April 16, 2021

Quarantine Cafe: If Adventure Has a Name, It Must Be "Adventure" Edition
— Ace

You have a fever of 99 cents:

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— Ace

I don't know why I think that might be helpful for the horde. I just do.

No GAINZZZ on my end. (Disappointed!) How about you? You gots any GAINZZZ?

I'm scheduled to get my second dose of Pfizer, which apparently will now require a subscription, like Netflix.

So that means...

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Quick Hits: Leftist Propaganda Media Declares Genghis Khan a Hero and "Eco-Warrior"
— Ace

Because, by killing so many thousands of people, he reduced sinful mankin's carbon emissions.


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Where's Joe? White House Agenda States that Biden Was to Welcome Japan's PM, But Groper Joe Is Apparently Sick
— Ace

Putting a lid on America.

I've said this before, but to repeat: this is a violation of the most basic protocols of state-to-state summits. These are supposed to be meetings of equals: President meets PM (or President).

The head of state meets heads of state. Underlings meet underlings. Secretaries of State meet the counterparts, or the head ambassador to their country.


If Harris is to welcome anyone, it should be a deputy PM or something. Not the head of state.
But apparently Gropey Joe's Brain Pills aren't working again, and he's now sundowning around noon-ish.

And the press will of course cover it up.

I don't think this is a slight.

I think it's because Biden is simply not mentally nor physically able to work more than 6 to 8 hours *per week.*

So, this fresh disaster.

According to hisofficial schedule,Biden was to host Yoshihide Suga for an "official working visit” at 1:30.

At 2:10, Biden was scheduled to host the prime minister "for an expanded bilateral meeting.”

According to CBS News,the two are likely to discuss climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and North Korea.

Biden and Suga are scheduled to hold a press conference in the White House Rose Garden at 4:15 ET.


Harris began her comments at the meet and greet by addressing Thursday night’s mass shootingat a FedEx facility in Indianapolis that resulted in eight deaths.

But he's a no-show.

No explanation for his cancelling on the Japanese Prime Minister.

Oh well, no big deal. It's not as if Japan is an important country and ally or anything.


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Part 3 of Project Veritas' CNN Expose
— Ace

In this part, CNN Technical Director admits that CNN pushes stories with white killers and suppresses stories about black killers.


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Hunter Biden Got a $2 Million Advance for His Little-Anticipated Autobiography "The Crackhead Diaries." It Sold 11,000 Copies.
— Ace

It sold seventy-three copies on Amazon.

Seventy. Three.

This is money laundering. This is simply the media class making undisclosed campaign donations and payoffs to the leftwing politicians they favor, and who they may have to tap for favors in return.

As is everything else in the life of this grafting crackhead.

Hunter Biden’s new memoir sold less than 11,000 copies in its first week despite heavy promotion from CNN,CBS News and ABC’s "Jimmy KimmelLive!"

"Beautiful Things: A Memoir" sold 10,638 copies last week, according to Publishers Weekly. The book finished behind 11 other hardcover nonfiction books. Amanda Gorman’s "The Hill We Climb: An Inaugural Poem for the Country," sold 42,318 copies to finish atop the list.

Fox News host Shannon Bream’s new book, "The Women of the Bible Speak: The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today," sold 32,686 copies during the same timeframe to finish second.

Note that Joe Biden claimed his family would not "cash in" if he won the presidency.

Well, he didn't win the presidency, so I guess YOLO.

This system of tolerated media bribery must end. I've mentioned before that anyone serving in public office and anyone working in the government at a high level must be covered by a law stating that it is forbidden to accept an advance for any book or project -- all monies must be based on royalties of books actually sold, or revenues actually generated.

I don't know how that would cover the crackhead loser and accused pedophile Hunter Biden, as he got drummed out of the Navy long ago.

But we can at least create a law stating that payments made to family members in excess of actual royalties will be treated as a campaign contribution to the politician they're family members of -- and that there will be penalties for exceeding the legal limit for donations.

