May 13, 2021

Quick Hits: Biden's Dying Brain Is Nearly Dead Edition


I believe he's trying to say here -- of course reading a line someone else wrote for him, and which he has never seen before this press conference -- something about needing to be either "vaxxed or masked."

It's quite an adventure.

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Parent Blasts Critical Race Theory as Tool of Nazis and the KKK at Loundoun, VA School Board Meeting


Straight fire. It makes it 5% more effective that she's black, but it was already effective without that.

"LOOK AT ME," she demands, as a member of the Marxist school board looks away. Probably to check The Bulwark's twitter feed.

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Biden, Who Ran Largely on Claims That Trump Was a Puppet of Putin Due to Not Opposing Russia Stridently Enough, Refuses to Comment on Whether He Told Pipeline Company to Pay Off Russian Hackers


These hackers are possibly under the direct control of Putin, and, at the very least, are tolerated by Putin only so long as they attack targets Putin approves of.

This was essentially a Russian state-sponsored hacking/ransom attack.

Russian criminals, acting under orders of the Russian government or with that tacit permission of the Russian government -- and probably trained by Russia, too! -- shut down a major artery of fuel and demanded a five million dollar ransom.

Biden refused to say earlier if they should or should not pay the ransom, describing this Russian state sponsored or tolerated attack as a "private matter" between Colonial Pipeline and the state-empowered hackers of Russia.

Colonial Pipeline paid the ransom in Bitcoin.

And Biden now refuses to comment on whether he told Colonial Pipeline to just pay Putin's pawns, which means, of course, he did just that.

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Nasty Toadlike Griftess Liz Cheney Says She Might Run for President Donation Money in 2024


True Conservative in the house, yo!

When pressed by host Savannah Guthrie on whether she would run for president, Cheney said, "I'm gonna do everything that I can. Both to make sure that that never happens, but also to make sure that the Republican Party gets back to substance and policy."

"Right now, I am very focused on making sure that our party becomes again a party that stands for truth and stands for fundamental principles that are conservative and mostly stands for the Constitution," Cheney added when further pressed. "And I won't let a former president or anybody else unravel the democracy. Whatever it takes."

Gee I wonder if she's burning up the phone lines chatting with Bill Kristol and the Lincoln Project and their Democrat donors.

I don't wonder that. I know she is.

Bonchie on The Endless Fake Conservative Grift Machine:

Cheney is in trouble, and she knows it. Thus, she's left grifting off anti-Republican partisans who are rushing to her aide when they would have called her a war criminal two years ago. Cheney isn't dumb. She knows she's got no shot as a presidential candidate, much less in a Republican primary. Heck, she's probably not even going to win re-election in Wyoming unless she shuts up and takes the spotlight off herself, something she seems loathe to do.

What Cheney does know is that by becoming a martyr, there's money and air time to be gained. Why else run to NBC News, a network that quite literally exists at this point to destroy the Republican Party? Why use The Washington Post to leak damaging information about her own caucus? Cheney knows what she's doing, and she's trying to set herself up for prominence once the electorate gets its say about her actions.

In other words, Cheney has shifted on a dime from a conservative, party leader to mimicking Adam Kinzinger, and I think that's clearly a function of her circumstance. Martyrdom brings back-slaps from the Washington cock-tail crowd and even perhaps a way for her to keep her Congressional seat if she can position herself as Lisa Murkowski did after she lost her primary.

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Ron DeathSantis: I'll Sign a Blanket Clemency For Anyone Being Charged with Mask-Crimes by Local Karen Governments


Quick point, first of all: I'm going to join the leftist lunatics in calling him "DeathSantis" because I like to think of him as murdering them and killing their dreams.

Second point: Some might analogize the state government-local government relationship to the federal government-state government relationship, and think that there is some kind of "federalism" problem here, with the state overriding local government.

There's not. The Constitution creates a federal scheme in which the federal government has some powers, and the rest belong to the states.

There is no such competition of sovereigns between state government and local government. All powers that a state has are entrusted to the state government. The only reason local governments have power is because the state government has voluntarily devolved some of it power to them.

And it could take that away if it wanted.

DeathSantis says he will use his own power to simply grant pardons to anyone being hassled over mask mandates and other lockdown violations, because fuck those Karens.

Florida business owners Mike and Jillian Carnevale joined "The Ingraham Angle" Wednesday after being arrested multiple times for not enforcing a mask mandate. Gov. Ron DeSantis also joined the show to grant the couple clemency.

RON DESANTIS: It's a total overreach, Laura. This is exactly what we ordered against last summer many, many months ago, and so I was actually just recently briefed on this case, and we looked at it and so I'm glad you have Mike and Jillian on, and I'm also glad to be on to be able to say that effective tomorrow morning, I'm going to sign a reprieve under my constitutional authority. So that will delay the case for 60 days against both of them, and then when our clemency board meets in the coming weeks, we'll issue pardons not only for Mike and Jillian, but for any Floridian that may have outstanding infractions for things like masks and social distancing.


The fact is it's not even right to be wearing masks when you're exercising. The World Health Organization advises against it. It's not healthy for people to be doing that in the first place, so it was a bad restriction, but these things with health should be advisory, they should not be punitive, and so we are happy to use our constitutional authority. I think they've been treated poorly and fortunately, they got a governor that cares.

This is the man.

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Fauci Committed Perjury In His Congressional Testimony. Here Are the Citations.


Lock. Him. Up.

Good roadmap by Scott Hounsell for the eventual charging documents a Republican AG will put together for Fauci's prosecution.

He analyzes several of Fauci's lies. Here's the rundown on just one:

Claim: Dr. Baric does not do gain-of-function research, but if he does, it's in North Carolina, not in China.

Note that Fauci denied that adding the function of capacity to infect humans was not "gain-of-function" research, which is almost certainly a lie based on technical definitions and common sense.

Though he might have added, with his own hand, some special exemption claiming that giving a virus the capacity to infect humans was not gain-of-function, to avoid a government moratorium on this research.

Remember, he himself authorized the "exemption loophole" that allowed taxpayer money to fund the Wuhan lab from 2014 to 2019, after Obama banned the use of taxpayer money to fund this kind of research generally. Fauci authorized a "national security" exemption to keep the money flowing to Wuhan.

Who knows what else he might have claimed in that exemption-- perhaps, redefining what "gain-of-function" is.

It's indisputable that Dr. Baric does gain-of-function research, and that the NIH has paid him to perform such research. In 2004 Dr. Baric began work on a five-year NIH grant researching SARS reverse genetics. The research specifically states that "the goal of this application is to establish genetic control over the SARS genome and provide uniform reagents that will be used by other groups throughout the country." While not specifically gain-of-function, it certainly discusses genetic control of a viral pathogen.

In 2013 NIH awarded Dr. Baric a $10 million grant to study "the pathogenic activity of viruses including severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), Ebola, highly pathogenic influenza and herpesvirus HHV8." Dr. Baric put that money to work and in 2015, it was announced that his research had led to the development of "SARS 2.0."

Since Dr. Baric is affiliated with UNC-Chapel Hill, yes, his research is done in North Carolina. However, as Sen. Paul asserted, Baric has partnered with Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (yes, that's in China) to conduct NIH-funded gain-of-function research on SARS and MERS viruses.

In June 2015 Baric and Shi published results of NIH-funded research into the mutations necessary for the bat-to-human transmission of MERS coronavirus. They found that when viral protein spikes mutated, humans could become infected with MERS-CoV. In other words, this is the exact research that would be necessary for a lab to synthesize a virus that would infect humans.

A few months later, in November 2015, the duo published the results of separate NIH-funded research which led to the discovery of a new SARS coronavirus, a chimera, they used gain-of-function techniques to create. That research was allowed to go forward even though the US government had issued a moratorium on gain-of-function research on the viruses that cause influenza, SARS, and MERS in October 2014. According to a VICE article on the research (emphasis added):

"The strain grew equally well to SARS in human cells," Dr. Ralph Baric, a professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and the lead author of the study, told Motherboard. "It resisted all vaccines and immunotherapy, too."

According to Baric, the risk of "gain-of-function" research is worth it. The findings could provide a way to create vaccines and immunotherapy treatments before the next epidemic strikes. Because we have identified both SARS and SHC014-CoV, it's now possible to develop vaccines that could target those viruses and the viruses that share commonalities between them. In other words, the new findings may help develop vaccines for many more strains of infectious diseases even though we haven't identified them yet.

It seems that everyone in the industry calls this type of research "gain-of-function," except Fauci, who specifically denies it's gain-of-function when giving Congressional testimony.

But Fauci lies a lot. Remember when masks provided no benefit to people? Remember he then admitted he lied about that so that grubby civilians wouldn't buy up masks?

It's startling that with the amount of easily obtainable evidence to the contrary, Dr. Fauci sat there with a straight face and claimed that Baric doesn't do gain-of-function research, or that if he did it's not done in China. Furthermore, to accept Fauci's statements would be accepting that Baric, who is indisputably conducting NIH-funded gain-of-function research, did not share any of that research with or fund any research of, Zhengli or the WIV, despite the fact that we know they conducted a great deal of this research together. At the very minimum, NIH Funded research was shared with and enhanced the abilities of Zhengli and the WIV.

Another lie, of course, is Fauch's very Clintonesque "It depends on what the definition of 'is' is" lie, when he answered a question about whether he had ever funded the Wuhan lab to say he's not currently funding this lab.

Of course he was funding it, via an exemption loophole he wrote himself -- until Trump ordered that stopped in April 2020.

Incredible. Incredible.

On the plus side, this perjurious criminal scumbag has now decreed that you may take off your mask outside if you're vaccinated.

So there's that.

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



The Wuhan Flu hysteria gave those who seek power over us a golden opportunity to exercise it, consolidate, grow it...but to what end?

As usual, George Orwell had the answer:

The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.
Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.
It is abundantly clear that those who seek to control every part of our world have no altruistic motives; no vision of a better world; no template for the perfectibility of man. They get what they want -- power over us -- and that is the goal.

But what have we lost? What is the opportunity cost of shutting down an economy; killing many thousands of the vulnerable aged; isolating our children from their friends; wearing masks everywhere in public, and a thousand other degradations of our lives?

