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July 19, 2024

Josh Hawley: Whistleblowers Tell Me That Kim Cheatle Sent the C-Team to "Protect" Trump, Some of the "Agents" Weren't Even Secret Service at All

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Happy Preekend everybody!

I've been off the computer until now, resting my eyes. I did most of today's posts during Trump's somewhat long speech.

I noticed in his speech, he gets annoyed having to read other people's written lines, so after every line he reads from the teleprompter, he then offers asides and digressions to add his personal flava to it.

Like he read: "From Yorktown, to Antietam, to Midway, brave Americans have joined the roll call of immortal heroes."

And that's obviously not Trump's way of speaking.

Then he turns to the audience and freestyles it: "These heroes, these heroes. So many heroes, so many. We need to cherish them. We need to cherish these heroes. Did you ever notice that? No one says 'cherish these heroes' any longer, no one says that. We need to build statues. Beautiful statues. I love the flag."

Then he goes back to the script for a line.

That's why it was so long -- the script itself was about 45 minutes long, and then his asides were just as long.

Anyway, good speech at the beginning and at the end, a bit soggy in the middle.

ABC's hysterical hyperpartisan Martha Raddatz claimed Trump should have ended his speech after the beginning, when he talked about the assassination. She said he then spoke about nothing but his "grievances."

By "grievances," she means his criticisms of the Democrat Administration. Martha Raddatz thinks that any criticism of Democrats is definitionally just a petty "grievance."

Which is funny, because all Democrat "politics" are are a series of grievances. The feminists are angry that Girlboss isn't a real position in the workforce, and that men continue not automatically deferring to them when they speak "their truth." Leftwing racialists complain that they have "generational trauma" and still feel the oppression their grandparents suffered, somehow. Gays and trans people complain that they haven't been properly embraced and affirmed yet.

But when Trump talks about 13 Americans being killed by Biden's disastrous bug-out, or about inflation reducing everyone's real wealth by 20%, that's just "grievance" politics, according to this wrinkled-ass Skeletor-face twunt.

On to the latest "hmmmm" tidbit about the corrupt and incompetent (and possibly treasonous?) Deep State.

The Deep State will be purged, and it will be glorious.

And after they are purged, they will of course become agents of foreign governments and not bother registering as such, and then we can imprison them.


Collin Rugg

BREAKING: Senator Josh Hawley says whistleblowers have come forward, alleges the Biden DHS assigned "unprepared and inexperienced personnel" to Trump who weren't even Secret Service.

"Whistleblowers who have direct knowledge of the event have approached my office. According to the allegations, the July 13 rally was considered to be a loose' security event," Hawley said in a letter to Mayorkas.

"For example, detection canines were not used to monitor entry and detect threats in the usual manner. Individuals without proper designations were able to gain access to backstage areas."

"Department personnel did not appropriately police the security buffer around the podium and were also not stationed at regular intervals around the event's security perimeter."

"In addition, whistleblower allegations suggest the majority of DHS officials were not in fact USSS agents but instead drawn from the department's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI)."

"This is especially concerning given that HSI agents were unfamiliar with standard protocols typically used at these types of events, according to the allegations."

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 06:00 PM Comments

King Harv Imperial Coffee

James Varney: There's a Culture of Sexual Predation in the Nation's Schools, and the Political Class Is Covering It Up

—Disinformation Expert Ace

The left has been making movies about their heroism in taking on the Catholic Church.

But when it comes to their own?

Forced silence.

Forbidden Fruit and the Classroom: The Huge American Sex-Abuse Scandal That Educators Scandalously Suppress

By James Varney, RealClearInvestigations
July 10, 2024

Every day millions of parents put their children under the care of public school teachers, administrators, and support staff. Their trust, however, is frequently broken by predators in authority in what appears to be the largest ongoing sexual abuse scandal in our nation's history.

Given the roughly 50 million students in U.S. K-12 schools each year, the number of students who have been victims of sexual misconduct by school employees is probably in the millions each decade, according to multiple studies. Such numbers would far exceed the high-profile abuse scandals that rocked the Roman Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America.

For a variety of reasons, ranging from embarrassment to eagerness to avoid liability, elected or appointed officials, along with unions or lobbying groups representing school employees, have fought to keep the truth hidden from the public.

"In any given year they have failed to report thousands of these situations, and instead they've papered them over, acted like it's not an issue," former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told RealClearInvestigations.
Stunned by a 2018 Chicago Tribune investigation that found 523 incident reports of sexual misconduct by employees of the city's schools during the past decade, DeVos during the Trump administration launched the process of including specific questions about such cases in the Department's Civil Rights Data Collection, a process it undertakes every two years. Previously, the Office for Civil Rights asked only general questions about sexual misconduct incidents, without a breakdown of alleged perpetrators.

The Biden administration initially sought to remove those questions, saying it wanted to avoid data duplication, but it backtracked after fierce criticism it was doing so as a sop to teachers unions. Consequently, the question will be included on future questionnaires, but, as of today, the Department of Education "has no data," a spokesperson told RCI.

So they were forced to stop trying to remove the question, because it sure makes it look like the Biden Administration is covering up for pedophiles.

So now the question is supposedly asked -- but no one in the Biden Administration actually collects or collates the answers.

The answers, if they're given at all, are disappeared.

These days, from Portland, Maine, to Portland, Oregon, even a cursory review of local news reporting brings disquieting revelations of teachers accused of or arrested for alleged sexual relations with a student. In just the past month:

In California, multiple students filed a lawsuit against a male music teacher who had taught at three different schools in the San Jose area. The teacher is already serving prison time for previous convictions in sexual misconduct cases with students.

In New Jersey, a female middle school teacher was arrested for an alleged ongoing sexual relationship with a student.