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More Fallout from Deep State's "Russian Bounties" Information Op Against the American Populace [Ace]
— Ace Open Blog

Supercut of the leftist propaganda organs all pushing the "Russian Bounties" hoax: more...

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The Heritage Foundation’s Incoherent Excuse-Making For Biden’s Rising Gasoline Prices [Buck Throckmorton]
— Ace Open Blog

The Heritage Foundation is one of those faux-conservative institutions that suckered a lot of us for too many years, cashing our checks while writing about conservative goals and ideals.  When Donald Trump came along and started trying to actually <i>implement</i> conservative policies rather than just talk about them, The Heritage Foundation swung left, finding common cause with enemies of conservatism, including our tech overlords.


As Tucker Carlson noted about Heritage:

"They make deals with people who hate you. They secretly sell out your interests, then they beg you to tithe like it's the medieval church. Like you owe them your money. That's the system that we've had for decades. Maybe that's why no matter how much money you send, nothing gets more conservative. Just the opposite. You wonder just how long this system can continue."


Recenty, Heritage’s Nicolas Loris  had a syndicated column, "What’s Behind Rising Gas Prices?” (safe link – not to Heritage’s web site) in which he tried to make the argument that rising gas prices have nothing to do with Biden. Nothing at all. But here are some of the things Heritage does blame for gas prices rising so sharply since Biden became President just a few months ago:


·        OPEC production levels in 2020 (while ignoring 2021.)

·        A law passed in 1920.

·        A law passed in 2005.

·        Weather

·        A change of seasons.

·        Gas taxes - which are unchanged since Biden took office.


In trying to shield Biden from blame, here is what Heritage didn’t mention:


·        President Biden shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, which was scheduled to carry 800,000 barrels of oil per day to Texas refineries.

·        President Biden’s executive order suspending all drilling and fracking on government lands.

·        President Biden’s moratorium on new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

·        President Biden committing the US to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which merely seeks to destroy the oil and gas industry in the United States.


Here are a few highlights of Heritage’s embarrassing effort to protect Biden.


In an effort to boost prices when they began falling sharply a year ago, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and Russia agreed to continue curtailing production. Now, however, demand is picking back up.


Heritage advises us that OPEC cut production a year ago. But prices only started rising a couple months ago. What’s going on with OPEC now? Oh."OPEC’s Production Rises In March As Iran Boosts Output  Oh well.  That would explain why Heritage is dishonestly talking about year-old OPEC production cuts rather than current OPEC production levels now that their man Biden is in the White House.


Refining is the second-largest cost, making up a quarter of the retail price for gasoline. The recent severe cold snap in the Gulf Coast not only reduced domestic crude production by 10%, it also knocked 20% of the entire country’s refining capacity offline.


So, with the freeze in the rear-view mirror and production rapidly coming back on line, prices should head back down, right? Funny, but that part was somehow omitted.  Because Heritage knows darn well that gas prices are only going up under Biden’s anti-petroleum policies.


Federal and state taxes, on average, add another 30 cents per gallon and make up 22% of the retail price.

Wait. Is he saying that new gas taxes have suddenly appeared in the cost per gallon? No. Heritage is now just adding distractions. Those same taxes per gallon were in the price of gas before Biden took office and have nothing to do with the rapid increase in gas prices since Biden’s inauguration.

Americans pay higher "hidden costs” today from bad public policy decisions made decades or even more than a century ago. For instance, the Jones Act, passed in 1920, mandates that any goods shipped by water between two points in America must be transported on a U.S.-built, U.S.-flagged vessel with a crew that is at least 75% American.

Does the Jones Act have a provision that kicked in 101 years after being passed, affecting gas prices in 2021 in a manner that didn’t affect gas prices in 2020? Of course not, Heritage has completely abandoned trying to explain why gas prices have shot up under Biden, and is now simply trying to distract the reader by pointing out that there are other costs in a gallon of gas besides the petroleum.   

There are still more of these:

Another hidden cost is the Renewable Fuel Standard, passed in 2005 and expanded in 2007. The policy mandates that billions of gallons of ethanol (primarily corn-based) be blended into gasoline each year.

