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I know my claims about the Greatest Song of the 20th Century have been questionable at best, but now, I have run the experiments and checked the data and tweaked the algorithms and can now present to you, finally, unquestionably, The All-Time Greatest Song of the 20th Century
By star of stage and screen Kristy McNichol, of course
Democrat congressional candidate who assaulted Representative Matt Gaetz -- she "milkshaked" him, which is an assault -- sentenced to prison, but only for a mere 15 days
The courts are George Soros-backed prosecutors are making it clear that the left has a green flag for violence. They are playing a dangerous game which will not end well.
Free Beacon headline: On 77th Birthday, Grandpa Joe Biden Welcomes Sixth Grandchild
Hunter's denied/unacknowledged love child, they mean.
Can't wait for the left -- including the NeverTrumpers (but I repeat myself) -- to start claiming it's not fair to pick on Hunter for his out-of-wedlock sex-child, trusting that we won't remember their absolute glee about Palin's daughter's pregnancy.
Ever notice that all of the strident propagandists for alleged Free Market Corporatism themselves have only the most theoretical experience with actual capitalism?
They're sucking money from gifts cadged out of older people who have been tricked into thinking these people are pushing conservatism, rather than liberal-leaning archlibertarianism. As well as barely-disguised bribes from Google, Koch, etc.
What does this have to do with actually earning money, cash-for-services, cash-for-product?
These people all seem to be great admirers of capitalism -- from a safe distance, you understand.
They certainly appreciate the capitalist spirit -- in others.
But for this gang of gold-plated mediocrities themselves, it's Donor Class Communism all the way. Those dinners and junkets and parties aren't going to pay for themselves.
I think it should be a rule that these High Priests of Archlibertarianism must disclose, yearly, precisely when their last contact with the capitalist system actually occurred.
For a huge swathe of them, the answer will be either "Never" or "When I was working at a Dairy Queen in junior year of high school."
When was the last time these fake-ass "libertarian capitalists" worked for an organization whose cash-flow was not generated by a mixture of beggary and bribery?
Is this something?
It's a girl group doing a surf rock cover of Britney Spears' Toxic.
Quentin Tarantino just died from orgasm.
They're not the greatest players but I like the idea.
I know why Bruce Jenner pretended to have a sex change: so that he, a 70 year old man, could bang a 23 year old woman and be endlessly praised for his bravery
If only I could know such bravery! As Sir Galahad said, "Let me go back, and face the peril!"
h/t: Enquiring minds want to know
Analysis/Claim: More women saw "Rambo: Last Blood" than "Charlie's Angels"
lol, I guess Elizabeth Banks was right about women seeing action movies with dudes
I take so much joy in her failure. Why? Well, remember, she produced this incredibly annoying celebrity sing-a-long for Hillary? Eat a dick, hag.
Breaking: Elizabeth Banks just simultaneously farted in 3000 theaters.
Update: Eric Swallowall just asked to have thirty seconds added to his time "so that I can fart like a boss."
CENSURE REQUIRED! Eric Swallwell flouted longstanding norms against farting on camera.
Fake conservative Kept Woman Matt Lewis trolls conservatives again, because you know he's really super-conservative
"Let’s say you’re a conservative person. You orient your life around faith, family, community, decency, patriotism, modesty, honesty, charity, frugality, and human dignity... and your heroes are... Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and Rudy Giuliani?"
Forgotten Seventies Classic Rock Mystery Click
Hint: Stuttering; "big brown eyes"
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November 01, 2004

Bin Ladin Offers Truce to Any State Voting for Kerry

Mickey Kaus will of course spin this as some clever reverse psychology on the mass-murdering cave-dweller's part.

Safire has a similar piece, although he's not privy to the translation that makes it clear that bin Ladin's offering a truce to US states that reject Bush:

The big news in Osama bin Laden's message to American voters was not his intercession in our election; that clumsy ploy was not as successful as his pre-election panicking of Spain's voters.

Nor was the news his delight in the "pet goat" sequence in Michael Moore's Bush-bashing film, and his admonition that "Bush is still deceiving you and hiding the truth from you," echoing the central Kerry theme. Nor was it the frustrating fact that our Global Enemy No. 1 is alive and well and still at large.

The unremarked news is that this mass murderer evidently seeks a kind of truce. Although some coverage of his pre-election message noted an unexpected "conciliatory tone," we have not fixed on the reason for this change in his attitude.

"Each state that does not harm our security will remain safe," bin Laden promised, which was "why we did not attack Sweden, for example." His unmistakable import: if the U.S. were to stop our war on Qaeda terror, which has killed or captured an estimated 75 percent of his closest collaborators, that would be what he called "the ideal way to avoid another Manhattan ..." Stop warring on terror and you will "remain safe."

Generals do not call for a truce when they're winning. Only warriors thrust on the defensive become conciliatory, hoping that negotiations will give them time to regroup and resupply. Bin Laden's vain hope seems to be that the defeat of Bush will give him time to buy or steal a horrific weapon as an "equalizer."

He moves on to other foreign interlopers in our election:

Bin Laden was the second outsider to try to influence our election in an "October surprise." I suspect the first was Mohamed ElBaradei, the chief U.N. arms inspector, said to be miffed at the Bush administration's refusal to support his bid for an unprecedented third term.

He has long known about the presence of "nuclear trigger" explosives (evidence of Saddam's nuclear ambitions?) in one of Iraq's thousands of ammo dumps. But, The Wall Street Journal reports that with exquisite political timing, on Oct. 1 ElBaradei sent a "reminder" to a Baathist science minister renewing the U.N. interest in these particular explosives. That produced a dutiful letter from the Iraqi bureaucrat to the U.N. nine days later that was promptly leaked to CBS News, which apparently turned to the more credible New York Times to do most of the reporting.

He lets the NYT entirely off the hook for its role-- something I've come to expect. The New York Times is like a very exclusive club, or rather, perhaps, a very exclusive cult. Once you're inducted, you don't say anything negative about it.

Even if you're a conservative who knows better, like William Safire or David "It's a balanced newspaper" Brooks.

And a must-read post by Jim Lindgren at the Volokh Mega-Conspiracy, suggesting that Osama seems an avid Michael Moore fan.

posted by Ace at 04:08 AM