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Liberal atheist AllahPundit just can't stop attacking Christians
It's "racist" to attack any group you don't belong to, but the liberal atheist AllahPundit attacks conservative Christians, accusing them of Godcrime, four or five times per week
It's also cool that he's quoting Real TruCon Conservatives like MSNBC flunky Michael Steele, too
It's like AllahPundit is saying Christians aren't real Americans and should go back to their own countries, except he says it 5 days a week
The Washington Monument "For three nights, July 16, 17 and 18 -- the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum will project the rocket's image onto the east face of the monument." [CBD]
I'm avoiding the full pile on, because I understand this person is nice and personally loyal, but a Leading NeverTrumper and Fusion GPS conspiracy theory promoter just tweeted, about Stevens' death: Man, the confirmation hearings over John Paul Stevens' replacement is going to be pure fire!
This wouldn't be such a big deal except we keep being told by this crew that they're the Smart Ones who Really Understand Politics. In fact, they're almost all unaccomplished and a bit dim. They mistake "Famous among a tiny subculture addicted to Twitter" for actually famous. Or actually accomplished.
A friend cracks: "Maybe she got this wrong because she was reading from Fusion GPS' dossier on Stevens."
You know, people involved in writing and communications might want to consider that Twitter Is Not Their Friend. It encourages lazy writing and thoughtless #HotTakes. Why bother checking to see the last decade that Stevens worked as a justice when precious seconds for getting in your #EarlyHotTake are slipping away!
Really Super-Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Hint: it's King Creole and the Coconuts doing "My Male Curiosity"
Let's face it, you weren't going to get it anyway
Here's a topic: Can you think of bands that seemed to get a lot of promotion in movies and tv but didn't go anywhere? I seem to remember David Johannson (especially in his "Buster Poindexter" persona/act) getting a lot of tv/movie push and not being very good; Oingo Boingo too. (Danny Elfman eventually made it as a composer, but not as a rocknroll front man.)
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Somethin' in the moonlight catches my eye...
Baseball Cuck is, as usual, convinced he is smarter than everyone else in the world, despite continents of evidence to the contrary
The ability of the NeverTrump pseudo-intellectuals to maintain such passionate belief in their intellectual supremacy despite overwhelming evidence that they are wrong about literally everything is... how do I say it? ... rather Millennial in its delusional self-regard, no?
How do you spell "hamster," BaseballCuck?
An ocean of smug, a thimbleful of brains
Flashback: Glenn Reynolds on How David Brooks Gave Us Donald Trump
" It's clear that [Brooks would] like a social/political revolution that was more refined, better-mannered, more focused on the Constitution and, well, more bourgeois as opposed to in-your-face and working class.
The thing is, we had that movement. It was the Tea Party movement...
Yet the tea party movement was smeared as racist, denounced as fascist, harassed with impunity by the IRS and generally treated with contempt by the political establishment and by pundits like Brooks, who declared "I'm not a fan of this movement." After handing the GOP big legislative victories in 2010 and 2014, it was largely betrayed by the Republicans in Congress, who broke their promises to shrink government and block Obama's initiatives.
When politeness and orderliness are met with contempt and betrayal, do not be surprised if the response is something less polite, and less orderly.
Surprising exactly no one, David French once again teams up with the leftwing Vox's leftwing "reporter" on "The GOP, the right, and white supremacy" to smear his enemies, and Jonah Goldberg recommends the leftwing Vox "reporter's" thread to his Twitter following
Once again, they attempt to get an insult they don't like -- "cuck" -- censored, claiming it is only about black men having sex with white wives. The cuck kink isn't limited to black-on-white cucking -- it's a term oblivious to race, and refers only to weakness and submissiveness -- but they keep saying it is entirely racial, contrary to the dictionary definition and contrary to a cursory perusal of the offerings in this category on Xhamster. Just to falsely tar their opponents as "racist" for daring to criticize them. Same as their liberal friends do, oddly enough!
Or maybe I'm too cynical. Maybe they're not deliberately misrepresenting "cuck" porn as exclusively black and white; perhaps they're just prisoners of their own experience and their own kinks, and that's just their personal favorite type of cuck pornography.
I don't know. What I do know is that cucks come in all colors and shapes. Well, one shape, mostly -- Eggs With Legs. But again, it's not exclusive to that.
The silly little brokebrain bitch David French spends more time damseling for himself on Twitter, asking his beta orbiters to protect him, than he spends on his actual job(s). Shouldn't he at least put up a Patreon with "nude and lewd" pictures of himself on offer if he's going to keep begging his beta orbiters to White Knight for him? Shouldn't his Beta Brigade get some sexy boudoir shots for their services?
Coming soon: The Conservative Case for Anita Sarkesian, Who Showed Us The Way
Ain't No Rest for the Triggered, by Chris Raygun
Actually, given that these fine gentlemen are now making The Conservative Case for Vox, why bother with NR and the much, much anticipated Hayes/Goldberg newsletter -- why not just patronize Vox, the site that they're such great fans of? Cut out the middleman -- the Lucky Pierre -- I say.
How Prince wound up doing the "Batman" corporate synergy album (the first such album, not saying that's a good thing, mind you)
The studio wanted Michael Jackson, and for a time, it was going to be a Michael Jackson/Prince album (Jackson doing ballads for the heroes, Prince doing rougher music for the villains), but it wound up just as Prince
Star Wars: Saved In the Edit
Good short video about how Marcia Lucas saved a disaster called "Star Wars" by re-editing the beginning and the ending.
Sean Davis on Twitter: "Imagine being a 'conservative' who spent all day sanctimoniously defending Ilhan Omar's virtue and courage and contributions to American democracy, only to have her hold a press conference where she refused to denounce Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism."
Coming Soon: The Conservative Case for the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
Clarification on the connection between American Greatness and the Claremont Institute: In an earlier sidebar item, I mentioned there was some "vague connection" between the two, which I didn't understand the details of. Someone contacted me and informed me there is no real connection. They're just Republicans, and the two groups are mostly based in Southern California, so some of them know each other, and they tend to agree on most issues.
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August 20, 2004