The insult to our freedom and liberty is self evident, but there are other losses. We will have a generation of children who have lost more than a year of their intellectual and social development. Just imagine a toddler and his boundless curiosity...absorbing everything available...but not being able to play with his friends at recess and being unable to watch people as they speak, and having an imaginary wall placed between him and human contact. That will retard his ability to communicate, and color his interactions with the world. Is it temporary? Who knows?

And that same toddler and his older siblings missed out on the simple but wonderful pleasures of sitting next to their grandparents and sharing a bit of candy and silly faces and napping on the couch.

But what about those kids' parents? Perhaps a year of income lost, never to be regained. That means a decrease in their standard of living, and economic opportunities that can never be recovered. Extrapolate that a bit and you will discover inventions that were never tested by the market, businesses that were never begun, and businesses that failed that could have been wildly successful.

That means cars never purchased and houses never built and families never started and charities never funded and friends never made and the loss of all those interactions that are the backbone of economies and societies.

But the real answer is that we will never know what has been lost; all we know is that we have lost more than a year of our lives; sacrificed on the altar of power.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Spitzweg poet.jpg

The Poor Poet
Carl Spitzweg

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The Morning Report - 5/13/21 [J.J. Sefton]

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Thursday and while Israel is committing the heinous crime against humanity of defending itself from missile attacks from Gaza and an Arab pogrom from within, here's a blast from the past, pun intended. Specifically last August:

At least 73 people are reported dead and thousands more are injured following a massive explosion Tuesday that rocked Beirut's port.

The blasts sent a mushroom cloud high into the sky above the Lebanese capital, leveling much of the city's port area, damaging some buildings and blowing out windows in others, officials said.

Preliminary assessments suggest the explosion was a tragic accident -- but authorities have not ruled out the possibility that it was a planned attack, according to Fox News.

The explosions come just days before a United Nations verdict is due on four alleged Hezbollah members accused of killing former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri in 2005, Fox News reported.

The blasts also took place in the port area, which is controlled by the Shia Islamic movement, the outlet said.

When the dust had settled...

The explosion that devastated large parts of Beirut and killed more than 190 people was one of the largest non-nuclear blasts in history -- about 1/20th the size of the atomic bomb that leveled Hiroshima in World Word II, according to a report.

Experts at the UK's Sheffield University found that the size of the blast at the port -- which unleashed a huge shockwave throughout the Lebanese capital -- was the equivalent of between 500 and 1,100 tons of TNT, the BBC reported.

"Beirut's certainly the most powerful non-nuclear explosion of the 21st century," said Sam Rigby of Sheffield's Blast and Impact Engineering Research Group...

No doubt the subhuman savages of Hezbollah would have not taken kindly had the UN officially implicated them in Hariri's death. But an explosion of this magnitude could not have been related to that. Lebanon, which is essentially Gaza with marginally better PR, is for all intents and purposes the front line border between Iran and Israel, with the former using those puppet states as fire bases from which to attack the latter. It is more than likely that the rockets now raining down on Israel were either manufactured in Iran or, given Israel's successful efforts at interdicting arms shipments via the sea, manufactured in Gaza or Lebanon. I think Lebanon has or had factories that would have used the materials that leveled Beirut's harbor last August to build rockets that would have rained down on Israel from the north.

By the way, a Hamas leader himself stated unequivocally he bought the weapons from Iran with Iranian money. And Iranian money ultimately means American money... from pallets of cash. Thanks, Obama!!!

Not that Israel is so big that a barrage from Gaza cannot reach virtually everywhere. But double the missiles from two directions might very well have overwhelmed Israel's so far successful Iron Dome missile defenses with catastrophic results. Hamas is acting at the behest of Iran. This is an attack by Iran on Israel. They are testing them and really the Biden junta to see what its response will be. Finally after a two-day lid, Biden was given his monkey glands and crystal meth cocktail to call for "restraint on both sides," i.e. blame the damned Jooz for not agreeing to shut up and get in the gas chamber.

On that note, while I was frankly shocked, and pleasantly so, by NYC mayoral candidate Andrew "Out the Ying" Yang's unequivocal support for Israel, I'm even more surprised at his surprise by the reaction from his own party:

New York City mayoral candidate and former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang backtracked Wednesday after he tweeted earlier in the week to support Israel as it continues to be bombarded by rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists... .

..But "progressive" Democrats attacked Yang, calling him. "white supremacist" and urging New Yorkers to oppose him. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) even encouraged Muslims not to host him at communal religious celebrations.

On Wednesday, in the face of criticism from anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian activists in his own party, Yang backed down... ..."Support of a people does not make one blind to the pain and suffering of others," Yang wrote. "Again, most everyone simply wants to be able to live and pray in peace."

Well, that was quick. I've seen more backbone from an overcooked lo mein noodle. Seriously, can Andrew Yang or any Democrat for that matter be so completely clueless as to not know that their party long ago ditched Bobby Kennedy in favor of Sirhan-Sirhan?! Yang is not even old enough to remember a time when the Democrat Party was ostensibly pro-Israel in order to maintain its Jewish voting bloc. In fact, hatred of Israel and by extension observant Jews in general is stock in trade of much of the braindead younger generation and sadly far too many elders that ought to know better and abandoned their faith for the church of Marxist-Leninism. Clueless and spineless is no way to go through life, Andrew. But it does help in trying to climb the ranks of the Democrats. So, Yang goes "Kohm."

World's going to hell and I do Trek references. Look if you don't laugh, you cry, right? Anyway, even as nuclear war could break out in the Middle East and the Kalorama Caliphs pulling President Joe Aqualung's strings are hell bent on destroying our economy, there are little rays of hope out there. Such as the parent in Loudon County who just went off on the school board for Critical Master-Race Theory and the growing rejection of the lockdown garbage in Tennessee (as cited) and elsewhere. The open letter from retired military brass while pitch perfect is way too little and way too late. Nice to dream that they have several divisions behind them, but considering what's been done to the DoD, I'm not going to count on that.


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Daily Tech News 13 May 2021

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

Anime of the day is Gunsmith Cats from 1995. We only ever got three episodes of this, which is a crying shame because those three episodes were really good, and there's a ton of source material - the original manga ran to about 1500 pages.

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Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (5/12/21)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

5 12 21 0nt (2).jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"Between this Emergency Connectivity Fund Program and the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, we are investing more than $10 billion in American students and households," Jessica Rosenworcel, acting chairwoman of the FCC

Quote II

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't. Erica Jong

Quote III

“We remain an independent organization that can chart its own course, even as we remain in New York to confront our adversaries. The NRA will keep fighting, as we’ve done for over 150 years.” NRA President Wayne LaPierre

Quote IV

More and more, it looks like this doddering fool will probably get us into a war and then never get out of his official presidential seal pajamas to see how it’s going. Stephen Kruiser

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Quarantine Cafe: Cat Music Critic Edition



Abused pit bull hates men, but learns to love his new dad.

Kittens think this other kitten, who just happens to be slightly larger than they are, is their mommy.

Rescue pit bull helps autistic boy start opening up and talking.

Hold me back, hold me back!

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Unexpectedly, Inflation Soars


You mean dropping in trillions upon trillions of phantom dollars into the economy while paying people to not produce services and goods will cause prices to rise?

Inflation is soaring in the United States and at a higher rate than analysts predicted. In April 2021, the consumer price index saw a 4.3 percent jump, the fastest increase since 2008.

"Inflation accelerated at its fastest pace in more than 12 years for April as the U.S. economic recovery kicked into gear and energy prices jumped higher, the Labor Department reported Wednesday. The Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods as well as energy and housing costs, rose 4.2% from a year ago, compared to the Dow Jones estimate for a 3.6% increase. The monthly gain was 0.8%, against the expected 0.2%," CNBC reports. "Excluding volatile food and energy prices, the core CPI increased 3% from the same period in 2020 and 0.9% on a monthly basis. The respective estimates were 2.3% and 0.3%."

I saw a joke headline somewhere that read, "Biden to Spend Two Trillion Dollars to Discover What Causes Inflation."

It's funny. It's funny and it's true.

Look at this gorgeously Weimarian, Venezualianish spike in prices:

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Quick Hits: Steven Colbert Rises to Oliver-Willis-Levels of Comedic Brilliance Edition


De-center cisgenderism!


Caitlyn Jenner, ne' Bruce, admits that he did vote in the 2020 election, after initially dodging the question of whether he voted for Trump -- apparently dishonestly -- by claiming he didn't vote at all and golfed instead. He now says he voted in purely local races.

That doesn't square with the "I golfed instead of voting" cover story.

Wokies have the Twitter Sadz that Tim Tebow did well at his tryout and is back in the league, but the lazy gutless quitter Colin Kaepernick tanked his own tryout (possibly deliberately) and is not in the league.

Leaked: a 97 item "White Privilege" checklist distributed by the YWCA and co-sponsored by Disney.

LOL: Meggie Mac thinks her "job" of appearing on tv and babbling ignorantly is super-hrrrd, you guys.

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Nearly Half of All Women are Failing the Army's Physical Fitness Test


While men pass it easily.

Someone should clue these women in that sex is just a construct and personal choice and that they can bang out 100 push-ups, easy, if they just decide that they're men.

More than seven months after the official launch of the Army Combat Fitness Test, or ACFT, nearly half of female soldiers are still falling short, with enlisted women struggling the most, has learned. The data again raises questions about whether the Army's attempt to create a fitter force is creating more barriers to success for women.

Internal Army figures from April show 44% of women failed the ACFT, compared to 7% of men since Oct. 1. "Female soldiers continue to lag male soldier scores in all events," according to a United States Army Forces Command briefing obtained by

In the below ad to recruit more women into the Army, the Army makes it a primary selling point that the Army welcomes lesbians into its ranks.

Psst, Army: I think the word's already out on that one. I don't think you have to spend money to let lesbians know that.

Maybe you should also make ads letting lesbians know that the WNBA welcomes them, too!

