As panic set in, it flashed in her mind that insulting the governor could cost her the career she had been working so hard to build.

"I said to him, I said, 'You’re going to get us in trouble,'" she recalled. "I didn’t know what else to say. … It was pretty much like 'What are you doing?' That’s when he slammed the door (shut). He said, 'I don’t care.'"


He walked toward her a second time.

"I remember exactly what I was wearing," she said. "I remember him slamming (the door) so hard that I remember thinking to myself that I’m sure the staff is, like, 'Is everything OK up there?' He came right back and he pulled me close and all I remember is seeing his hand, his big hand. I remember looking down like, 'Holy sh_.'"

The governor, she said, had reached under her blouse and his hand was grasping one of her breasts over her bra.

"I was just so confused and so taken aback by it. … He never said anything, which was odd," she said. "At this moment, I don’t know what to say — I don’t know what to do. Now my hives are coming out. I’m, like, swearing in my mind. I remember I walked out and he walked back into his office. ... I remember going downstairs and escorting myself out and going to my car and sitting there for a second and going, 'OK, I have to now go back into the Capitol, go back to my desk and do my job and pretend that, like, that didn’t just happen.'


"I didn’t have another choice. I remember (thinking), 'You have to pull yourself together … even if you have to sit here for a couple minutes to do that,'" she continued. "If I told someone, I’m done. And who do you tell?"

I believe her.

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Sources: Stacey Abrams Was the One Who Convinced the MLB to Boycott Her Own State -- And Then She Lied About Having Always Been Against That
— Ace

This grotesque whore of a pig might have told the last lie she'll ever tell with any kind of political power.

Charles Gasparino

@MLB sources say owners were blindsided at least by the timing of
@RobManfred's decision to pull the All-Star game from Atlanta. Also said his decision came after speaking w
@staceyabrams, which is odd since she has now said she's against the boycott. Story developing

Abrams has been claiming she "strongly urged" the league not to boycott -- and planting this cover story with friendly media friends -- and wrote a USA Today article after the league's decision against the boycott.

Beth Bauman pointed out that this very same reporter had just written about Stacey Abrams demanding that corporations no longer "remain silent" on the election laws in Georgia.

And now sources are saying that privately, when she had the MLB's representatives in a quiet room, she told them to boycott the state she's Governor of (in her own fat imagination).

Meanwhile, Jake Tapper is now flapping his dick-cushions claiming that the MLB should have just resisted pressure. The pressure would have gone away, he says.

He seems to forget that the works for CNN, which is an arm of Media Matters and relentlessly pressures corporations to enforce the leftwing demand of the day, printing negative story after negative story until the corporation gives in and cancels whatever CNN's Media Matters Masters demand.

He also forgets that CNN has been acting as Underminister for Propaganda on Stacey Abrams' behalf on the lies that prompted the boycott.

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Another Mass Shooter Excused By the Media For Butchering Five People, In the Name of Restorative Murder
— Ace

A mass shooter who killed five people  will not be a subject of a Great National Debate by the media, because he is of a race the media deems permitted to commit murder without judgment, and the people he killed were white, a race the media considers permissible to kill without comment.

This cannot go on much longer. We cannot live in a society in which the Ruling Class deems it permissible to kill white people, so long as it's not they themselves, of course.

Phillip Adams, a former NFL cornerback who played six seasons in the league with six different teams, was identified as the gunman who killed five people in South Carolina, including a prominent doctor, before turning the gun on himself.

The shooting took place in Rock Hill, South Carolina. A source close to the investigation confirmed Adams’ identity to The Associated Press on Thursday. Officials later confirmed Adams' identity.

Adams’ parents lived near Rock Hill and the football player had been treated by the doctor at one point, the person told The AP.

The Democrat Propaganda Industry aka the lying media only talks about race when they can blame a murder on a group that votes majority-Republican (whites).

In all other cases, they suppress the race of the killer and blame the guns.

They blame guns because they know that the it's their own Democrat constituent groups who commit the most murders, and There Can Be No Enemies to the Left.

Guns don't kill people.

Democrats kill people, enabled by a viciously propagandistic Empire of Lies called the US media.