In Texas, a male teacher was arrested for allegedly having a sexual affair with a 12-year-old student.

In Illinois, a female substitute teacher faces charges of "grooming and predatory criminal sexual assault" for an alleged relationship with a sixth-grader.

In Washington, the arrest of a male high school teacher on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor represented a repeat nightmare for a school district that previously had a psychologist convicted on the same charges.

Just last weekend, a 36-year-old New Jersey teacher was arrested on multiple assault charges involving a sexual relationship with a teenage student.


[E]xperts who track the problem don't take the problem lightly. Pointing to research from Hofstra University that found roughly 1 in 10 students in K-12 schools have suffered "some form of sexual misconduct by an educator," Terri Miller, head of the advocacy group SESAME (Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation), said the number of victims is staggering.

"The rate of educator sexual misconduct is 10 times higher in one year's time than in five decades of abuse by clergy," Miller said, noting that in 2021 the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reported it had received nearly 4,300 sexual abuse allegations. "Another striking contrast is we are not mandated to send our children to church; we are mandated to send them to school."

The extent of the problem may shock many Americans. The topic has long been shrouded by a curtain held by various actors in the drama: schools reluctant to go public with embarrassing and possibly criminal activity, unions fighting for members' privacy and sometimes state laws that protect it, and a government reluctant to ask hard questions that would gather reliable data.

But the cases and tactics often used to cover them up have become common enough to earn an ugly nickname: "passing the trash."

Oh, you mean that when the parents of children at a school get outraged that a teacher is a pedophile, they don't fire him, but merely move him to another school jurisdiction where the parents aren't aware of his proclivities?

I remember the Catholic Church did this -- and the leftwing Regime thought that was an unspeakable cover-up then.

But now?


"DOE does not and never has tracked sexual misconduct committed by adults against students," said Billie-Jo Grant, a professor at California Poly State University who is one of the nation's top researchers on the topic.

"DOE has never aggressively worked to stop teachers' unions and administrators from passing the trash," she told RCI. "DOE does not hold accountable the many enablers who have created a pool of mobile molesters in our schools nationwide. Your questions should include why? Why? Why?"

Read the whole thing.

National "Education" Association pyrsyn and Marxist preacher: "We have to win all the things!!!"

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 05:00 PM Comments

The Assassin Stashed His Gun Near the Trump Rally Before Retrieving It To Take His Shot, and the Secret Service Failed to Find It When They Did Their Insecure Security Sweep

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Great! Another DEI success story!

Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old would-be assassin who opened fire on former President Donald Trump's Pennsylvania campaign rally Saturday, hid the weapon in advance, according to a Secret Service source.

It was not immediately clear where he hid it, however. By the time agents spotted him on the roof, he was already holding it.

"We went from golf range finder to AR-15, and now we have to fill in the gap," the source told Fox News.

When authorities first observed Crooks carrying a golf range finder Saturday, he was perceived as a "person of interest" but not a "threat," authorities said Thursday.

Range finders were not banned from rally events at the time, but authorities are expected to review the list of items that are not allowed.

He did not become an official threat until he was seen with a weapon.

There were four counter-sniper teams stationed around the rally, according to the Secret Service -- two from the agency and two provided by local law enforcement.

Of the four teams, two opened fire, one local and one from the Service. A federal sharpshooter fatally struck the gunman seconds after the gunfire erupted.

Seconds after.

When you need Secret Service protection, help is only a few seconds (or 62 minutes) away.


Authorities have spent much of the week pointing fingers about who was responsible for securing the AGR building, from where Crooks opened fire.

And covering it up.

Look at Fox News -- not quite sure if Trump was hit by a bullet, or only "said" he had been hit.

Trump later said he had been shot in the right ear, and photos from the scene showed him getting back to his feet after ducking for cover with blood on the right side of his head.

He only "said" he'd been shot? Are you harboring some doubts about this Convenient Story, FoxNews?

You know there's an entire BlueAnon conspiracy theory claiming he wasn't really hit?

Why is the "fair and balanced alternative" FoxNews also playing footsie with the BlueAnon conspiracy theorists?

You know why.

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 03:45 PM Comments

BlueAnon Rising: One Third of All Democrats Believe That The Trump Assassination Attempt was "Staged"

—Disinformation Expert Ace

I'm sure the "Disinformation Experts" that routinely attempt to deplatform people for "dangerous misinformation" will get right on this.

Unless their real goal has nothing to do with "protecting the public from dangerous misinformation," and is simply a fig-leaf for their true intention of simply censoring and deplatforming speech that conflicts with their political cult.

A conspiracy theory has run unabated in Democratic circles following the assassination attempt against former president Donald Trump on Saturday. It posits that Trump staged the shooting for a photo op, that the wound on his ear was caused by something other than an assassin's bullet, and that he was never in mortal danger.

It's a baseless conspiracy theory disproven by reams of documentary evidence and eyewitness accounts. And it's a belief held by one-third of the Democratic electorate.

One in three registered Democrats believe it is "credible" that the shooting Saturday in Butler, Pa., was staged and not intended to kill Trump, according to a Morning Consult poll released Monday. The findings show that large swaths of the Democratic base have fallen prey to the phenomenon known as "BlueAnon," a play on the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory that once gripped portions of the Republican base and served as an obsession of the mainstream media throughout the first Trump administration.

But the Morning Consult poll shows that BlueAnon adherents among the Democratic base far outnumber their QAnon counterparts on the right. The poll showed that 34 percent of Democratic voters found it either definitely or probably credible that Trump staged Saturday's shooting, with less than half--45 percent--saying the conspiracy theory is not credible. By comparison, a widely cited 2021 poll found that only 23 percent of Republicans were QAnon believers.

The rise of BlueAnon can be attributed to prominent Democratic activists and liberal media commentators egging on the notion that Trump staged Saturday's shooting.