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The Supposedly-Independent Media Allows the Biden White House to Edit the Quotes They Give Them Before Publication


The media is simply a very expensive communications shop for the Democrat Party.

The only people who aren't aware of this are NeverTrumpers. Even leftwingers know the media has been fully institutionally captured by the left.

It's only NeverTrumpers who credulously believe every single anonymous-"sources" hit-piece on conservatives the media contrives.

According to a Politico report Monday, the White House communications team is editing quotations from Biden administration officials, demanding interviews be performed on "background with quote approval."

Five reporters who cover the White House spoke with Politico, and the outlet confirmed it has "participated in such arrangements too." The above terminology means interview material can be used by reporters but the reporter's transcription must be either approved, vetoed, or edited.


Those who spoke with the outlet said it was commonplace during the Barack Obama administration and used by the Donald Trump administration too. For instance, David Remnick of The New Yorker was forced by the Obama White House in a profile of his to “quietly” receive quote approval, according to Gawker. Michael Lewis likewise was involved in such an arrangement for Vanity Fair profile in 2012.

Politico noted that the Trump White House used the practice less frequently.

Oh, the media didn't extend the same service to Trump? I'll bet you any amount of dollars that the few people granted the edit-your-quotes-fluffer-service were internal saboteurs offering anti-Trump quotes.

Update: I've meant to mention this for weeks -- USAToday published an Op-Ed by Stacy Abrams in which she urged corporations to punish Georgia for its election-protection law.

When this became unpopular, they allowed Abrams to self-stealth-edit her article and remove the support for corporations boycotting Georgia.

Then PolitiFact rated claims that she promoted boycotts against her own state as "false" -- based entirely on the op-ed which she had edited to remove her prior statement of support for boycotts!

USAToday still has not accounted for this.

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100 "Republicans" -- Most of Whom are Retired and Left the Party to Join the Democrats Years or Decades Ago -- Threaten to Leave the Republican Party Again Unless It Adopts Their Trump Derangement Agenda


We've all been forced to note the NeverTrumpers' constant flouncing and re-flouncing from the party.

They're forever announcing "This time, that's it, I'm done with the party!"

But they keep announcing this and keep expecting us to forget they already publicly announced their departure from the party six or seven times.

This time, though, they're serious.

"Republicans" like Christie Todd Whitman (literally who?), "Republicans" who have been voting for Democrats at least as far back as Obama, say they'll form a third party if we do not remake the party into the northeastern upper middle class liberal party they remember from the 70s.

Backers of the reform group include former Republican Governors Tom Ridge, Christine Todd Whitman, George W. Bush-era Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and former House members Charlie Dent, Barbara Comstock, Reid Ribble and Mickey Edwards.

I only recognize three names there -- Whitman, Ridge, and Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Dent.

Lot of Bushies on this list. Weird, huh?

They may face an uphill battle in getting any current Republican officeholders to sign on - including Cheney herself, who in February rejected the idea of a third party, saying it would empower Democrats.

Yes, the people who have been voting Democrat for a decade are really bothered by the idea of empowering the Democrat Party.

A spokesman for Trump, Jason Miller, said: "These losers left the Republican Party when they voted for Joe Biden."

Evan McMullin, a former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference and an independent presidential candidate in 2016, said if the Republican Party does not reject lies and extremism, part of it "will have no choice but to part ways with it and build something new. We're excited about that prospect."

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Gee I hope that Megan McCain doesn't leave too!

Don't believe it though-- these losers (and that is the right word, blunt as it is) only retain some slight, trivial relevance by being The Republicans That Can Reliably Be Expected to Deliver Anti-Republican Quotes to the Media and the DNC Whenever They're Called.

So even though they announce they're no longer republicans every year or so, they'll continue pretending they're Republicans when the media needs a John Dean style "Republican" to pad out an anti-conservative hit piece.

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Neocon Liz Cheney Ousted From Leadership; Vows That She Will Use All Of Her Remaining Power, Which Is Very Very Little, to Insure Trump Never Wins the Presidency for a Third Time


She's going to use all of the power that a single congressman out of 435, who has been repudiated by her party, has.

Don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

"I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office," Cheney said. "We have seen the danger that he continues to provoke with his language. We have seen his lack of commitment and dedication to the Constitution, and I think it’s very important that we make sure whomever we elect, is somebody who will be faithful to the Constitution."

Trump praised the news of Cheney's ouster.

"Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being," he said in a statement. "I watched her yesterday and realized how bad she is for the Republican Party. She has no personality or anything good having to do with politics or our Country. She is a talking point for Democrats, whether that means the Border, the gas lines, inflation, or destroying our economy. She is a warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting our Great Military, the worst decision in our Country's history. I look forward to soon watching her as a Paid Contributor on CNN or MSDNC!"

Lauren Boebert puts it simply: "We are not going back."

No matter how many times NeverTrump and the liberal wing sabotages us, no matter how elections they throw to the Democrats, no matter how many factional games they play to try to crawl their way back into power: We are not going back.

Either accept the new reality of the GOP or make your semi-covert membership in the Democrat Party overt.

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Morning Rant - Special Guest Ranter [Weasel]

—Open Blogger

monkey 2 scaled.jpg

I have been a Republican all of my life, beginning with my very first vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. I have voted Republican in every election since then, including the recent election of 2020. I have never once voted for a Democrat for any office, ever, and have no plans to do so, ever. I am completely convinced Donald J. Trump won the election, which was then stolen by the Democrats with help from the media and by members of the GOP. Why do I include the GOP? Because even if they were not involved outright in the theft, so many did so little to support President Trump during his term. I have never been more certain of anything in my life. Will I bother voting again? I haven't decided.

As a good little republican voter for all these years, I have also often contributed monetarily to campaigns; mostly locally, but also sometimes for candidates in areas other than where I lived. These were generally not large amounts; $100 or $200 usually, but I did what I felt I could do and when I felt it would help the cause. That stopped after the 2020 election. In the maddening hours and days that followed, I watched in dismay as the most fundamental element of our republic, free and fair elections, was destroyed forever with impunity, and simultaneously fully realized what a complete sucker I have been all along.

I believed that my vote and my contributions made some small difference, and although recognizing bad apples exist in any group, still believed the Republican Party and it's members best represented my view of how things should be done. In retrospect none of what happened over the last few years should have come as a surprise. Politicians and political parties care about one thing and one thing only, and that's the next election. It's not even about power, as the republicans so vigorously demonstrate in their unwillingness to stand up and fight for what are supposedly their core values. They simply want to maintain the highly lucrative status quo, and if that's as the minority party, so be it. They sure as hell do not care about you and me. Are there individual exceptions? Of course, but a handful at best.

So I've for damn sure stopped making any sort of contributions, and no longer really even consider myself a Republican. The punch line? Today I received an invitation from the Republican National Committee Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel, to become a Life Member of the Party. For a $1,000 contribution, of course.


AoSHQ Weekly Prayer List Please submit any prayer requests to me, "Annie's Stew" at (apaslo atsign hotmail dot com).

Prayer Requests:
3/31 - Roxxee requests prayers for her daughter. She was on our prayer list at Christmastime, as she was in a deep psychosis then, but she did get treatment and was improving. Now she is backsliding again and has quit her job (which will cause her to lose her insurance). She will not listen to her doctors or Roxxee, and as she is an adult, there is nothing they can do. Roxxee requests prayers for her daughter to realize that her life is spinning out of control and she needs help, and for strength and peace for herself as she tries to cope.

4/5 - Captain Whitebread asks for prayers of healing for his sister, who has been diagnosed with diastolic heart failure, and prayers for strength for her and those who depend on her: her Mom (who is retired), her adult son (who is autistic and cannot work), her grand-niece who she is raising.

5/4 - Annie's Stew thanks God for a healthy baby girl for a sweet young family she knows, and successful treatment (so far) of brain cancer for the new dad.

For Healing:
4/3 - My life is insanity asks for prayers for peace of mind and healing for her sister, who just learned that her breast cancer from 6 years ago has spread to her spine. She has a small tumor at the base of her neck and a fracture in her lower back. She is waiting on a treatment plan and is unsure at this time what that will bring.
5/3 Update - Her sister sends her thanks for everyone's prayers, and this medical update. They no longer see a tumor on her neck, but there is a spot on her spine, and they have determined it is a reoccurrence of her breast cancer that has spread to the bone. They also see spots on her ribs and pelvic bones. She has had a vertebroplasty, but it hasn't helped the pain. She will soon be undergoing radiation and drugs for women with metastatic breast cancer.

4/12 - Slapweasel requests prayers for Jonathan the Bear, for his upcoming surgery, and for strength and recovery.

4/27 - Grannysaurus Rex requests prayers for healing for Michael as he undergoes experimental treatment to clean his blood in preparation for a liver transplant. His entire body is failing from an infection caused by exposure to mold. The procedure has only a 30% success rate, but it is his only chance. Please pray for wisdom for his medical team and for his family, especially his 4-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son, that God's grace surrounds and comforts them.

For submission guidelines and other relevant info, please contact Annie's Stew, who is managing the prayer list. You can contact her at apaslo at-sign hotmail dot com
If you see a prayer request posted in a thread comment, feel free to copy and paste it and e-mail it to Annie's Stew. She tries to keep up with the requests in the threads, but she's not here all of the time, so she may not see it unless you e-mail it to her. Please note: Prayer requests are generally removed after five weeks or so unless we receive an update.

Romans 8:26-27
26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God's people in accordance with the will of God.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


van Gogh clogs.jpg

A Pair of Leather Clogs
Vincent van Gogh

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The Morning Report - 5/12/21 [J.J. Sefton]

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Wednesday and look what happens when you steal an election and install the most toxic combination of evil and incompetence this nation - no longer the United States of America - has ever had to endure. Beyond our own borders, the ones that haven't been erased yet, where we are rapidly becoming a totalitarian Orwellian nightmare, the world is coming apart at the seams. Once again, it's the perpetual hotspot of the Middle East that's erupting.

Not only is the State of Israel under a barrage of rocket attacks across its length and breadth, its own Arab citizenry have joined the so-called mythical "Palestinians" in attacking Jews and torching synagogues in a country where they are citizens. While there is no doubt that much if not all of this has been orchestrated and directed from Tehran, it is revelatory nonetheless of the Muslim mindset. This would not have happened had Trump not been overthrown last November.