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition
— Ace Open Blog

"Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day,” it reads. "That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color.”
Now do the NBA or the NFL or MLB.

Racism is colorblind. If "anti-racism" is focused on just one race, then it is by definition not anti-racist but rather a tool used for political ends. The idiocy of a one-way racist society is just too much to tolerate if one has more than a few functioning synapses. How can these fvcking retards reconcile a 95% Black NBA while loudly proclaiming that anything other than a beautiful mosaic of every color and gender under the rainbow in the cockpits of United Airline aircraft is a horrid, racist affront to all that is good in America (and there isn't anything good in their book)?

Moving on to the equally ridiculous drive for "gender" parity, why are there almost no women working as lumberjacks or tree trimmers or garbage men or iron workers or construction workers or fishermen or miners? Maybe it's the death rate in those occupations that make them less appealing! Why the sudden desire for more woman pilots? Could it be that it is an attractive and high profile position? United employs many more baggage handlers and mechanics than they do pilots. How about making those positions 50% female? Oh...that won't do, because there is no way to hide the failure.

Hold your breath and stamp your feet all you want, but chicks can't handle large and heavy things as well as men. And they can't shed blocks and make tackles very well either. There are of course many things at which women excel, and the best determinant of those things is a free market in labor. Distorting it by selecting only from a subset of candidates is a recipe for failure. If the position is soldering widgets onto doohickeys for some consumer product, then quality will plummet. If it is piloting commercial aircraft carrying hundreds of passengers? Something else may plummet.

Biology cannot be denied; men are better at some things; women are better at others. Why is this in question?

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Mid-Morning Art Thread [CBD]
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The Secret Rendezvous
Pierre-Charles Comte

[Hat Tip: OregonMuse]

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The Morning Report - 4/8/21 [J.J. Sefton]
— Ace Open Blog

Good morning kids. Thursday and a couple of things are in the lead as we shamble and stumble our way into the ditch. First, the Junta, via the flapping tardive dyskinesiatic blow hole that is Joe Biden's bile-encrusted frothing maw, has announced the feared and anticipated attempt to completely erase what little is left of the Second Amendment and the ability of the American people - now collectively a population of internal exile political prisoners - to defend themselves from said illegitimate, tyrannical regime. 

In a statement, the [junta] outlined the following "initial actions" in his attack on gun rights: 

 - The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of "ghost guns."

 - The Justice Department, within 60 days, will issue a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.

 - The Justice Department, within 60 days, will publish model "red flag" legislation for states... 

Finally, the [junta] announced they will nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the ATF. Chipman worked at Giffords, which advocates for gun bans. CNN called Chipman a "fierce advocate for gun control." Chipman locked his Twitter account so people cannot see what he has stated publicly, however, a comparison of online archives to his current account appears to show that he has deleted well over 1,000 tweets...  

...The [junta] also again called for Congress to repeal gun manufacturers' immunity from liability, which pro-Second Amendment advocates say is a blatant attempt to bankrupt the gun industry.  

Aside from the figurative hobnailed, jackbooted kick in the groin and follow-on stomping on our face (the literal one is doubtless just around the corner), ordinarily these E.O.s in the mid- to long-term are meaningless. The Second Amendment is politically a third rail and after all the lawsuits start flying much of this would get tossed. Ordinarily. But these are anything but ordinary times. This is not America. Oh the streets may look the same, barring the smoking ruins of dozens of urban areas that have been "mostly peacefully" turned into Dresden '45 and much of Main Street turned into a boarded up ghost town courtesy of lockdown fever, and there are "Democrats" and "Republicans" going through the motions of debate, but it's all a mirage. An apparition. These criminals terrorized the populace with psychological warfare in the form of a nastier than usual virus portrayed as an extinction-level event and actual political terrorism culminating in the rigging of an election and the overthrow of the will of the people. Scores of innocent folks are still to be charged with insurrection for the crime of daring to open their mouths in protest. Millions more are cowered into silence or worse, forced either by threat of their livelihoods and blackballing to knuckle under and parrot a blood libel about themselves and their heritage that, side by side, would be difficult to distinguish if it was written by Ibram X. Kendi or Alfred Rosenberg

From Congress, to the courts to the agencies that are supposed to uphold our laws and protect the citizenry, By Any Means Necessary is not just a Marxist organization: it's the standard operating procedure of our "elected representatives." I mean all of them; the Democrats are there to cement and make permanent their stranglehold on power while the GOP, with very few exceptions, is there to fake outrage and protest, or else, as is the case with frauds like Asa Hutchinson and Kristi Noem, gaslight us into thinking that going along with our national suicide and enslavement is the height of Reaganite conservatism. 