Again, Heritage is creating a distraction.  Do the Renewable Fuel Standards of 2005 and 2007 affect gasoline prices in 2021?  Sure. But no more so than they affected gas prices in 2020, or 2019, or 2018, etc.  The Renewable Fuel Standard Act has nothing to do with the spike in gasoline prices under Joe Biden.

In trying to protect President Biden from the destructive consequences of his anti-petroleum policies, The Heritage Foundation has published an illogical and incoherent piece. But it is a helpful reminder that Heritage is now our adversary in the battle for freedom against the governing class. Heritage, along with Democrats and anti-American globalists, wants to make you suffer with higher gas prices, reducing both your standard of living and your freedom. 

(buck.throckmorton at protonmail dot com)   

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The Morning Rant 04-16-2021 [OregonMuse]
— Ace Open Blog

The Democrats' latest proposal for expanding the number of Supreme Court justices is a good example of how we can never have an honest discussion of the issues.

First, they're calling it "court reform". Back when FDR proposed a similar expansion, it was called "court packing." As such, it has always carried a negative connotation, which no doubt the Democrats' spinners realized might work against them, so they decided to replace the negative term with one with a positive connotation. Hence "court reform."

Note that when Donald Trump was fulfilling his constitutional duty by appointing judges to fill existing court vacancies, the Democrats called this "court packing". Which totally turns the original meaning of the term upside down. Of course, redefining and repurposing commonly accepted terms into something completely different is a well-used instrument in the progressives' toolkit.

Anyway, by introducing the term "court reform", the implication is that the court is somehow broken or defective or inadequate for its appointed tasks, and so therefore it must be fixed. But the Democrats, to my knowledge, have never specifically stated what, exactly, is wrong with the Supreme Court that must be remedied. Other than complaints that it isn't "balanced", which, actually, isn't a constitutional requirement.

Also, if SCOTUS really did have a problem, you would think it would be apparent to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, not just Democrats.

Why is there a problem that apparently only Democrats can see? Because the problem they're having is that there are more SCOTUS justices appointed by Republican presidents than Democrat presidents. In other words, they're not getting the outcomes they want. SCOTUS has not yet been wholly transformed into another appendage of the progressive hive.

Only they don't want to admit this part out loud because then they'll be revealed as the partisan hacks they are.

And this is how dishonest the Democrat proposal is: it basically amounts to them saying: "we want more judges on SCOTUS, and we want them right away so our guy can make the appointments to insure things go our way."

I think it's obvious to everyone that there is not even a pretense of neutrality in the Democrats' proposal. This is just a straight-up grab for power. I cannot imagine even the most quisling Republicans, not even Romney, or Murkowski, or Ryan, actually "reaching across the aisle" to vote with the Dems. Not for something like this. I cannot imagine the proposal being passed by anything other than a straight party-line vote. 

Again, the Democrats should explain what the problem is that adding more SCOTUS judges will solve. But I haven't heard one explanation that doesn't boil down to "we want to appoint more judges who will decide things our way."

Another thing they could do to reassure the rest of us that this isn't just a partisan attempt at seizing control of SCOTUS is to include a provision that new judges won't get appointed to the expanded court until after the next election. This will give the people a chance to weigh in on the issue directly. The Democrats can push their proposal and Republicans should have legislation ready to annul the expansion should they win and the people can decide.

That's fair, isn't it? Why would that not be fair?

Of course, the Democrats would risk having it blow up in their faces if they went along with it, so they won't, but it would be fun if a Republican would propose this as an amendment and listen to the Democrats cry and squeal as they voted it down. And, if the Democrats succeed in their court packing, the institutional corruption would be ratcheted up another notch or two, and more people will conclude that we're not going to be able to vote our way out of this.

And perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Looks Like He's Been Packing A Few Cheeseburgers:


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Mid-Morning Art Thread [CBD]
— Ace Open Blog


Portrait Of The Artist A. Malman
Ilya Mashkov

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