Israel now faces probably its most serious crisis since perhaps 1973 or even 1948 when it declared statehood. You could go so far as to call it an existential one if you start looking at the chess board and the potential moves. The situation is made that much more serious since the current junta occupying DC and the political party behind it is openly hostile, to say the least, against the Jewish state. In a sane, rational world, the IDF should not even hesitate to bulldoze Gaza into the Mediterranean, with due apologies to the marine ecosystem for befouling the waters with waste more toxic than plutonium. Then there's the rather ticklish problem of dealing with a large chunk of your own citizenry who are committing acts of violent insurrection and terrorism against their own neighbors. Gee, doesn't this sound familiar.

Psaki-Psircling back, what this is is Iran both retaliating for Soleimani getting whacked and the recent Jewish lightning strike on Natanz, as well as more crucially testing the strength of the Abraham Accords. The question is, were Israel to pulverize Gaza, as would be well within its right to do, now that Trump is out of the picture would that action fracture the ties between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain and the other signatories, as well as imperil the Saudis and others from joining? One thing that the Accords revealed was that there was no love lost between the signatories and the "Palestinians." But, you have to believe that any action, legitimate as it obviously would be, taken against Arab Israelis by the Netanyahu government might rip up those accords faster than Malig-Nancy Pelosi with Trump's SOTU speech.

Iran, of course, is the key to all of this. It's gambling Israel's actions will destroy the Abraham Accords and further alienate the former United States and the rest of the world. But what if Israel realizes this, as it of course does, and instead of pounding Gaza pounds Tehran? Or Fordow, Bushehr or some other nuke site? Then there are the Chi-Coms and Russians to deal with since they have both cozied up to the Farsis since Trump was illegally removed from office.

This is what is known in the trade as a "situation." In other words, Ho Lee Fook.

Meanwhile back over in this little corner of the planet, the totalitarian nature of the junta in power is in direct proportion to its incompetence. Look on the bright side; with gasoline prices skyrocketing thanks to a sabotaged pipeline (I would not put it past this junta to have caused the shutdown in order to declare another "crisis" as pretext to implement the abolition of fossil fuels), at least BLaM-tifa won't have materials for Molotov cocktails. Not that there's much of any city left to burn that wasn't torched since last year. In that vein, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a woman for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration penned an editorial in the NY Post that just so completely misses the mark that it's shocking, to me anyway:

In the end, because of such protracted tribal tensions, Somalia collapsed into civil war. Every attempt at mediation proved incapable of handling the deep-seated mistrust and hatred that accumulated by each clan over the years; tribal elders, reluctant to compromise, could not de-escalate the situation. With such high levels of distrust, the conflict spiraled into bloodshed.

While such violence has yet to seize America, all the tribalist ingredients are present. There is a blind commitment to one party or the other; emotions are running high; there is a lack of trust in civic institutions. If such tribalism isn't overcome, it's only a matter of time before the situation escalates...

...We are, I fear, close to the precipice of serious destabilization. Many American cities are either militarized (Washington, DC), near a social boiling point (Minneapolis), or have capitulated to anarchist protests and pressures (Portland, Seattle). These tribal quirks run deep on both sides of the aisle. Many Republicans continue to dispute the legitimacy of the result of the last presidential election; while on the left, the woke are eroding the Democratic Party from the inside, as identity politics displace universalist aspirations. Some citizens are viewed as part of oppressive groups, some as part of oppressed groups. A person's individual actions can generally do little to change the immutable characteristics of the tribe to which they belong.

Emphasis mine. Ms. Ali, with all due respect, RUFKM? First, the evidence, both circumstantial and solid, is so overwhelming and massive that the only conclusion one can draw was that the 2020 election was compromised in the run-up and then stolen outright on the night of. That's just for starters. The thing that sends me into a rage-stroke is accepting the premise that there is any moral equivalency between American-Americans (my new hyphenated minority group) and the Left. This is as ludicrous as claiming equivalency between you and the head-choppers and clit-clippers in Somalia (and Minnesota) that had no problem forcing you into a life of brutality and misery that you decided, at the risk of your own life, to flee.

This is not a state of civil war where Bele and Lokai are throttling each other on the bridge of the Enterprise. We have an illegitimate tyranny attempting to establish permanent control over a majority of citizens via the use of the power of the state coupled with the raw power of sanctioned street thuggery and violence. That's what happened in dozens of urban areas across the former USA last year. It's moral equivalents would be Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Nazi Germany and in the streets of Lod in Israel. For you, after all you have seen and lived (barely) through, with death threats and fatwas still on your head, to write this drivel about moral equivalency and clans is beyond tone deaf. It's shameful.

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Daily Tech News 12 May 2021

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Intel's high-end 11th generation Tiger Lake laptop parts are here - and they appear to actually be good. (AnandTech)

    AMD had a decisive edge in the laptop market with their eight-core processors, where Intel only went up to four cores with their newest chips. This fixes that, while retaining the new Ice Lake core and 10nm process. Tiger Lake on the desktop also goes up to eight cores but has been back-ported to the older 14nm process and as a result uses up to 300W at full load.

    No benchmarks just yet, so take any performance claims with a pound of salt, but current Ice Lake laptop parts do perform very well on single-core workloads.

Today we go back to... I don't know exactly. The original Cutie Honey aired in 1973 while the latest version, Cutie Honey Universe, came out in 2018. Cutie Honey creator Go Nagai has been writing manga longer than I've been alive.

This one in particular is from the 1995 second part of the New Cutie Honey OVA series. Oh, and fair warning, this is from 1995, before everything went to hell, so there are brief moments of partial nudity right in the opening credits.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (5/11/12)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

caligirl (1).jpg

(Hawaii - H/T CaliGirl)


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“It would worry me if we were advocating we could hug all of our friends every time we meet them,” Catherine Noakes, a specialist in airborne infections at the University of Leeds

Quote II

Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Quote III

I'm a Star Bucks barista. Unidentified Star Bucks Barista

Quote IV

“Five little baby girls, all by themselves, hungry crying. One didn’t have any clothes on. Immediately, I called border patrol but they’re snowed under, they don’t have any help either.” Texas Rancher Jimmy Hobbs

Quote V

"While we expect companies to secure their infrastructure, these continued breaches only reinforce the need for a cohesive and cooperative partnership between the government and private companies that operate our nation’s critical infrastructure.” Sen. Mark Warner, who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (D-VA)

Quote VI

"Remaining silent, and ignoring the lie, emboldens the liar. I will not participate in that. I will not sit back and watch in silence while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president's crusade to undermine our democracy." Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY)

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Quarantine Cafe: Fuzzy Friends Edition


Big dog and tiny kitten.

Dog finds injured parrot and makes it his best friend.

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Quick Hits: Anti-Mothers-Day Greetings Edition


New word: "bigoteering."

Screenshot (354).png

LA Times poll finds only 6% support for Caitlyn Jenner (ne' Bruce).

The survey's results were especially bleak for retired Olympic gold medalist Jenner, as just 6% of Californians who took part in the survey said they would vote to have her replace Newsom -- a vast majority of Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated or independent voters said they would not be inclined to support her candidacy.


The poll found that leading the Republicans in the race were former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Rancho Santa Fe businessman John Cox, who lost handily to Newsom in the 2018 governor’s race, although each had backing from just 22% of those polled. Former Northern California Rep. Doug Ose registered 14% support.

Of Jenner's low support, DiCamillo said that, despite the media attention, "there doesn’t seem to be a significant constituency for her candidacy."

"Even among Republicans, only 13% say they’d be inclined to vote for her," DiCamillo said. "It's a very poor showing."

Well, good.

A "transwoman" gets off on fake-breastfeeding a baby.

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Tucker Carlson: "Why Isn't There A Criminal Investigation Into Tony Fauci's Role in This Pandemic?"


Good report from Carlson, reported by Breitbart.

Grammie Winger asked a good question in the last thread: Why are people making these deadly Frankenviruses at all?

The answer is -- supposedly! -- that if scientists can create possible future mutated forms of virus, we'll have a head start in vaccinating against them/curing them if/when they do arise.

This seems absurd to me, given that viruses are very sloppy reproducers are mutate at the drop of a hat, so it seems we could never predict what form a future mutation would take.

But maybe they mean we'll just glean vague "insights" from this gene splicing of new plagues?

I don't know. But that's the supposed rationale for this extraordinarily dangerous work, which almost surely resulted in the covid pandemic which locked down the world for coming up on two years and killed 3,000,000.

Fauci's determination to rule out the lab-leak hypothesis is deliberately withholding from the public absolutely critical information: If we are to evaluate the costs and benefits of making new viruses to study them and cure future viruses, we have to know how often these invented frankenviruses escape the lab and kill people. And what the monetary costs of such outbreaks are.

We need to know, bluntly, how many people we're killing or will kill via inevitable outbreaks of our artificial viruses versus how many people will die if we don't make these frankenviruses.

We need to know this to have any kind of an informed view of the matter.

But Fauci will absolutely not concede that it is likely or even possible that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, whose Dr. Shi specialized in experimenting in bat viruses to make them infect humans, was involved in spreading a bat virus which could infect humans in Wuhan, blocks away from the Wuhan Institute.

He's denying us an honest appraisal of the risks and costs of his demented drive to create new plagues.

Carlson's indictment of Fauci is very persuasive:

Millions of people have died of COVID-19. So it's not a matter of score-settling or blame assignment to figure out where it came from. If you want to prevent the next global pandemic, you have to figure out how this one started.

And so the World Health Organization said it would get to the bottom of it. The World Health Organization, of course, is beholden to China, and so it tried to hide the basic facts of the origins of this pandemic. And to hide those facts, WHO appointed none other than Peter Daszak as the only America-based representative on the investigative team looking into where the virus came from.

In what turned out to be a sham report, that team concluded that it is quote, "extremely unlikely" that the virus came from the Wuhan lab. Again, that's not true.

