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President of the American Vaping Association is a fan of the ONT and Misanthropic Humanitarian
Well, he's a fan of the ONT quoting him. Still -- I think that's something!
Can we start quoting Demi Rose, fellas? AIM HIGHER
Get the fainting couch for Little Benny Shapiro!
Oh wait, don't bother getting it; he's not troubled by this at all, strangely enough
Thanks to Deep State is in Deep Shit
169 127 Ilhan Omar loves this country so much that as soon as she got here she wanted to experience the rich cultural heritage of West Virginia by marrying a relative. None of you love America enough to do that!!
Posted by: Broseidon - New Work Computer, Same Work Ethic
Justice on Trial is the #1 bestseller in the country, per Publisher Weekly's not-cooked list
Jonah Goldberg said a week ago that if he "heard" of Mollie Hemingway's book, he'd recommend it, maybe. Maybe ask him if he's heard of it now.
465 Thank god these people no longer influence anything except each other.
Posted by: William Eaton

484 The really funny part of all of this is that of course none of this cuck performance art will ever buy them entry into the exclusive clubs of the Left.

Jonah Goldberg bewailed the chant, and his next 8,000 Twitter replies were liberals saying it was his fault because he wrote "Liberal Fascism" and the title hurt their feewings.

Posted by: Ian S.
Wes Pruden, Washington Times editor and columnist, dies at 83
Thanks to "Ha" for alerting me. (And no, that's not any kind of insult to Pruden; "Ha" is the name he always goes by. A bit awkward in this context but it is just his screen-name.)
LOL reply to the sanctimonious David French, bewailing the country's divisions: "O! Why is the country so divided!?" shrieked the Russia Truther.
Liberal atheist AllahPundit just can't stop attacking Christians
It's "racist" to attack any group you don't belong to, but the liberal atheist AllahPundit attacks conservative Christians, accusing them of Godcrime, four or five times per week
It's also cool that he's quoting Real TruCon Conservatives like MSNBC flunky Michael Steele, too
It's like AllahPundit is saying Christians aren't real Americans and should go back to their own countries, except he says it 5 days a week
The Washington Monument "For three nights, July 16, 17 and 18 -- the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum will project the rocket's image onto the east face of the monument." [CBD]
I'm avoiding the full pile on, because I understand this person is nice and personally loyal, but a Leading NeverTrumper and Fusion GPS conspiracy theory promoter just tweeted, about Stevens' death: Man, the confirmation hearings over John Paul Stevens' replacement is going to be pure fire!
This wouldn't be such a big deal except we keep being told by this crew that they're the Smart Ones who Really Understand Politics. In fact, they're almost all unaccomplished and a bit dim. They mistake "Famous among a tiny subculture addicted to Twitter" for actually famous. Or actually accomplished.
A friend cracks: "Maybe she got this wrong because she was reading from Fusion GPS' dossier on Stevens."
You know, people involved in writing and communications might want to consider that Twitter Is Not Their Friend. It encourages lazy writing and thoughtless #HotTakes. Why bother checking to see the last decade that Stevens worked as a justice when precious seconds for getting in your #EarlyHotTake are slipping away!
Really Super-Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Hint: it's King Creole and the Coconuts doing "My Male Curiosity"
Let's face it, you weren't going to get it anyway
Here's a topic: Can you think of bands that seemed to get a lot of promotion in movies and tv but didn't go anywhere? I seem to remember David Johannson (especially in his "Buster Poindexter" persona/act) getting a lot of tv/movie push and not being very good; Oingo Boingo too. (Danny Elfman eventually made it as a composer, but not as a rocknroll front man.)
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September 21, 2004

Re-Post-- Andrew Sullivan: "I'm Not Easily Offended"

Newcomers to this site might wonder what the hell I was doing before Dan Rather decided to give me the gift of traffic.

Well, pretty much I was doing the same crap, except to Andrew Sullivan.

Andrew "No Offense Taken" Sullivan had his nineteenth nervous breakdown after Zell Miller spoke at the Republican convention, declaring:

"I'm not easy to offend, but this speech was gob-smackingly vile."

Well, I decided to check the evidence as for his self-declared immunity to offense. The results of this investigation follow.

"I'm not easy to offend, but this speech was gob-smackingly vile."