Democratic powerbroker Dmitri Mehlhorn, an ally of President Joe Biden who has made at least 10 visits to his White House, wasted no time fanning the flames of conspiracy in the immediate aftermath of Saturday's assassination attempt. Mehlhorn on Saturday evening sent a memo to reporters imploring them to portray the shooting as a false-flag operation straight from Vladimir Putin's playbook, designed to give Trump a good photo opportunity.

"This is a classic Russian tactic, such as when Putin killed 300 civilians in 1999 and blamed it on terrorists to ride the backlash to winning power," Mehlhorn wrote.

Mehlhorn did not address the numerous photos that captured bullets whizzing just inches away from Trump's face and blood running from the clearly visible bullet wound across his right ear as Secret Service agents escorted the former president off the stage. Nor did he mention the death of firefighter Corey Comperatore, who was shot while shielding his family from the assassin's bullets.

Mehlhorn is hardly the only liberal activist pushing the conspiracy to liberal voters. Jeff Tiedrich, a liberal social media influencer with 1.1 million followers who attended an Oct. 2022 White House influencer summit to coordinate midterm election messaging with the Biden administration, on Monday posted a Substack screed "connecting some weird dots" surrounding the shooting.

"Did the extreme right want this to happen?" Tiedrich wrote, speculating the shooting could have been connected to a plot to replace Trump atop the GOP ticket with former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Tiedrich, who did not return a request for comment, on Thursday mocked the Washington Post for describing the shooting as "Trump's near-death experience" and said there was no hard evidence that a bullet grazed the former president's ear.

"What the fuck is going on under that bandage?" Tiedrich asked. "And why is the press so disinterested in finding out?"

Liberal MSNBC commentators have adopted a subtler approach to fanning the conspiratorial flames, suggesting in recent days that Trump could not have been shot in the ear by a high-caliber rifle bullet and that the former president is hiding something by not releasing detailed medical records about his wound.

"If he was shot by a high-caliber bullet, there should probably be very little ear there," MSNBC host Michael Steele told viewers on Tuesday.

Steele's fellow MSNBC host Joy Reid on Wednesday joined him in asking questions about Trump's injuries.

"I have many questions!" Reid wrote on Threads. "Like where are the medical reports? What caused Trump's injury and what was the injury? Sheapnel? [sic] Glass? A bullet?"


MSNBC did not return a request for comment.

David Harsanyi has an upcoming book about The Rise of BlueAnon.

Democrats Have Become A Party Of Paranoia And Conspiracy Theories

I know, I know: "Become"? Democrats have always been the party of conspiracy theories. The party's foundational myths are all political conspiracy theories.

Black poverty and failure is due to White Supremacists scheming about how to keep blacks down.

Women not being picked for high-status jobs is all due to The Patriarchy trying to keep women down.

Inflation only strikes free-spending Democrat administrations not because spending profligately reduces the value of the dollar, but because of "corporate greed" and "corporate fat-cats" raising prices just to make more profit. (They never explain why "corporate greed" takes a break during Republican presidencies, when you'd think the "corporate fat-cats" would feel the most empowered to raise prices.)

Socialism only fails because "wreckers" and "hoarders" sabotage the perfection of socialist economies.

But let's move on:

The morning after Donald Trump was nearly murdered by an assassin's bullet in Pennsylvania, the top political adviser to Democratic Party mega-donor Reid Hoffman -- who had himself recently joked about Trump becoming a "martyr" -- sent an email to journalists wondering why, "NOT ONE NEWSPAPER OR OPINION LEADER IN AMERICA IS WILLING TO OPENLY CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY THAT TRUMP AND PUTIN STAGED THIS ON PURPOSE."

Dmitri Mehlhorn implored reporters to consider the "possibility -- which feels horrific and alien and absurd in America, but is quite common globally -- ... that this 'shooting' was encouraged and maybe even staged so Trump could get the photos and benefit from the backlash."

Indeed, it was horrific to see social media explode with claims that the assassination attempt was "staged" and "false flag." These theories garnered millions of likes, retweets, and views. And plenty of people who should know better, academics and activists, participated.

Indeed, Mehlhorn's boss, the founder of LinkedIn, isn't some unhinged commenter on Reddit; he is worth $2.5 billion. He pledged $100 million to fund efforts to oppose President Trump in 2020 and was on the same path in 2024.


The Russian collusion conspiracy theory -- hatched by Democrats -- is the most successful and consequential in American history, conceived by a major political party and spread by establishment media. Earlier this year Nancy Pelosi was still on MSNBC claiming that Putin probably "had" something "financial" on Trump.


One regular guest, erstwhile historian Michael Beschloss -- a trustee of the White House Historical Association and the National Archives Foundation -- warned that if Democrats lost the midterm 2022 election it would be the difference between "whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed." Beschloss is hardly alone. There are scores and scores of similar examples.

Though we don't know much about the assassin yet, nearly the entire message of Democratic Party since Biden's "Red Wedding" speech has been to accuse the opposition of violence and fascistic intentions. For years now, Trump has been cast as Hitler, or worse -- not by hyperbolic pundits but by mainstream Democrats.

Then again, for modern Democrats, every political loss, every inconvenient event, threatens democracy itself. There have been so many ginned-up moral panics over the past few years that it's difficult to keep track of them all. More than that, even the left's policy prescriptions -- even what it views as our most pressing societal problems -- are increasingly tethered to groundless or sensationalized anxieties, myths, revisionist histories, pseudoscientific alarmism, and outright lies. Democrats no longer debate, they accuse you of sedition.


A UVA professor -- charged with education young, stupid minds -- declared immediately that the assassination attempt that killed a hero fire-fighter was "staged."