The WHO's investigation in the origins of the virus was fraudulent and that matters to public health globally. But one thing you'll notice is that Tony Fauci did not say that. Why? Because once again, he is implicated in it personally. The gain-of-function research that Peter Daszak was bragging about in the video we just showed you had in fact, been banned explicitly by the U.S. government.

There was a federal moratorium on the funding of exactly the kind of gain-of-function experiments that went on at the Wuhan lab due to disastrous effects. So why didn’t the U.S. government halt its funding of the lab in Wuhan? That is a central question and Nicholas Wade, to his great credit, looked into it. And here's what he found, quote, "Someone wrote a loophole into the moratorium. The moratorium specifically barred funding of any gain-of-function research that increased the pathogenicity of the flu, MERS or SARS viruses. But then a footnote on page two of the moratorium document states that quote, 'an exception from the research pause may be obtained if the head of the U.S. government funding agency determines that the research is urgently necessary to protect the public health or national security.'"

And that's exactly the loophole that was exploited. Who signed off on this? Tony Fauci, possibly, along with Francis Collins, the Director of the NIH invoked that special exemption in order to keep funding the Wuhan lab and the deadly experiments that were going on there, the experiments that clearly went so wrong.

According to Richard Ebright quote, "Unfortunately, the NIAID Director (that would be Fauci) and the NIH Director exploited this loophole to issue exemptions to projects subject to pause, preposterously asserting that the exempted research was, quote, 'urgently necessary to protect public health or national security and thereby nullifying the pause.'"

This wouldn’t have happened if Tony Fauci didn't allow it to happen. That is clear.

It’s an amazing story. It is a shocking story.

In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation currently underway into Tony Fauci's role in the COVID pandemic that has killed millions and halted our country and changed it forever. So why isn't there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci's role in this pandemic?

Because we're not a functional country, obviously.

Carlson's report notes another important fact: Viruses mutate, but, as in any evolutionary process, it takes many thousands of cycles of evolution to turn one thing into another.

Now, viruses mutate and replicate very quickly, but there should still be exemplars of various transitional forms in any virus' chain of mutation.

A Harvard biologist concluded that Covid-19 was artificially made for a simple reason: the virus did not show the signs of an incremental evolution over trillions of reproductions.

Rather, it seems to have sprung into being fully-formed, Athena-like, and without prior transitional states.

In other words, it seems to have not evolved but to have been made by an "intelligent designer," if you will -- not God, in this case, but a scientist simply attaching a protein spike known to infect humans onto the genome of a bat virus.

She determined this in the very beginning of the outbreak.

This is obviously extremely compelling evidence that the virus did not mutate naturally over trillions of replications, but was simply made by genetic splicing.

But Fauci and his Media Praetorians say that this is a discredited, debunked conspiracy theory, and if you can't trust the zero hours of science training of our entire media, what can you trust?

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Fauci Dances on the Line of a Perjury Charge As He Parses and Equivocates as to Whether the US Funded Gain-of-Function Research on Bat Viruses at the Wuhan Lab


"Gain-of-function" is the deliberately anodyne jargon for giving a virus a potent new ability it didn't have -- like altering the protein spikes of a bat virus so that it can infect humans.

Which is precisely what Dr. Shi "The Bat Lady" was doing at the laughably-sloppy Wuhan Institute of Virology.

And the US government was funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology indirectly, by funding a group called "EcoHealth Alliance," which in turn sent part of the money it got from the US government to Wuhan.

A bit of reading will help you spot Fauci's evasions -- and lies.

Michael Tracy writes of the powerful case that The Bat Lady made Covid-19 in her lab and let it escape.

And he writes of the media's refusal to correct its prior claims that the lab-leak hypothesis was a "conspiracy theory" that was "debunked" within days of the covid outbreak making headlnes.

These declarations [that the lab-leak hypothesis is "debunked"] look dopier than ever after a new article was published this week by the journalist Nicholas Wade, who for many years was a science correspondent for the New York Times. At the very least, Wade demonstrates that the "lab-leak" theory ought not to be discounted. But he also goes much further, showing that the theory is in fact highly plausible. The article was first self-published on Medium, then later reproduced by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. While long, it's worth reading in full even if (like me) you are effectively illiterate in the technical scientific details.

In summary, here’s what one might call a "kicker" paragraph:

It's documented that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were doing gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronaviruses infect human cells and humanized mice.

"Humanized mice" are genetically modified mice whose cells have human-like walls, which permits them to be used as test subjects to see if viruses will affect humans.

This is exactly the kind of experiment from which a SARS2-like virus could have emerged. The researchers were not vaccinated against the viruses under study, and they were working in the minimal safety conditions of a BSL2 laboratory. So escape of a virus would not be at all surprising.

Biosafety Level 2 is the same level of bio-security required in your local dentist office. It requires a facemask, some gloves, and signage indicating that this is a BSL2 area.

Obviously, viruses can easily escape this "security" regime.

And they frequently do.

In all of China, the pandemic broke out on the doorstep of the Wuhan institute. The virus was already well adapted to humans, as expected for a virus grown in humanized mice. It possessed an unusual enhancement, a furin cleavage site, which is not possessed by any other known SARS-related beta-coronavirus, and this site included a double arginine codon also unknown among beta-coronaviruses. What more evidence could you want, aside from the presently unobtainable lab records documenting SARS2's creation?

I noted that covid-19 had a furin cleavage site just as you'd expect to see in an engineered virus, but I forgot to include the critical detail that this sort of feature is rare and is not found in any other SARS-related coronaviruses.

Wade also quotes the eminent virologist David Baltimore, the former president of CalTech and discoverer of an enzyme used in all PCR-based COVID tests, as saying:

"When I first saw the furin cleavage site in the viral sequence, with its arginine codons, I said to my wife it was the smoking gun for the origin of the virus... These features make a powerful challenge to the idea of a natural origin for SARS2."

So there you have one of the most esteemed virologists in the world stating that the current body of evidence poses a "powerful challenge" to the theory that the SARS-CoV-2 virus originated by jumping naturally from wildlife to humans, which is the theory that has been propagated ubiquitously across the media for the past 15 months. And this after we'd all been confidently told by journalists at major national outlets that an alternative hypothesis -- that it originated by leakage at a lab -- was no more than a "conspiracy theory," and had been authoritatively "debunked."

Tracey notes that the Washington Post was among the most aggressive outlets proclaiming that the lab-leak theory was "debunked" -- but resorted to selectively quoting an expert who actually supported the possibility of a lab-leak as the source of covid by simply refusing to report that portion of his remarks:

This is interesting because one of the expert sources quoted in the Washington Post article as purportedly having "debunked" the lab-leak theory, molecular biologist Richard Ebright of Rutgers University, is also quoted in Wade's new article giving strong credence to the theory. Moreover, Ebright affirmed in a declaration to me his view that the lab-leak theory has actually been the strongest hypothesis about the origin of COVID since... January 2020. A month before the Washington Post cited him as a preeminent "debunker" of the theory.

Ebright did say that the genomic analysis did not support the conclusion of an artificially engineered virus -- which the Washington Post reported.

But he also said that the possibility of a lab leak was a very real possibility -- which the Washington Post refused to report.

He wrote to Tracey, saying:

I was surprised that the February 17, 2020 article in WaPo quoted only my comments on the genome sequence and not my comments on the lab-accident hypothesis.

I think this guy means that the virus might have been natural, but it escaped from the lab it where was being experimented on. I'm not sure.

The Washington Post sure was determined to, um, "simplify" his testimony to conform to the narrative they chose (with no scientific expertise of their own) as the obviously-correct one.

Tracey writes:

I personally don't have any vested interest in believing the lab-leak theory; if anything, confirmation of the theory as true would undoubtedly accelerate an already-ramping-up New Cold War conflict between the US and China, which I generally oppose for a variety of reasons. But I'm primarily interested simply in knowing whether the theory is true, whatever implications this might have for my other political and moral commitments. Clearly, though, much of the rest of the media doesn't operate on the same epistemic principle.

A number of factors likely contributed to these journalists proclaiming hard-and-fast certainty about this issue, despite having no grounds for such certainty. Many likely thought they were heroically combating anti-Asian xenophobia by dismissing a theory that could’ve assigned some measure of culpability to Chinese state authorities for the origination and spread of the virus, although it's unclear why this should have implicated individual Chinese-Americans. Either way, lying or misrepresenting stuff in the name of combating xenophobia can't be justified journalistically, and is liable to backfire anyway.


But the most obnoxious aspect is the journalists' utterly unfounded projection of total and complete certainty -- as if they’re infallible purveyors of sacred knowledge when, in reality, they're just engaging in the same off-the-cuff speculation as anybody else. And then their refusal to admit error, thus leaving the "misinformation" they produced splashed across the internet. Anyone who in February 2020 acted like they had all the answers about the origins of a catastrophic new virus was either too haughty or stupid to recognize how nonsensically they were behaving. But that’s the debased media landscape we're all stuck with, alas.

One thing that makes me scream to myself is the media's smug insistence that the threat of "disinformation" is too grave to allow them to report in a balanced way about both sides of a story, and it's their job -- and their particular expertise -- to simply decide what the truth is.

How the hell can they decide what the truth is? They are the least-educated of anyone in the educated classes in America. Their only post-graduate schooling is brief and is not about any subject matter apart from information gathering, organizing, and writing.

Lester Holt doesn't know a goddamned thing about a goddamned thing -- but he's now pronouncing that the stakes are too high to report both sides of an issue, and so the semi-educated Communications Majors and other dolts working in the media will now resolve all questions regarding history, economics, religion, philosophy, and science.

How's that workin' out for you so far, Geniuses?

Have you really studied up on furin cleavage sites?

Tracey writes further of his attempt to draw out any comment, correction, or retraction from the "journalists" who so-confidently used their Scientific Expertise (granted by the University of the State of Delusion) to dismiss any possibility of a lab leak.

None of the "journalists" he asked questions of would offer any response.

Steven Miller/Redsteeze writes a good article about the case for Fauci's complicity in covid's creation:

There are now more connections emerging from the Wuhan Institute that should be explored further. These connections involve the United States government, the National Institutes of Health and Dr Anthony Fauci -- and he should have to explain them before Congress.