"The Mother of All Backlashes"

"Out of desperation, the Bush campaign has picked the wrong fight with the wrong veteran," said Jim Jordan, former Kerry campaign manager who now runs an outside group airing ads against Bush. "Today's the start of the mother of all backlashes." -- quoted by Wizbang

Kerry Campaign Hires New Spokesman to Handle SwiftVets' Allegations

Q. It has now been established, and tacitly admitted by the Kerry Camp, that John Kerry was never in Cambodia as he has repeatedly claimed over the years. Do you believe this diminishes Senator Kerry's credibility and/or capacity to act as commander-in-chief?

A. (Kerry Spokesman Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf, aka "Baghdad Bob"): These are a pack of crusader lies. Lies and fabrications of the warmonger Bush. John Kerry was in Cambodia on Christmas. John Forbes Kerry lived in Cambodia for six months, deployed deep behind enemy lines, disguising himself for weeks on end as a disused highway men's lavatory. John Forbes Kerry lived in a pool of his own filth for months in order to secure his great victory over the Infidel Invaders of Cambodia.

His own filth, and that of others, Allah be praised.

Q. Changing the subject a little, John Kerry admits, in broad outlines, that the SwiftVets' account of the sampan engagement is true. He admits that an unarmed woman and infant child were shot to death on the sampan. And yet John Kerry's official after-action-report -- submitted to the Navy as the officially sworn account of events -- makes no such mention of the killed woman and child. This would seem to be an intentional omission, almost certainly unethical, and likely illegal. How do you respond?

A. Lies, lies, outrageous lies concocted by the Jew minions of the Jew Satan!!! John Forbes Kerry scored a magnificent victory over that unarmed woman and infant! Let the Rolls of Honor kept by Mohammed himself record that John Forbes Kerry acted like a Lion of Baghdad when he shot that child! It made a threatening motion.