A University of Virginia professor denied the legitimacy of the attempted assassination of former president Donald Trump, posting to X that the Saturday shooting was "staged theatrics" performed by Secret Service to garner "idiots' vote".

In a quote-tweet by University of Virginia Assistant Professor Sethunya Mokoko, he said that Trump's secret service purposefully "ignored" eyewitnesses who allegedly informed police of an armed man on a roof before the shooting took place.

"ignored him because trump & secrete service staged theatrics to win idiots' vote," Mokoko wrote.

Another DEI woke incompetent and luantic, hired only for his skin color and wacky woke politics.

BlueAnon's Newsletter, the New York Times: Trump's belief that he is somehow being targeted by the Regime is a conspiracy theory.

Now The New York Times has an added twist to the spin: Trump is playing the victim, and this is now just another arrow in his quiver. He will use the fact that he was NEARLY KILLED to falsely portray that he is somehow the victim of a multi-year attempt to smear him, bankrupt him, put him in jail, and label him an existential threat to America.

As we know, nothing could be further from the truth. It is Trump who is entirely at fault, not the people like the Lincoln Project founder Rick Wilson, who called for putting a "bullet" in Donald Trump--on national TV.

Nineteen minutes into Trump's presidency--Trump had just begun his inaugural address and had literally done nothing yet as president besides be sworn in, the Washington Post printed this headline:


Next thing and you'll be telling me that the leftwing media suppresses some news -- and some photos -- in order to help the Democrat Party!

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 02:30 PM Comments

Cuck Newsletter "The Bulwark: "It's Never Been Darker." Democrats Have Never Before Fallen Into Such "Despair."

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Your tears are --

well, they're not delicious. They smell like your wife's boyfriend's cum.

But I do like seeing you all cry like bitches.

We've seen your comments: "Bill and Andrew, we're getting a little tired of you writing all this doom and gloom." We've heard you loud and clear--so today we're having Sam Stein do it:
It's Not Panic. It's Terror.

--(ultra leftwing fake "journalist") Sam Stein


As for the Democrats, they're spelunking never-before-seen caverns of despair about President Joe Biden's spot atop the ticket. Here's just a sampling from our conversations Wednesday:

"It's never been darker," one top Democratic operative told us.

"People are veeeeeerrrrry uneasy," said a senior administration official.

"It's terrible," said a top Democratic lobbyist with ties to leadership. "I don't think it can be worse."

But it could. Hours later, the White House announced the president had COVID.

Panicking, of course, is part of the Democratic DNA. But this isn't panic. It's terror, worsened by fears that Biden and his team are dug in.

Up till now, the primary approach among Democrats hoping the president will end his bid has been to back-channel to the White House rather than launch a public pressure campaign. "Their best chance to get him out is through private communication," the aforementioned lobbyist said of party leadership.

To that end, prominent pollster Stan Greenberg presented the White House with data showing the party risked a wipeout with the president atop the ticket. But when asked to share that data, he declined. "Private is [the] best course," he said.

They spoke to an administration official, who told them Biden is staying in the race.


Some top Democrats have seen their anxiety over the situation morph into incredulity. While others have begun imagining a more nightmarish fate: one in which the White House and both houses of Congress aren't just lost, but lost by such margins as to make the most noxious elements of the Trump agenda unstoppable.

"There is a huge difference between 54 and 51 GOP Senators," said the lobbyist. "At 54, Ric Grenell is getting confirmed as Secretary of State."

Oh no, anything but that.

Here's more: Some Republicans are "scared to death" of the ultimate nightmare: that Ukraine spending might be cut.

While toeing the party line and praising Vance in their public comments, in private the interventionists ranged from horrified to merely alarmed that one of the loudest critics of aiding Ukraine could soon be first in line for the presidency. The grimaces, sighs and whispered frustrations from the old guard as they made their way through the convention reception circuit were easy to find in the day after the selection.

Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.), who oversees military spending as the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee chair, told one associate, according to a person familiar with the exchange: "The Ukrainians better hurry up and win."

Another influential congressional Republican simply told me about the Vance selection: "I'm scared to death."

If all your claims about fearing "fascism" are really all about a guy you don't like becoming Secretary of State or that aid to Ukraine might be cut -- you have Luxury Concerns, you fat bloated hive of scumbag grifters.

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 01:15 PM Comments

Biden Aides: Claims About Biden Withdrawing Are Fictitious; We Have Made No Preparations for the "Withdraw" Being Reported on Regime Media

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Huh. What if this all just another hoax?

Senior-most West Wing advisers to President Joe Biden tell CNN Thursday night that they have had no discussions amongst themselves -- or with Biden -- about him dropping out of the presidential race.

This follows CNN's previous reporting that Biden still believes there is a path to victory for him in November and is unconvinced that the data and polling presented to him so far prove that he cannot win, according to a senior Biden source.

The president, who is currently isolating in Rehoboth Beach after testing positive for Covid-19, is said to be weighing a flood of information that is coming his way about the state of the presidential race and taking in the calls for him to leave the race.

Part of the claim was that Biden's aide -- Former Fake News Media editor Jon Meacham -- was writing the speech Biden would give when he resigns.

Robert Costa @costareports

NEWS: Historian Jon Meacham to me just now via text: "the report about my doing anything with a speech is totally false."

Comes as Meacham is being talked about by some Democrats as a Biden confidant who might be working on an "exit the race speech" for President Biden.

If these denials are real, then The Regime has made up another hoax out of whole cloth, and run another psyop to drive another president out of office.

Supposedly the White House is "furious" about what I guess they're claiming are spoof reports.