These questions could of course pose complications to the mainstream media storyline that Fauci is a great hero, a man lionized, even fetishized by the political left for being the antithesis to then-president Donald Trump. If the NIH and Anthony Fauci played any role in financing or assisting the Wuhan Institute, including outsourcing the study of BSL-4 novel coronaviruses, the good doctor should have to answer for it.

To boil things down: the United States was outsourcing the study of novel coronaviruses to a group called EcoHealth Alliance, a group which according to NPR was doing the bulk of collection of coronavirus samples from bats and transferring those samples and research to the Wuhan Institute.

The original grant money provided to EcoHealth was $3.7 million, $76,000 of which was slated for the Wuhan Institute. This funding was approved with the backing of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the agency that Anthony Fauci heads, according to Newsweek.

That contract was canceled in April 2020. Those grants were approved by the National Institute of Health. According to a blockbuster piece in New York magazine, one of the first outlets to take the lab leak hypothesis seriously, EcoHealth Alliance 'has channeled money from the National Institutes of Health to Shi Zhengli's laboratory in Wuhan, allowing the lab to carry on recombinant research into diseases of bats and humans'.

Dr. Shi is Chinese, but I still think it's worth noting that "shi" in Japanese means "Death," so this is Doctor Death.

Dr Shi Zhengli is a notable expert in bat coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute. She had been studying the effects of bat viruses on humans when 'in 2012, six men set to work shoveling bat guano were sickened by a severe lung disease, three of them fatally. Shi’s team took the samples back to Wuhan and analyzed whatever fragments of bat virus she could find. In some cases, when she found a sequence that seemed particularly significant, she experimented with it in order to understand how it might potentially infect humans. Some of her work was funded by the National Institutes of Health and some of it by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency of the Department of Defense via Peter Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance.'

Peter Dasazk of EcoHealth Alliance gave an interview to the Bulletin in December 2019, shortly before the first reports of the COVID-19 outbreak where he ‘talked in glowing terms of how researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had been reprogramming the spike protein and generating chimeric coronaviruses capable of infecting humanized mice'.

Right now, all of this is just circumstantial evidence, largely due to the CCP blocking any meaningful investigation of the Institute. But the circumstantial evidence is piling up.

Below is video of Rand Paul asking Fauci very fair questions -- and Fauci answering with equivocations, quibbling, and, frankly, lies.

Note the following sorts of parsing Fauci engages in:

1. Equivocating about whether the US is currently funding gain-of-function research as opposed to whether it did during the period when covid was created -- Trump ended all funding in April 2020. But we funded this kind of Frankenstein-virus creation before that.

2. Claiming the US didn't fund the Wuhan Institute of Virology, when he knows damn well that the US funded the EcoHealth Alliance, which itself diverted money to the Wuhan Institute. When Rand Paul points out that a "sub-agency" gave money to Wuhan through a "sub-grant," Fauci shuts up. But he does insist on maintaining his Topline Lie that the US did not fund Wuhan.

3. Quibbling about whether the type of genetic experimentation the US funds is "gain-of-function" experimentation or some other type.

4. Quibbling about whether the US funds gain-of-function experimentation in Wuhan -- or merely in America, with Dr. Dasack performing experiments in the US while cooperating with his Wuhan partner Dr. Shi who herself is doing the same types of experiments --in a lab funded with US money!

Watch the below and evaluate for yourself if Fauci is being candid and trying to inform the American people, or if he's being deceptive and deliberately misleading them.

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Biographer: Bill Gates Used to Pay Sex-Workers to Swim Naked With Him and His Rich Friends


Bill Gates was known to womanize and pay prostitutes and strippers to swim naked with him and his buds, even during his marriage.

Paying sex-workers to swim naked with you in a luxe pool sounds very Epsteinian. Maybe this is the sort of "philanthropy" Gates learned from the noted non-suicide-victim.

[The media] "didn't report on the wild bachelor parties that Microsoft’s boyish chairman would throw in his Seattle home, for which Gates would visit one of Seattle's all-nude nightclubs and hire dancers to come to his home and swim naked with his friends in his indoor pool," Wallace wrote.

It was a continuation from his time at Harvard, where he "did like to frequent Boston's notorious Combat Zone, with its porn shows, strip joints, and prostitutes," Wallace wrote.


"He continued to play the field for a while, especially when he was out of town on business, when he would frequently hit on female journalists who covered Microsoft and the company industry," the author wrote.

Wait, the media protected its ruling class friends?

Absurd! What a transparent tissue of lies!

"His womanizing was well known, although not well reported," Wallace wrote, singling out the Times for not wanting "the flow of information to stop" from the computer guru.

The media covered-up for bad behavior from a rich connected ruling class pal?

I shan't believe it! I simply shannot!

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CNN Loses Two Thirds of Viewers Since January; Struggles to Even Attain 800,000 Viewers in Primetime


Also note that CNN's ratings are half of the #2 network's, MSNBC.

OrangeManBad is a hell of a drug.

Screenshot (353).png

Note, too, that while CNN used to crow that while its ratings were poor, it scored well "in the demo" of adults 25-54, its ratings in that demo are now catastrophically bad.


For example, at 8pm, Tucker Carlson has 347,000 viewers in the demo, while Anderson Cooper has merely 133,000. That's about 38% of Carlson's in the demo viewers.

Thirty eight percent!

Who's got the old audience now, CNN?

CNN needs a new war or another Four Hour Insurrection to survive. Let's see if they start agitating for just that.

Posted by Ace at 02:06 PM Comments

Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner Tells CNN's Audience: I'm Only "Kind of On the Republican Side"


It was stunning for Jenner to tell Fox viewers what they wanted to hear, but it was brave for him to tell CNN viewers what they wanted to hear.

Can we be done with this side-show now?

Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner portrayed herself as a fiscal conservative and social liberal in a Monday CNN conversation that marked her second national TV interview since she launched her California gubernatorial recall campaign last month.

Jenner emphasized some standard conservative positions on the economy and blocking illegal entry into the U.S., but eschewed more hardline positions. She initially pushed back when reporter Dana Bash called her a Republican, saying she was "kind of on the Republican side." Jenner is a registered Republican voter in Los Angeles County.

"I don't like labels, you know," Jenner said. "I'm me. OK? This is how I do it. Just because I have conservative economic philosophy, that's the only thing that the Republicans are kind of on that I'm on. But I don't know, maybe you call me a Libertarian, maybe you call me the middle. I really don't know because when it comes to social issues, I'm much more progressive, much more liberal."

BTW, on Hannity's show last week, Jenner also walked back his statement that girls sports should be for girls only. He walked it back into basically offering no opinion on the topic, other than it's complicated.

On CNN, he also revealed he didn't vote for Trump, and suggested that Trump has no political future.

Which is fine, but... why would any Republican vote for this basket case, who frankly seems borderline stupid to boot?

I've learned my lesson from Schwarzenegger. No more liberal stunt candidates. Period.

Meanwhile, Gavin Newsom faces a recall election, and suddenly decides to send out $600 "stimulus checks," aka bribes, to voters, from a "surprise" $75 billion surplus they suddenly discovered.


California Gov. Gavin Newsom said on Monday the state has an unexpected $75 billion budget surplus.

Newsom said he plans on giving the surplus back to residents in the form of stimulus aid and debt relief.

The "Golden State Stimulus" may send $600 checks to middle-income people and $500 checks to families with dependents.

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Gas Shortage Hits East Coast as Biden Administration and His Media Praetorian Chant "There Is No Gas Shortage"



Who are you going to believe, the media or your car's lying fuel indicator?

Gas stations along the Southeast coast are being slammed by panic buying and long lines amid the shutdown of the biggest oil pipeline in the US from a crippling cyberattack believed to be orchestrated by a Russia-based criminal group.

The closure of the 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline, which carries more than 100 million gallons of fuel from Texas to New Jersey each day, has stretched into its fifth day.

It sparked wild scenes of panic buying across Georgia, Florida, Virginia and South Carolina -- with North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper even declaring a state of emergency on Monday.


Yasheeka Wiggin told CBS News that the "unbelievable" lines in Marion, S.C., left her thinking "it was a catastrophe coming!"

The Biden Administration -- which is no longer being fact-checked by the media, because it cannot lie -- initially denied there were any gas shortages.

The White House repeatedly reassured Americans on Monday there was no gas shortage in the United States after the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack before acknowledging supply problems hours later.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki brought Homeland Security advisor Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall and Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technologies Anne Neuberger to reassure Americans the Biden administration was on top of the crisis, urging Americans to remain calm.

"Right now, there is not a supply shortage," Sherwood-Randall told reporters at the daily press briefing.

Psaki also note "at this point in time, I would just reiterate: We don't see a supply issue."

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



Say my name!

My name is Confiscation, and any rational analysis of current and proposed legislation that increases the reporting and registration requirements for firearms has one goal, and that is to create a database for the jack-booted thugs of government to take our guns. The undeniable fact is that gun owners who obey the law are a vanishingly small percentage of the people who subsequently misuse guns. So why are they being tracked and numbered and photographed and fingerprinted and undoubtedly entered into a vast dystopian database?

The answer can be found in other countries and in other times, some of which ended rather badly for a lot of people. And the tired arguments from the Democrats -- or should I just call them what they are: socialists -- that confiscation isn't the goal, is arrant nonsense based on the reality of current attempts to modify the law. Red Flag laws, ammunition purchase records, lists of "restricted" firearms, magazine restrictions and so much more, all point to the first step, which is regulatory confiscation. If the regulations are so byzantine and difficult, some people will be deterred from purchasing, some people will fall outside the law through no fault of their own, and the number of legal purchases will shrink.

The next step...outright confiscation...will be much easier to begin when the vast majority of weapons are registered (or on some list easily accessible to the government), or if not on a list, possessed by someone who also owns a registered (or listed) weapon.

The only question is: Will Americans tolerate gun confiscation?