Yet even with all of that, the real ability for their "will to triumph" so to speak may not come from the cops, the FBI, ATF or even the Armed Militant Wing of the Democrat Party BLaM-tifa. It will come from Google, Amazon, Facebook and the real robber barons of the cyber world in league with the C-Suite. "C" standing for "Control." If you're appalled at the actions of Coca Cola and Delta Airlines, do you think that the CEOs of Bank of America, JPM-Chase and Wells Fargo are thinking any differently? It's debatable whether any action that Zhou Bai-Din takes or any anti-constitutional edict passed in the Capitol Hill Robert B. Reichhhhh-stag would survive an ultimate challenge at SCOTUS (although now that place is a sewer thanks to Roberts and Trump's picks turned traitors). But what if a bank suddenly declares Smith & Wesson or Remington to be complicit in slavery, or worse, global warming? What's to stop them from refusing to do business with them, or refusing to do business with any ordinary citizen who owns a gun or is a member of the NRA, which if it doesn't go bankrupt first will be dissolved by Letitia James and friends? If you think vaccine passports are only about vaccines, you must wonder why the two-week period from the end of February to mid March 2020 is now going on 54 weeks and counting. Considering the power and almost infinite reach of Big Brother Tech, add the willingness and even eagerness of those around you to rat you out and make your life hell, if not destroy it, for wrong-think or wrong-speak, any attempt to actually organize a resistance to this can land your ass in Leavenworth for 20-year vacation. If a man who calls himself a woman must under penalty of law be referred to as such, then you too can be an insurrectionist without even trying. 

Oh, and in other news, we're paying off Iran again with pallets of cash in return for allowing them to build nukes. What a country!


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Daily Tech News 8 April 2021
— Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • EEVBlog is back. (EEVBlog)

    Dave's servers are in the same water-affected part of the WebNX datacenter as mine, so this bodes well for my server coming back. I don't have an ETA on my server just yet, but reports from other users show a steady stream of servers returning to life.

    As I mentioned, we have servers with WebNX at my day job, though apparently in another part of the datacenter, because two of them came back on line even before the safety inspection.

    The ones in the wet zone are taking a while, because they have to be individually de-racked, dried, cleaned, and inspected before they are turned back on.  Water isn't too bad for the computery parts of a computer as long as you don't apply power.  If you apply power while it's still wet, things can go south in a hurry.

    Hard drives are more at risk; the smallest droplet of water inside a drive will kill it.  But this system is SSD-only.

    This hasn't been fun, but it's a much better outcome than OVH, which simply burned to the ground.


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April 07, 2021

Overnight Open Thread [04/07/2021] [CBD]
— Ace Open Blog

Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt.
Richard P. Feynman

A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.
Milton Friedman

One of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives.
― Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Asexuals (aces, for short) do not experience sexual attraction to other people in the way that non-ace folks do. Some people confuse this for abstinence or celibacy, or situations when people don't want sex because of some trauma they might have experienced. Though an ace person of course is not immune from negative experiences around sex, that's not at all the same as experiencing no attraction. And you can abstain from sex and still want to have it--so that's not ace either.

Basically, some people are wired to lust after their fellow humans, and aces probably are not.
[Hat Tip: redc1c4]


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Quarantine Cafe: Wombat Reviews Edition
— Ace


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Asa Hutchinson Told Fox News On March 31st That Corporate Interests Were "Worried" about the Image of the State
— Ace

He (haughtily?) denied to Tucker Carlson that any corporate interest pressured him to veto the bill to forbid chemical castration and puberty blockers for minor children.

Tucker Carlson plainly did not believe him. Hutchinson is an acquaintance of Tom Walton of the Walmart fortune, and Tom Walton praised his veto, claiming the bill was "targeting LGBT."