Robert Costa @costareports

Sources close to President Biden tell me tonight they're *furious* that while the president is trying to recover from Covid in Rehoboth, a pressure campaign keeps picking up speed. Lots of anger toward some donors for talking of $ drying up if he doesn't quit, toward what they see as muted support from Pres. Obama, and toward Dem leaders who one source says are "hiding" behind statements. If they want him out, they'll have to push, source adds. Feels disrespected. Still, a fluid moment and no one has figured out an effective way to quiet this drift of nervous Democrats away from Biden and know many Dems want Biden to just break at some point soon.

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 12:00 PM Comments

THE MORNING RANT: We’re Scaring Our Children into Mental Illness

—Buck Throckmorton

Child at doorway wanting outside.JPG

Safetyism is denying our children adventure and physical activity, but above all else it is harming their minds. Risk cannot be eliminated from life, but bubble wrapping children and telling them they are in imminent danger if they ever get off the sofa is guaranteed to cause them harm.

I was adjacent to a recent discussion at my office between two female co-workers who were talking about the heatwave here in East Tennessee. They lamented how it’s just not safe to be outside, especially for children. One of them spoke of her relief that her son’s baseball game had been postponed due to the dangerous heat, while the other despaired that she had never seen such a streak of 100+ degree days. In actuality, the temperature never broke 100 during the heatwave, and only exceeded 95 degrees on a couple of days. By my observation, the temperature was about 4 degrees above “average” each day during this “record heatwave.”

The conflation of “heat index” and temperature by the fear-pushers has been successful. A great many people no longer even know the difference between the two. The concept of “average” is also not understood by those who are catastrophizing routine summer temperatures. Weather is reported as if any temperature above “average” is abnormal, oblivious to how average is calculated.

For what it’s worth, these co-workers are not the affluent, Whole Foods type of women for whom climate is a religion, rather they are practicing Christians who are demographically Trump voters. But they are succumbing to the climate propaganda.

Temperatures in the mid-90s during July and August are common throughout the country during heatwaves. But in the South, a day in summer without temperatures in the 90s has always been a rarity. Yet the various media organs are now in full “heat alert” mode every single day unless it’s raining. Our computer screens are flashing “Heat Alert” on the task bar, local TV and radio are warning to take “heat precautions,” the national and cable news make a prominent news story each day over any place that has “dangerous” above-average temperatures or triple-digit “heat indexes.”

Do you know what is much more dangerous for children than playing outside in the heat of summer? The answer is: keeping children inside to watch screens and play on electronic devices.

Here are just a few of the countless news stories from recent days:

“Heatwave halts summer fun: Outdoor activities canceled amid rising temperatures” [WUSA – 7/16/2024]

WASHINGTON — With temperatures reaching record highs, local authorities have been left with no choice but to cancel numerous outdoor activities on Monday. According to recent weather reports, the ongoing heatwave poses significant health risks, prompting swift action to prevent heat-related illnesses and ensure public safety.

Regular summer heat is being treated like Covid in March of 2020.

Washington DC has always been known for its intense heat and humidity during summer…and people visited and sweat. But now it’s suddenly too dangerous to go outside in DC when the temperature is in the 90s? Something changed, and it’s not the weather.

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Posted by Buck Throckmorton at 11:00 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Art Thread


Rembrandt Balaam.jpg

Balaam's Ass
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Posted by CBD at 09:23 AM Comments

The Morning Report — 7/19/24

—J.J. Sefton


Good Morning Kids. If you are flying somewhere today, you might want to check the flight status before you head to the airport, per the lead item.

Of course the big story was the final night at the RNC, where Donald Trump gave an impassioned, and no doubt heartfelt speech about unifying the nation, mere days after an assassination attempt that was fomented by if not actually put in motion by elements within our own government and the lead elements of the Democrat Party itself, and still cheered on by far too many who support and vote for them election after election.

Just under a week after a failed attempt on his life, Trump took the RNC stage for his much-anticipated nomination acceptance speech. After barely dodging death on Saturday, Trump scrapped his entire speech and instead rewrote it himself, a Trump official told reporters ahead of the speech. Rather than heavily attacking the Biden administration, Trump wanted to focus on unity and use his near-death experience to bring the country together, the Washington Examiner first reported.

And so he did. A reflective and calm Trump closed out the RNC convention on Thursday, embracing unity and compassion during his emotional address. All throughout the weekend, attendees, delegates and speakers remarked how Trump was alive and in attendance because of divine intervention. The president agreed.

“I stand before you in this arena only by the grace of Almighty God,” the president said, noticeably emotional like the delegates surrounding him on the convention floor. Trump told delegates that he shouldn’t be on the stage today, and they responded by drowning him out with chants of “yes you are.”

Trump told the story of that Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania, where he was “happily” giving a speech. Six minutes into that rally, gunshots came from beyond the crowd, leading Trump to grab his neck before ducking down behind the lectern. Secret Service agents rushed to cover Trump, but within moments he rose, face bloodied, and raised a fist in the air.

“Fight,” he told his fans.

While Trump recounted that story, the crowd broke out into “fight” chants as they had done throughout the week.

After paying tribute to the Lord for sparing his life, Trump led a moment of silence for former fire chief Corey Comperatore, who was fatally shot while attending the rally. Rolling out Comperatore’s firefighter jacket and helmet, Trump kissed the uniform and saluted the crowd.

The former president explained that more than $6 million had been raised for Comperatore’s family in the wake of his death, and that he would be donating $1 million himself.

From there, Trump used the tragedy to emphasize the political moment and call for not just a unified party, but a unified country.

“Our resolve is undoubted and our purpose is unchanged to deliver a government that serves the American people better than ever before,” Trump proclaimed. “Nothing will stop being in this vision because our vision is righteous and our thoughts pure, no matter what obstacle comes our way. We will not fret, we will not bend, we will not back down and I will never stop fighting for you, your family and our magnificent country.”