Some will; of that I have no doubt. The casual gun owner, the new purchasers who bought because they are scared of civil unrest? Sure. But what of the life-long gun owners and the many Americans who see guns as an extension of their natural rights? They will be less apt meekly to answer the 3:00am knock on the door and hand over their guns to the local cops. It is among those people that confiscation is problematic, and when it gets sporty, as it absolutely will, we will see the true character of America, and whether the spirit of our founding still lives

Posted by CBD at 11:00 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Art Thread


Makovsky Crane.jpg

The Dancing Crane
Aleksandr Vladimirovich Makovsky

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 5/11/21 [J.J. Sefton]

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Tuesday and as the rot from within continues to turn our collective mind into a brain sample somewhere between that of Al Capone and Idi Amin - let's call it Joe Biden - those who control the actions of that rambling, shambling, stumbling sack of dementia are facing multiple crises overseas, and of course on our southern border. And that's not dementia, but something far worse; an insane worldview where America is to blame for all the evils of the world. Three major flashpoints, Iran, the so-called "Palestinians" and the Chi-Coms (as well as the border which we'll sidestep) were either well in hand or for the first time in decades being confronted and dealt with rationally and logically by President-in-exile Donald Trump. What a difference a stolen election and six months can make.

Iran is pulling a Michael Corleone on Senator Geary, demanding we let them build nukes and kiss their ass in Macy's window for delaying that cause these past four years. And as thanks for our obsequious apologies they're once again using armed speedboats against our warships in the Strait of Hormuz knowing full well that the drag-queen junk-tuckers on the bridge of the USS Harvey Milk will shoot nothing but blanks at them. At the same time, just over the horizon, Iran's puppets in Gaza are hurling rockets into Jerusalem while once again, Israel of course is to blame. With anti-Semitism and its same-sex handmaiden anti-Zionism now officially a cornerstone of the Democrat Party, the usual gang of vermin are unleashing a torrent of blood-libels.

And then there's China. They're evil. Period. They have a sallow, hairless hard-on for establishing their own Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere that dominates the world and prospers only their own Politburo. Were it not for the fact that so many of our politicians, bureaucrats and academics are on their payroll, a large swathe of our private sector is tied at the hip with them and thousands of them are in our schools, research facilities and businesses spreading propaganda when they're not stealing sensitive information, they'd have collapsed like a wet eggroll years ago. We have only ourselves to blame for their near stranglehold on us. So now Tony Blinkered Blinken has to bend over and let them give him an anal swab while Biden spouts out platitudes about getting back to a normal relationship with these heathen animals. That's why some Fang-Fang Bang-Bang wannabe is spouting the lies that the Chinese virus came from Fort Detrick, Maryland. Honey, if it did originate there, you sneaky little bastards probably stole it from us. Sickening really. Douglas MacArthur had the right idea. We should've driven past the damn Yalu River and then nuked Peking while we had the muscle, but I digress.

The cherry on the parfait has got to be that CIA recruiting video which is on top of the avowed mission of the Defense Department to value diversity, inclusion and equity - D-I-E - above combat readiness as its main focus. Of course, the DoD and CIA will be fanatics and razors when it comes to actual combat with its prime enemy: the citizenry of the nation formerly known as the USA who may (or may not) be a threat to the junta controlling the government. Oh the bullets and shells will fly con gusto on those targets.

If I were Israel, the Gulf States and Taiwan, I'd be extremely wary of discussing anything with your "American" (alleged) counterparts. And gird your national loins.


  • Robert Spencer: "...I also can't help but notice that Farrakhan Muhammad has a very interesting name. He appears to be named after one man who has called for 10,000 volunteers to stalk and kill white people, and after another who is generally considered to be the author of a book that three times exhorts people to 'kill them wherever you find them' (Qur'an 2:191, 4:89, cf. 9:5). Might Farrakhan Muhammad's ideology and worldview have had anything to do with these shootings, or were they all about his being angry with his brother, as has been reported?"
    Three Bystanders Shot in Broad Daylight in Times Square by a Man Named Farrakhan Muhammad
  • Julie Kelly: "The American public still doesn't know exactly what happened on January 6 -- and it's clear the government will use any means necessary to keep it that way."

    Why Is the Government Hiding January 6 Video Footage?
  • "If large companies continue down this path, employees who want to excel in what they do -- rather than work in a company preoccupied with identity politics -- will take their skills and talent elsewhere." (assuming that there are companies left to flee to, considering both a dying economy and the cancer of woke-ism - jjs)
    Is Anheuser-Busch Drunk? The Beer Behemoth Is Forcing the Woke 'Gender Unicorn' on Its Employees

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Daily Tech News May 11 2021

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

Going all the way back to 1981 today with the first of many opening themes from Urusei Yatsura. The show ran for 196 episodes, with 12 OVA specials and 6 theatrical movies.

Rumiko Takahashi has always been great at starting stories, but only once managed to finish one.

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Posted by Pixy Misa at 03:12 AM Comments

Monday Overnight Open Thread (5/10/21)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

5 10 21 0NT (1).jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“I think that it is a rather astonishing extension of wokeness in now that the door seems to be opening that someone’s political viewpoint reflects on their fitness as a parent. It is one of the clearest infringements on someone’s free speech by the state to have a court threaten to restrict a parents’ rights to their child based upon … the propriety of a person’s political beliefs.” Michael Stutman, who is an attorney specializing in matrimonial law and the current chair of the New York City Bar Association’s Matrimonial Law Committee

Quote II

“During this time when so me imagine trans people at their worst, Lutherans have once again declared that transgender people are beautiful children of God. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for me and my family as I accept this call.” The Rev. Megan Rohrer

Quote III

“I remember trying to run but it felt like the ground was quicksand, like sinking into the ground, then everything went black.Paula Smith

Quote IV

“What has happened to me in the last month, despite not cheating, has resulted in one of the most terrifying, isolating experiences of my life,” Sirey Zhang, a first-year student at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine

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Quarantine Cafe: Cat Burglar Edition


Baby pig found on the highway, presumably having jumped off/fallen off a truck moving livestock.

Two abandoned baby foxes are introduced to each other.

Cat burglar keeps stealing from the neighbors.

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Quick Hits: Tanning is Now Literally White Supremacy Edition


Female weightlifters are trying to complain that the Olympic Committee is letting a man compete against them.

But any time they open their mouths, they're told to shut up.

Isn't that what feminists used to say men told them to do?

Former Olympic weightlifter Tracey Lambrechs said that females are being told not to complain about New Zealand transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard and whether her inclusion in weightlifting was "fair," Reuters reported.

Lambrechs spoke to TVNZ on Friday regarding the issue, stating that she felt "disappointed for the female athlete" who had lost out on the Tokyo Olympics spot to Hubbard, adding that the equality for women "was being taken away from us," Reuters reported.

Hubbard is set to become the first biological male in Olympic history to compete in a women's sport in history, prompted by a rule change that automatically qualified the weightlifter.

It's called the Hot Dog & a Sack of Nuts Rule, adapted from the Chinese Won Hung Lo rule. It's a somewhat controversial rule change.

"I've had female weightlifters come up to me and say, ‘what do we do? This isn't fair, what do we do?'" Lambrechs told TVNZ, according to Reuters. "Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do because every time we voice it we get told to be quiet."

I thought we were done with this Dude after he injured himself badly failing a lift at the Commonwealth Games. (Injury warning.)

But even though he had surgery on that bad injury, and is now like forty four years old, he's still crushing the competition.

The female competition, I mean.

I wonder why.

It's almost as if he has some kind of... genetic/hormonal advantage over women.

Gwyneth Paltrow drank multiple whiskeys every night of the lockdown.

Even worse, she says: She ate carbs.

"I was drinking seven nights a week and making pasta and eating bread," Paltrow reportedly told the outlet. "I went totally off the rails."

"I mean, who drinks multiple drinks seven nights a week?" she allegedly continued. "Like that’s not healthy. I love whiskey and I make this fantastic drink called the Buster Paltrow, which I named after my grandfather who loved whiskey sours."

Paltrow revealed she drank two of her whiskey drinks every night.

"...It's this great quinoa whiskey from this distillery in Tennessee with maple syrup and lemon juice," she reportedly said. "It's just heaven. I would have two of those every night of quarantine."

She announced she would soon be releasing a new candle through her company GOOP, called This candle smells like my vagina after I pissed myself drunk.

After ratings for all award shows crater, NBC says it will not air next years' Golden Globes awards show.

They claim that this isn't because Hollywood is in a bad odor with the American public, but because they're just that committed to diversity.

NBC said Monday it won't air the Golden Globes next year following the fallout around the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which puts on the show each year and is battling criticism that it's not committed enough to diversity.

Why it matters: The network has been airing the event exclusively for decades. Its decision to pull back speaks to how big the backlash against the group has become.

What they're saying: "We continue to believe that the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform," NBC said, per Deadline.

"However, change of this magnitude takes time and work, and we feel strongly that the HFPA needs time to do it right. As such, NBC will not air the 2022 Golden Globes. Assuming the organization executes on its plan, we are hopeful we will be in a position to air the show in January 2023."

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Was Coronavirus Cooked Up in a Wuhan Lab? While Media and Ruling Class Denies It, Evidence Continues Piling Up That This Is an Artificially-Created Virus


A cover-up of the most lethal accident in history. Worse even than Chernobyl.

And just as covered-up by ruthlessly self-interested governments.

Including the US's.

[I]f you brush away all the politics about the issue -- Donald Trump said it came from a lab, therefore it can't have -- and look just at the scientific facts, a reasonably likely answer is buried there. I'll try to explain what it is and sort out some of the consequences.

There are two theories about the origin of SARS2, as the virus can be called for short. One is that it jumped naturally from bats to people, as the SARS1 epidemic did in 2002. The other is that it escaped from an experiment in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China's leading center of research on bat-type viruses.


Scientists "overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife," they said, calling for readers to stand with Chinese colleagues on the front line of fighting the disease.

It later turned out that the Lancet letter had been organized and drafted by Peter Daszak, president of the New York City-based EcoHealth Alliance. Daszak's organization funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. If the SARS2 virus had indeed escaped from research he funded, Daszak would be potentially culpable. This acute conflict of interest was not declared to The Lancet's readers. To the contrary, the letter concluded, "We declare no competing interests."