Q. What sort of threatening motion?

A. It blew a spit-bubble, and then it shat itself.

Q. Is that really threatening?

A. Have you ever changed a diaper? You must deal firmly with these little stinkers. Next question.

Q. The SwiftVets allege that two of John Kerry's Purple Hearts were awarded for injuries sustained from something other than hostile fire, and that furthermore both of these injuries were extraodinarily superficial, and not the sort of injuries typically deserving of a citation. The number of men stating that there was no hostile fire on these occasions greatly exceeds the number of men stating that there was. Do you have a response?

A. I would like to respond to that question with a two-part answer.

Part One. There was hostile enemy fire on both occasions. The sky was so full of bullets and shells that, by Allah, the very sun was blotted from the sky, and the earth shrouded in deathly shadow. Furthermore, John Forbes Kerry's injuries were severe. His head was taken clean off by an RPG fired by the Infidel Cong. It took him three weeks to recover.

Part Two: There are no infidels in Baghdad! None! It is all a concoction of the Zionist entity! By Allah's grace, the entrails of the miscreants will roast in hell for the very blasphemy of this lie!!!

Q. That's non-responsive.

A. No, YOU are non-responsive! You will burn in the fires of the unclean for your impudence.

Q. Thank you for your time.

A. And thank you for your time. If you need a transcript of this interview, I will have it ready for you within the hour. Now, good day to you all.

(as press conference breaks up)

How did I do?

Q. Better than ever. Good to have you back.

A. Thank you very much. I'm just so tickled to be back on CNN.

Oh, and all of your bodies will rot and fester in the graveyards that are the Iraqi deserts. But I think that much is obvious.

Welcome New Readers! This post is getting more links than I expected, so let me do some self-advertisement and direct you to some posts that I think are funnier:

Top Ten Signs of Hip-Hop Influence on John Forbes Kerry. He says he's "fascinated" by hip-hop, you know.

A little strange, but give it a chance: Top Ten Points of Comparison Between John Forbes Kerry and Bigfoot.

And, if you're annoyed by Oliver Willis as much as I am, try taking the Oliver Willis SAT's.

The Backlash Hasn't Begun Quite Yet Update: Kelly tips to this letter to Mark Steyn from a vet who knew Kerry from the VVAW:

I met John Kerry when I became a member of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War in 1971. If I were running for office, I might be tempted to say that I joined the WAW because I was opposed to the war. The truth was less noble. I was broke, their offices were a convenient crash pad and you could meet a hell of lot of loose women by going to demonstrations as a “Vet”.


John was clearly on the make, but he was also a classic preppy mook. He wanted so much to be one of the people like Scott Camille who had been “stone killers” but after a few minutes of talking to him it was clear that he was one of the guys who never knew where the fire was coming from even when the enemy were using tracers.

...I missed what would have been my one and only purple heart by deciding to get a cup of coffee about 30 seconds before an RPG cut through the outer bulkhead on the O-1 level of my LST and turned the mattress I been lying on into confetti. (Mr. Roberts in reverse; ever since then, I have never turned down an opportunity for caffeine).

John’s only replay was something along the lines of “Man, it was hell.” I doubt it. There were few safer places to be in Viet-Nam than the Mekong after Tet. The VC had been pretty much wiped out, and the NVA never made any serious attempts to use the rivers.

What I do not doubt is that John successfully gamed the system to get his 3 purples and his quick ticket home. I suppose I should be bitter about it, but life is too short; and you have to look at it from the point of view of his fellow sailors. The ones who knew what they were doing also knew that a guy that arrogantly dumb was a menace. He could get you killed. Better to ship him home.

John’s current stature as a “war hero” is a measure of how few Americans - even those of the “Greatest Generation” – have ever seen the sharp end of war.

posted by Ace at 05:02 PM