I admire and respect Donald Trump for myriad reasons. While unity is perhaps always a perpetual theme of most if not all speeches from nominees of both parties at every convention. The fact of the matter is that one side of this country does not want unity. They want absolute power and to create a country that runs contrary to the nation as founded, its heritage and history.

How do you get unity with that? You don't. You have to defeat it and wipe out the institutions that fuel the hatred and animosity that, were it not for perhaps Divine providence would have taken Trump's head off last Saturday instead of slicing his ear.

I suppose one cannot say this, especially in a speech accepting a presidential nomination, but that is the state play, as it has been now since years before Trump came down the Trump Tower escalator 9 years ago now.

"FIGHT!" indeed. But having the courage to articulate the aforementioned truth about the Democrat Left clearly and forthrightly and consistently is what is needed. For that he and we will always be called Hitler, fascists and anti-democratic, but that's the price you pay. Otherwise, you just cede the high ground and let them define the terms.

I also note with sadness, the passing of comedic legend Bob Newhart at 94. RIP.

Have a good weekend.

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Daily Tech News 19 July 2024

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:10 AM Comments

I Must Down To The ONT Again


Hi folks! Welcome to Thursday's ONT. This may be going live at an odd time because I'm at the premier of Grease at the local community theater, I'm gonna post it at the intermission.

Boot camp.jfif

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Final Night of Convention: The Man Comes Around

—Disinformation Expert Ace

No intention to claim that Trump is "the man" of Johnny Cash's song.

But I would like to see some reaping. And some kicking of the pricks.

The stakes are high. With Biden dropping out (probably), Trump needs to increase his support. Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to just run a referendum campaign on Biden's disastrous Fake Presidency.

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Skidding, Sliding, and Sithering Cafe

—Disinformation Expert Ace


Some real James Bond level skiing.

Dinosaur rider in the mall.

Puffin photobombing.

I identify with this poor unloved pheasant.

A cobra flees to a golf course to get away from a mongoose.

Big old snake.

"The most Australian video ever:" snake is caught in a... spider's web.

You can't rush a sloth.

Dog is ready for the Drill Team.

A highly local rainstorm in Minnesota.

Thrilling video of a cliff jump and then a soar through a valley. He's not wearing a wingsuit, but he's angling his body to ride the wind.

Keep your eye on the big Rottweiler who pops his head over the wooden fence on the right side of the screen.

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Biden Aide: Middle Class Joe Isn't Dropping Out No Matter What the Elites Say
"Multiple Sources:" It's a Done Deal, Biden Will Withdraw His Candidacy on Sunday

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Stay strong, Middle Class Joe. Courage.

All of Regime Comms are declaring a "Code Red," trying to bully Fighter Pilot Joe out of the race.

Don't they know he was an All-American Football Star? Don't they know that his son Beau bravely killed over 100 'Cong in Iraq?!

ABC, NBC morning shows give blunt assessment of Biden's future: 'Code red' ABC's Jonathan Karl said that he didn't see how it's 'tenable' for Biden to remain in the race

It's called "democracy," Fat. Look it up.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos and Jon Karl, NBC's Kristen Welker offer blunt assessments of Biden's future

ABC News hosts George Stephanopoulos and Jon Karl, as well as NBC's Kristen Welker, all offered some blunt assessments of President Biden's standing among prominent Democrats as he faces more calls to bow out.

CNN, ABC, NBC and MSNBC hosts offered some grim assessments on the future of President Biden's candidacy on Thursday, as several prominent Democrats have called on him to bow out of the race.

"It's almost like they're saying, 'we can do this the easy way or the hard way,'" NBC's Kristen Welker said Thursday on "Today," referring to several reports of leaked, private conversations the president has had with prominent Democrats.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., publicly called on the president to bow out on Wednesday. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., also reportedly told the president on a phone call that he should drop out, and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told Biden he can't win.


Welker added that Biden has remained defiant. His campaign has said that the president is the Democratic nominee and has no plans to drop out of the race.

"Joe Biden has said he is running for President of the United States. Our campaign is moving forward, drawing a vision and a contrast between that of Project of 2025 and what we've seen for the past three days here in Milwaukee -- the extreme agenda of Republicans -- and that's where our focus is. There are no plans being made to replace President Biden on the ballot," Principal Deputy Campaign Manager Quentin Fulks said Thursday.

You tell 'em, Fulks.

ABC's Jon Karl and George Stephanopoulos also discussed the president's future on Thursday. Stephanopoulos, a former aide to Bill Clinton, said the "walls were closing in" on Biden.

Oh boy -- the "Walls Are Closing In" for Biden!!!

That must mean he's staying in forever, right? Because that's what it meant when you said it of Trump.


Stephanopoulos said the president was "getting word that his fundraising is completely drying up."

I got the same word about your wife but I'm not blabbing about it all over the internet.

"I am told, in terms of the major donors, the money into the campaign has stopped. And yes, in polling you've seen upwards of 70% of Democratic voters saying they would like to see a different nominee. That is very hard to sustain," Karl added.

This is gold: Murdering Joe Scarborough, who claimed that Joe is "far from cogent -- this is the best version of Biden ever, intellectually, analystically," now says that the people around Biden must "help him" to "do the right thing."

He doesn't mean "stay in the race." Biden has already repeatedly said he's staying the race.

He means what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said that Biden "must decide," after he repeatedly announced his decision: They both mean that he must decide something else.

Even some of Biden's biggest media allies, "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, appeared to suggest Thursday that Biden might not be on the ticket, 10 days after he called their show and emphatically said he was not getting out.

"The Dems need to get it together. They really need to get whatever they've got going, going. Whatever it is, the problem should not be our candidate. The focus should be on Donald Trump," Brzezinski said. "You know, it may or may not be Joe Biden."