The lab-escape scenario explains the facts above far more easily than does natural emergence. So let's ask who is to blame, provisionally, if the virus did indeed escape from a lab.

Who's to blame for coronavirus? Well, assuming it was made in a lab-- which it very likely was -- then "the bat lady" Dr. Shi is responsible first of all, for experimenting with extremely dangerous bat viruses with only rudimentary precautions.

Then of course comes China.

Then would come the US's National Institutes of Health:

Fourth may be the US National Institutes of Health, which funded Shi's research via Daszak, despite a moratorium from 2014 to 2017. The reporting system that replaced the moratorium required funding agencies to mention hazardous research but the NIH did not do so. If the SARS2 virus did indeed escape from Shi's lab, the NIH will be in the unenviable position of having funded research that has killed 3 million people worldwide, including 500,000 US citizens.

That NY Post article is a digest of Nicholas Wade's longer paper.

Here is that longer paper:

Dr. Baric had developed, and taught Dr. Shi, a general method for engineering bat coronaviruses to attack other species. The specific targets were human cells grown in cultures and humanised mice. These laboratory mice, a cheap and ethical stand-in for human subjects, are genetically engineered to carry the human version of a protein called ACE2 that studs the surface of cells that line the airways.

Dr. Shi returned to her lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and resumed the work she had started on genetically engineering coronaviruses to attack human cells.

How can we be so sure?

Because, by a strange twist in the story, her work was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). And grant proposals that funded her work, which are a matter of public record, specify exactly what she planned to do with the money.

The grants were assigned to the prime contractor, Dr. Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance, who subcontracted them to Dr. Shi. Here are extracts from the grants for fiscal years 2018 and 2019. "CoV" stands for coronavirus and "S protein" refers to the virus's spike protein.

"Test predictions of CoV inter-species transmission. Predictive models of host range (i.e. emergence potential) will be tested experimentally using reverse genetics, pseudovirus and receptor binding assays, and virus infection experiments across a range of cell cultures from different species and humanised mice."

"We will use S protein sequence data, infectious clone technology, in vitro and in vivo infection experiments and analysis of receptor binding to test the hypothesis that % divergence thresholds in S protein sequences predict spillover potential."

What this means, in non-technical language, is that Dr. Shi set out to create novel coronaviruses with the highest possible infectivity for human cells. Her plan was to take genes that coded for spike proteins possessing a variety of measured affinities for human cells, ranging from high to low. She would insert these spike genes one by one into the backbone of a number of viral genomes ("reverse genetics" and "infectious clone technology"), creating a series of chimeric viruses. These chimeric viruses would then be tested for their ability to attack human cell cultures ("in vitro") and humanised mice ("in vivo"). And this information would help predict the likelihood of "spillover," the jump of a coronavirus from bats to people.

The methodical approach was designed to find the best combination of coronavirus backbone and spike protein for infecting human cells. The approach could have generated SARS2-like viruses, and indeed may have created the SARS2 virus itself with the right combination of virus backbone and spike protein.

It cannot yet be stated that Dr. Shi did or did not generate SARS2 in her lab because her records have been sealed, but it seems she was certainly on the right track to have done so. "It is clear that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was systematically constructing novel chimeric coronaviruses and was assessing their ability to infect human cells and human-ACE2-expressing mice," says Richard H. Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University and leading expert on biosafety.

"It is also clear," Dr. Ebright said, "that, depending on the constant genomic contexts chosen for analysis, this work could have produced SARS-CoV-2 or a proximal progenitor of SARS-CoV-2." "Genomic context" refers to the particular viral backbone used as the testbed for the spike protein.

The lab escape scenario for the origin of the SARS2 virus, as should by now be evident, is not mere hand-waving in the direction of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is a detailed proposal, based on the specific project being funded there by the NIAID.

Even if the grant required the work plan described above, how can we be sure that the plan was in fact carried out? For that we can rely on the word of Dr. Daszak, who has been much protesting for the last 15 months that lab escape was a ludicrous conspiracy theory invented by China-bashers.

On December 9, 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic became generally known, Dr. Daszak gave an interview in which he talked in glowing terms of how researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology had been reprogramming the spike protein and generating chimeric coronaviruses capable of infecting humanised mice.

"And we have now found, you know, after 6 or 7 years of doing this, over 100 new SARS-related coronaviruses, very close to SARS," Dr. Daszak says around minute 28 of the interview. "Some of them get into human cells in the lab, some of them can cause SARS disease in humanised mice models and are untreatable with therapeutic monoclonals and you can't vaccinate against them with a vaccine. So, these are a clear and present danger...

Interviewer: You say these are diverse coronaviruses and you can't vaccinate against them, and no anti-virals -- so what do we do?

"Daszak: Well I think... coronaviruses -- you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily. Spike protein drives a lot of what happen with coronavirus, in zoonotic risk. So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein, and we work a lot with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this. Insert into the backbone of another virus and do some work in the lab. So you can get more predictive when you find a sequence. You've got this diversity. Now the logical progression for vaccines is, if you are going to develop a vaccine for SARS, people are going to use pandemic SARS, but let’s insert some of these other things and get a better vaccine." The insertions he referred to perhaps included an element called the furin cleavage site, discussed below, which greatly increases viral infectivity for human cells.

In disjointed style, Dr. Daszak is referring to the fact that once you have generated a novel coronavirus that can attack human cells, you can take the spike protein and make it the basis for a vaccine.


We developed the vaccine pretty fast, eh?

The paper explains that covid just so happens to have a "furin cleavage site."

What a coincidence.

One can only imagine Dr. Daszak's reaction when he heard of the outbreak of the epidemic in Wuhan a few days later. He would have known better than anyone the Wuhan Institute's goal of making bat coronaviruses infectious to humans, as well as the weaknesses in the institute’s defense against their own researchers becoming infected.

But instead of providing public health authorities with the plentiful information at his disposal, he immediately launched a public relations campaign to persuade the world that the epidemic couldn’t possibly have been caused by one of the institute's souped-up viruses. "The idea that this virus escaped from a lab is just pure baloney. It's simply not true," he declared in an April 2020 interview.

The media instantly leapt to claim that in their completely untrained, ignorant opinion, the virus could not have escaped from a lab, and anyone suggesting otherwise was spreading "conspiracy theories."

And they did this because whatever Trump says is a lie or must be made into a lie, and furthermore, because the media is not the tribune of the people, it is the tribune of the ruling classes and the government bureaucracy, and they have taken it as their only mission to defend the ruling classes and the government bureaucracy and cover up any scandals they might be responsible for.

The below video is worth watching. They emphasize that the people charged with investigating if covid came from the Wuhan lab are the same people responsible for funding the Wuhan lab.

They also point out the ruling class' and media's lies aren't merely political: If labs are simply not capable of keeping their Frankenvirus' from escaping into the world, then this type of research must be stopped. Permanently.

It does us no good to get insight into a coronavirus-type vaccine when the labs are releasing that very plague upon the world. We do not allow firefighters to set fire to cities -- even if it helps them get better at putting fires out.

But because the media is abetting the ruling class' cover-up, they are keeping us from having an informed cost-benefit analysis of this type of research.

Admire how incredibly inadequate the safety standards were for The Bat Lady's bat virus splicing:

Not only was she generating dangerous viruses, she was doing so in arguably unsafe conditions. There are many Internet photos of Shi working in a bubble suit in the highest-level safety lab, known as a BSL4. But these labs are a pain to work in, and all her coronavirus work, she has said, was done at lower safety levels, including one known as BSL2.

But despite the fancy acronym, BSL2 doesn’t require very much. You have to wear a lab coat and gloves, put up a biohazard warning, and that's about it.

"It is clear that some or all of this work was being performed using a biosafety standard -- biosafety level 2, the biosafety level of a standard US dentist's office -- that would pose an unacceptably high risk of infection of laboratory staff upon contact with a virus having the transmission properties of SARS-CoV-2," says Ebright.

They're keeping the Wuhan open to create new monsters that it will, of course, then let escape.

And they will not admit that the virus probably came from a lab, which would, at the very least, spur us to increase the safety standards in labs to above those of the local dentist office.

As Krystal Ball notes, the "escaped-from-a-lab" hypothesis has never been crazy, because at least one Frankenvirus has escaped from the labs creating them in almost every single year since this type of virus-splicing started.

It's a crime that the media and ruling classes have declared it essentially illegal to speculate that something that happens at least once per year happened again in Wuhan in 2019/2020.

And yes, they repeatedly note that Anthony Fauci himself directed America to fund this bat virus research at Wuhan, using an "exception" to avoid the US ban on using US money to fund these dangerous projects.

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 04:38 PM Comments

National Review's "Logic" [Buck Throckmorton]

—Open Blogger


Since National Review is arguing that Republicans should rally around Liz Cheney since she won a safe Republican seat whereas Donald Trump lost* a presidential election, let’s apply their own logic back on their political heroes.

By @nro logic, all Republicans including NeverTrump should rally around Marjorie Taylor Greene and forget about that loser Jeb.

Mitt Romney lost his presidential race, but Matt Gaetz won his congressional race, so NeverTrump is free to rally around Gaetz.

And let’s not forget St John McCain who lost his presidential race. Can we just move his legacy to “loser” and forget all about him?

Posted by Open Blogger at 03:51 PM Comments

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dartist: "Looks like Bibi is getting ready to kick Ilam Omar ..."

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Nova local: "309 Nova local - thanks. Shocked to see Roy saying ..."

DB- just DB: "My dad was from Buchanan Co VA pretty sure it's s ..."

Humpty Dumpty: "302 In brief, most Republicans, including plenty o ..."

barbarausa: "someone posted this on the local Republican page, ..."

rhomboid: "Nova local - thanks. Shocked to see Roy saying th ..."

Nova local: "Correct. I generally don't count Virginia in my li ..."

Joe XiDen: "Hannity has to be performance art by now. ..."

Yudhishthira's Dice: " All other demographics will stop voting Democrat ..."

Axeman: "LOL. For a second or two, I thought Chip Roy was t ..."

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