But just a week earlier, Asa Hutchinson had confided to Rachel Campos-Duffy that major corporations were against these bills, supposedly because they might harm the state's "image."

During an appearance with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night, Arkansas Republican governor Asa Hutchinson vociferously denied that he had been in contact with corporate interests in his state about the "Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act” which bans transition surgery, as well as hormones and puberty blockers, for Arkansas minors.

"I answered that question and I said, ‘no, I have not.’ Do you have another question?” Hutchinson told Carlson, who admitted he was "skeptical” of the denial. The interview came one day after Hutchinson vetoed the bill...

But in the fallout from those bills, and in the buildup to the SAFE Act, Hutchinson admitted in a March 31 appearance on Fox News that "some major global corporations here in Arkansas” are "certainly worried about the image of our state.”

Speaking to host Rachel Campos-Duffy onFox News Primetimeabout the "Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” Hutchinson was asked specifically whether "the Chamber of Commerce, for example, or any of the other business outlets and communities in your state, have you had any pushback from them?”


"Well, there’s a combination of bills that come through the legislature, and as a whole, if you -- like our medical-conscience bill, that allows a physician or a medical provider to step away from coverage for religious or ethical reasons, from a particular kind of treatment, that’s gotten some criticism,” Hutchinson admitted to Campos-Duffy. "And we have to recognize, while that is appropriate for conscience reasons, to have that exemption, it is perceived as being against a particular community. It’s not designed for that.”

"We’re the home of some major global corporations here in Arkansas, they’re certainly worried about the image of our state,” he continued. "But we’re trying to send the signal that you can protect conscience, you can protect girls in sports, without being discriminatory, and trying to say ‘we’re not diverse and tolerant of different lifestyles.’ That’s important for us, as a state, and what we have to achieve as a nation.”

While it remains unclear whether the Walton family personally lobbied Hutchinson on the bill -- neither Hutchinson’s office nor the WFF returned requests for comment -- the two have ties. Per FEC records, the Waltons are longtime financial supporters of Hutchinson’s political career, as is Walmart. Sam Walton’s brother, Steuart Walton, is a current board member at Walmart and was tapped by Hutchinson last April to chair the state’s "Economic Recovery Task Force.”

How did Hutchinson know there was corporate worry about the image of Arkansas about these bills if no one from any corporate interests contacted him about them?

The idea that Tom Walton has such passionate  
feelings about the sexual autonomy of children, and yet wouldn't call up his family's pet governor to make these Frenchian passions known, is too absurd to credit as possible.

He's lying. He told corporate interests that he would triangulate on these bills by signing two of them but vetoing the third.

They're all fucking liars and it's time to turn them out into the streets.

The only thing these people seem to fear is Cancellation -- it's time to make them afraid of us as well as the left.

Asa Hutchinson is cancelled. So is Walmart.

And boycott whatever corporation hires this corrupt toad to "work" for it.

And it's about time we insisted that We the People make the decisions in this country, not the fucking corporations.

It's still our country, isn't it? In name, at least?

We either start acting like it's our country and that we intend to keep it -- or intend to take it back -- or we can expect little Blessings of Liberty (TM) for each of us, and each of our children and grandchildren, most importantly.

It is time to say to the Ruling Class: You will be made to be afraid of us again.


73Hutchison issued a state wide mask mandate within hours of Walmart announcing the store mandate. No hesitation. He may have called to see if Tyson Foods was on board.

Posted by:bill in Arkansas not gonna comply with nuttin

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— Ace

The last post worked, so I guess I'll try to post another one like that.

In the below excerpt, the guy says that the American elite started trade with China selling as something that would get China to "open up" and change its repressive government.

Instead, American elites found themselves admiring the "efficiency" of the Chinese tyranny.

That explains why we're where we are.

China must be made pariah. It's the only way to keep our repulsive,  traitorous "elites" from imposing tyranny on us.

They can't be trusted to have intercourse with China just as the "elites" of the 30s, 40s, and 50s couldn't be trusted to have intercourse with the Soviet Utopia.

Go figure that our "elites" went abroad and, like Kim Philby before them, found themselves with the treacherous desire to sell out their home country to their fabulous foreign frenz.

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