Scarborough called on Biden's allies to "do the right thing."

"You know, it's really incumbent on people that are around Joe Biden to step up at this point and help the president, and help the man they love, and do the right thing. This is not going to end well if it continues to drag out," he said.

Megyn Kelly has a funny compilation of Murderin' Joe and Mika going through "the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance:

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Secret Service Stonewalls Congress, But Complains to the Media About the Real Failure: The Failure of Conservatives to Propertly Appreciate the Different Lived Experiences of Its Incompetent DEI Hires

—Disinformation Expert Ace

This is a real article from NBC "News:"


Trump isn't the victim here. The Real Victim is DEI hiring.

The U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday that it stood by its female agents and was appalled by some of the criticism they've received on conservative social media since Saturday's attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump.

The Secret Service, in a statement to NBC News, said that the criticism from pundits and influencers was baseless. The agency also stood by its commitment to diversity in recruiting as helping, not hurting, the effectiveness of its protective teams.

The statement follows a multiday campaign of derision by some conservatives who accused Kimberly Cheatle, the Secret Service director, of being unqualified and who said that female agents assigned to Trump hadn't been physically capable of protecting him. Some critics said the Secret Service should return to being all-male, which it hasn't been since 1970.

Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service's chief of communication, said in the statement: "We stand united against any attempt to discredit our personnel and their invaluable contributions to our mission and are appalled by the disparaging and disgusting comments against any of our personnel."

"As an elite law enforcement agency, all of our agents and officers are highly trained and fully capable of performing our missions," he said.

"It is an insult to the women of our agency to imply that they are unqualified based on gender. Such baseless assertions undermine the professionalism, dedication and expertise of our workforce," he added.

The failure of the Secret Service to stop the gunman before he was in a position to shoot has come under intense scrutiny, with lawmakers demanding answers and an independent review panel investigating the circumstances. Attendees have said they pointed out the would-be assassin to law enforcement and took video of him for at least two minutes before Trump was struck, according to an NBC News review of video clips.

But the criticism of the female agents has been different. At least three female agents were among those protecting Trump in the moments after the shooting, according to videos, and in the days since, their actions have become popular targets of criticism and jokes among conservatives, with several posts on X receiving more than 10 million views.

The criticisms follow a pattern from other recent news events where conservative pundits and lawmakers, without evidence, cite "diversity, equity and inclusion" (DEI) programs as a contributing cause in disasters as disparate as the Boeing-made airplane problems or the Baltimore bridge collapse.


Another conservative commentator used a photo of what appears to be the same female agent during or immediately after the shooting as evidence for "why women should not be allowed to do Presidential protection details." The photo shows the agent crouching near -- but not part of -- a huddle of other agents covering Trump's body. That post had more than 11 million views.

Kenneth Valentine, a retired Secret Service agent and supervisor, said the photo was not evidence by itself that the female agent was in the wrong position.

"There are a lot of reasons why she might not be on top of that pile," he said in an interview. He said that she might have been approaching from farther away or might have been in the process of switching positions.

Maybe she was in a squabble with her fellow agent Buffy.

Buffy think she cute. She know what she did.

Christopher Rufo is one of those racists who doesn't think that short fat women with experience as police or infantry soldiers should be projecting the most-threatened VIP in the world.

A surprising number of the Secret Service agents protecting the former president were women. And, according to video recordings of the scene, many did not acquit themselves favorably.

Scene one: after President Trump ducks, a group of agents leaps to him and protects him with their bodies. A female agent who rushes to the stage acts bravely, without a doubt, but the point of the "huddle" is to protect the president. The agent was much shorter than President Trump, leaving his head and neck exposed after he stood up.

Scene two: as Trump enters the escape vehicle, a female Secret Service agent fumbles her gun and cannot find her holster; another female agent appears confused and, in the moment of crisis, decides to use both of her hands to put on her sunglasses; a third looks frightened and uncertain.

These agents wear the typical Secret Service outfits--Kevlar vests pressing against white shirts; black blazers with gold pins; dark sunglasses--but to an impartial observer, they do not appear to have the same poise, confidence, and strength as the male agents around them.

The obvious question: Why so many female agents? The answer, unfortunately, is the same as in many other institutions: DEI. The Secret Service has highlighted "diversity" as a key priority and its director, Kimberly Cheatle, named to the position in 2022, has pledged to increase dramatically the number of women in the ranks.

This is official policy. The Secret Service openly boasts that it "prioritizes recruiting women candidates" and has formulated an "affirmative action" plan to increase the number of women, LGBT, Native Americans, and other identity groups.

Cheatle herself told CBS News that her goal was to reach 30 percent female recruits by 2030: "I'm very conscious, as I sit in this chair now, of making sure that we need to attract diverse candidates and ensure that we are developing and giving opportunities to everybody in our workforce, and particularly women." The agency is well on its way. In 2021, for the first time, the special agent training class graduated more women than men.

To say it plainly: there is no need for women in a president's security detail. The Secret Service is an elite institution that can funnel down a large number of candidates to select the few who will protect the president. The best candidates--the strongest and fastest, the best marksmen--will be men. That's just reality.

It's a reality that the Secret Service is determined to circumvent. The agency itself has published its fitness standards in two parts: one for men, and a separate, less rigorous one for women.

These biological facts should be obvious. Every nightclub owner knows that physicality matters. A bouncer who is six-foot-five, 200 pounds, will provide better security than a smaller woman. Part of it is signal--size and strength act as a deterrent--and part of it is substance. When a fight breaks out, the nightclub owner learns quickly who is capable of maintaining order and who is not. If he makes the wrong hiring decision, he loses money. It is, in its own way, an honest business.

Why has the Secret Service lost sight of such a basic principle? Because large bureaucracies are insulated from consequences. Directors of large corporations and especially government agencies can afford to engage in vanity projects and pay the DEI tax.

