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BLM 'activist' Henry E. Washington arrested for killing a cop. Mainstream media yawns. "Bothell police officer Jonathan Shoop was gunned down and murdered. His partner was shot as well. If this is new to you, keep in mind it happened Monday night, but mainstream media is silent." [CBD]
Mythbuster Grant Imahara passes away of a brain aneurysm. He was 49 years old. R.I.P. [Weirddave]
The Cleveland Spiders and Carrot Chili:
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Say, remember when all the NeverTrumper Twitter All-Star Geniuses vowed that the Circuit Court order would be slam-dunk reviewed en banc and overruled...? Say, Geniuses, that was 14 days ago... and there are mere hours before the order becomes final. Gee, what happened? You Twitter geniuses are so smart and always so confident in your bold manner of agreeing with everyone else on twitter....
Psst, do you think #Putin ordered the judges to #StandDown? Sounds like a winner of a conspiracy theory to me!
BTW: Robert Barnes (yeah I've been listening to him on Viva Frei a lot) said that the US District Court's order to Sullivan to dismiss the Flynn case only becomes a true order after fourteen days -- 14 days are granted to appeal the ruling, or for the court itself to schedule an en banc rehearing. He said it's completely normal for Sullivan to not do anything until those 14 days are up.
The Circuit Court ruling was made Wednesday, June 24th.
Those 14 days are up either tomorrow or Friday. (Do you count 14 days from the next full day or what? I dunno. I suspect you count from the next day.)
Anyway, corrupt incompetent Emmit Sullivan will be signing the order to dismiss the Flynn case either tomorrow or Friday, barring any 11th hour order from the court for an en banc rehearing.
BOLO tomorrow, JJ, OM, and CBD!
Harvard, MIT sue to preserve foreign students' access during coronavirus pandemic "...and speculated the rule was meant to be malicious, "to create as much chaos for universities and international students as possible.""
That works! [CBD]
Biden's Foreign Policy Boss Called for Anti-Israel DNC Platform
"Jewish Democrats are working hard to convince American Jews that Biden will be friendly to Israel, but his latest move once again sends a very different message." [CBD]
Ennio Morricone has died. His score for the Mission. RIP, Senore. [TheJamesMadison]
North Texas City and County Leaders React to Abbott's Face Mask Order
"I don't have the time or manpower to worry about whether people are wearing masks or not[...] I believe the Constitution trumps everything, and I believe in personal responsibility." [CBD]
Brian Kilmeade: I just subscribed to The Dispatch
Lemme guess, you have another shit book to promote and you're trying to get on Jonah's little-noticed podcast?
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February 06, 2011

Charles Krauthammer: "If Godzilla Appeared On The National Mall, Al Gore Would Say It's Because of Global Warming"

Because of, you know, "the spores."

Al Gore's explanation is a lie. The same lie was offered last year. It's basically "well of course it's snowy because all this extra warm air coming up from the equator is loading the air with moisture and so it snows."

Except it's not just snowy. It's also cold. Al Gore's hot-air-causes-precipitation explanation can be used to explain precipitation -- but heat cannot be so used to explain cold.

And it is cold. Colder than the global warmistas predicted, of course, but who cares, that's Old School Science where you make predictions which are then either proven true or false, which in turn either provides or removes confidence from your working model. The New Science is It just is; we have said so; now shut up.

Clown Nose On, Clown Nose Off: That's how Treacher described Jon Stewart's very selective stance as to whether he was "just a comedian" and it therefore didn't matter if he was saying nonsense or whether he was a sage outsider commentator on political affairs.

The global warmistas have a similar tactic. When asked to explain why their predictions keep failing, they will say "Well, the environment is a very complicated thing and of course we don't have a perfect model of it yet."

But when their core claims are challenged, they claim the exact opposite: They have a perfect model of everything, with all variables perfectly weighed in the equation (that's why they know, to a moral certainty, that the sun has no more than a trivial effect on changing climate), so shut up, we got this, all of this.

Well which is it? They seem to toggle between Perfect Confidence in Our Perfect Modeling and Of Course All Models are Incomplete and Inaccurate as often as, well, as often as the weather changes, don't they? If the weather does anything congruent with their model, toggle on Perfect Confidence mode; if the weather does anything incongruent with their model, toggle on High Number of Variables That Of Course No One Can Perfect Model.

These are incompatible, of course. If it is true (as it is true) that they really have a very poor, shaky, and incomplete model of the climate, then they cannot have such confidence in their (almost always in error) predictions.

They can't admit that, of course. Same as charlatans claiming they can bring the rain to a droughted land can admit Shit, Boss, I really don't know why it rains or why it doesn't. The Charlatan's position at royal court depends on him being able to convince the king he knows what's going on, despite never being able to actually demonstrate an accurate working knowledge of what's going on.

posted by Ace at 12:41 PM