So says my longtime pen-pal and former college badmitton partner Andrew Sullivan, evaluating his capacity to be offended, and finding himself to be quite a cool customer in this regard.

I think that's the way we all think of Andrew-- as not easily offended.

When I think of the man who (to tell a secret) actually writes half the posts on this site (tip: me, the real Ace, never played D&D in my life; that dorkwad elf crap is all Andrew), I think of a calm, stoic, almost impassive man; and not at all, let us say, a man prone to twitchy excitability, shrill hyperbole, embarassingly emotional language, or frequent hysterical outbursts.

Not. At. All.

The sort of man who never, ever finds something that outrages him, and tells us all in no uncertain terms about how "vile," "disgusting," "sickening," et al. it all is.

The sort of man who you could easily see playing the Steve McQueen role in a remake of Bullitt, so long as the director would be comfortable with a more understated and laconic performance.

At any rate, here's a quick run-down of Andrew's recent take-no-offense, just-hang-and-chill-with-it postings. The blase ennui practically drips from these posts, I think you'll agree.

"Purple Heart bandages are plain sickening."

"This is an almost seventeenth century piece of public sectarianism and anti-Catholic bigotry. But it's now the Republican mainstream."

"One thought sprang into my mind immediately: what an arrogant jerk."

"I feel sick to my stomach."

" have to say my mind and heart are reeling from these images from the bowels of Abu Ghraib and the thought that worse are yet to come."

"Both are repulsive in different ways."

"I can barely believe that the Catholic hierarchy is doing Karl Rove's work for him. But then, as we have discovered, the current hierarchy is capable of almost anything."

"To describe this deep human need, this conservative impulse, as an "attack" on an institution revered by many homosexuals and their families is itself a piece of callous demonization. And the precedent is chilling."

"Jonah's second point is simply insulting... Conservative opinion on gays ranges from boredom to outright hostility and animus. There are times when I prefer the animus."

"I'm befuddled why he cannot simply apologize. Rumsfeld's blithe assertion that he hadn't even bothered to read the full Taguba report before a major press conference also cannot quite dislodge itself from my consciousness."

"How convenient. Now, merely campaigning for equal marriage rights weakens marriage. So you can blame the fags for the decline of an institution they have had nothing to do with. A million sighs of relief go up from the social conservatives."

"There was no "extremely significant silence" [on Sullivan's part]. Just outrage and a period of reflection. "

"Has this caused me heart-ache? No end. I do indeed feel betrayed, as do many other gay people who trusted this president and paid a price in many ways for supporting him."

"I'm sick of being told that worrying about this is a sign of faint-heartedness in the war."

"It's this blindness that rankles."

"More evidence that many parts of our agricultural industry - even with chickens now - is, with respect to treatment of animals, a moral disgrace.... Just incredible - but perhaps unavoidable in a food industry that often treats animals with contempt and cruelty."

Wait one red hot minute: even with chickens? Even chickens? Wouldn't you guess that, in the heirarchy of food-animals, chickens would be the first to be abused? I don't know why I think that.

Oh yeah, yes I do: because they're fucking chickens.

But anyway, on to the piece de resistance:

"As a believer in free trade, I was offended by steel tariffs; as a federalist, I was appalled by his incursion on states' rights, from marriage to marijuana; as a balanced-budget conservative, I was horrified by the president's insouciance toward deficits and expansion of entitlements..."

That's my best bud-- Andrew "Not Easy to Offend" Sullivan. Just about the calmest, coolest, least emotional cat I know.

Steady as a rock. An emotionally unstable rock with a nervous disorder shrieking hysterically in the grips of a meth-fueled halluciation that its eyes are being devoured by "sinister lobsters."

And who's really, really passionate about gay marriage.

That's the sort of rock I'm talking about.

Unrelated Serendipitous Irony Update: From a different era in Andrew's life, back when the War on Terror was, like, you know, sorta important 'n stuff.

"If National Review could can Coulter, the mainstream left can certainly can Rall. My bet is: they won't. Nothing should be allowed to detract from the war against Bush. Not even elemental decency and taste."

Nothing should be allowed to detract from the war against Bush. How... self-prescient, to coin a clumsy term.

posted by Ace at 04:21 PM