Someone like Kimberly Cheatle, who did a stint at PepsiCo before accepting the directorship of the Secret Service, understands how to pursue success in the current environment: tell the story of "diversity" to advance in a career, degrade the quality of personnel by hiring ideologically, and hope that the remaining capable men who still represent the core of the service can make up the difference.

This is a major point: DEI rejects all criticisms of it based on incompetence of failure. DEI is a poisonous religious cult which claims that every failure of a DEI hire is actually the fault of the only people permitted under this system to be villains: White men.

The problem with DEI is that it dictates decisions based not on performance or on the old virtues, such as honor, but on demographics and ideology. Failure is easily dismissed and blame easily shifted.

Far too easily! The Secret Service claims it's a "zero failure" organization, but now, when it has clearly failed, what is it doing?

Is it grappling honestly and painfully with its own failures?

No -- it's pointing to people who have noticed their failure and attempting to shift attention to them.

For the crime of noticing.

And the head of the Secret Service, Cheeto-One, is stonewalling Congress' efforts to ask questions about who was responsible for these failures.

Protecting the president is a minor consideration. Protecting their DEI jobs is the only priority.

It is DEADLY to an organization to fill itself with Snowflake employees who, for ideological/cultic reasons, can under no circumstances ever be criticized or faulted.

How can someone correct errors if it's illegal to even point out those errors? How can someone ever improve when every failure is greeted as A Historic First worthy of praise?

And fill an organization with Snowflake Incompetents, and a "zero failure" institution now becomes yet another DEI failure factory -- except all failures are re-categorizes as Successes from a Non-White-Cishet-Male Perspective of Lived Experienced.

Do you think 2 + 2 =3? Congratulations, you have escaped the White Supremacy paradigm of "Old Thinking."

Do you think the small chance of falling from a roof sloped at about a three degree incline is a good enough reason to put the life of a President of the United States at lethal risk?

Well good for you! Here's a job at the Clinton-controlled Beacon Strategies.

We will pay you well for your Historic First Failures.


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US Court of Appeals Blocks All of Biden's Unconstitutional, Authoritarian "Education Loan Relief"

—Disinformation Expert Ace

It's just a massive transfer of wealth from productive Americans to his loser voters, most of whom are unemployed aspirants to the exciting Gender Hallucinations industry.

A federal appeals court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden's administration from continuing to implement a new student debt relief plan designed to lower monthly payments for millions of Americans.

The St. Louis-based 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted a request
by seven Republican-led states to put on hold parts of the U.S. Department of Education's debt relief plan that had not already been blocked by a lower-court judge.

That ruling last month by U.S. District Judge John Ross in St. Louis had blocked the department from granting further loan forgiveness under the administration's Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan but had not blocked all of the plan.


State attorneys general led by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey subsequently last week asked the 8th Circuit to block the rest of the SAVE Plan. The court did so through a one-page order granting an administrative stay.

Bailey on the social platform X hailed the ruling as a "huge win for every American who still believes in paying their own way." He said the student loan plan "would have saddled working Americans with half-a-trillion dollars in Ivy League debt."

Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 03:54 PM Comments

Post-Shooting Poll: Biden Loses Two Points Nationally, Trump Gets a Bump in the Battleground States

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Gray Agenda on.

I expected Trump to get no more than a 1-2 point bump after the assassination attempt.

The reasons:

1, Trump is deeply divisive, and most of those who have decided against him are not wishy-washy on the issue, they're hard no's. They hate him. Their entire identity consists of hating him and/or writing turgid blog posts for National Review.

2, Trump has already improved his standing with the public. He limped through his presidency with a 43% approval rating, on average, but he's up to a 46% approval now. Trump has attracted some of the persuadables already. How many are left? Not many.

3, the assassination attempt will be thought of as Divine Providence by those who already support Trump. For the haters, of course, it just confirms their hatred for the God they say doesn't exist. For undecided people, it's just luck. In other words, Trump's survival will mostly be taken as a positive sign by people already supporting Trump, thus having a small effect, if any. I never really thought it would have the galvanizing effect that others were imagining.

Update: What the failed assassination may do is increase Republican intensity/enthusiasm. And we'll need that, as a lot of Trump voters -- not Republican voters, but specifically Trump voters -- are low-propensity voters.

The leftwing pollster Morning Consult -- actually, it's not even a poll; I believe it's a tracking survey, where the same group of people are "polled" over and over in exchange for small payments -- finds Trump gaining two points.

InteractivePolls @IAPolls2022

2024 GE: @MorningConsult

Trump: 46% [+2]
Biden: 42% [=]
Other: 8%

Jun. 16: Biden +1
Jun. 30: Trump +1
July 17: Trump +4 (highest since Feb)

[+/- change vs July 12-14]

I saw another poll -- can't find it now -- that showed Trump gaining nothing at all, but Biden losing two points of support. Something like 46%-44% in Trump's favor turning into 46-42. I don't see how the failed assassination attempt would not help Trump but rather hurt Biden, but of course there's a lot of meaningless variation between polls.

An poll of just voters in Georgia and blue Virginia has worse news for Biden.

Post-Incident Shift: In Virginia, the gap between Trump and Biden has closed to a tie at 44% each after the attempt on Trump's life, with some Democrats switching to undecided or Trump.

Stable Lead in Georgia: Trump maintains a lead of 49% to Biden's 43% in Georgia, unaffected by the assassination attempt or the inclusion of Robert Kennedy Jr. in the race.

Project 2025 Opposition: Over 60% of voters in both states are aware of the conservative-led Project 2025, with significant opposition particularly among Democrats, minorities, and educated voters.

An Emerson poll shows Trump with a two-point lead on Biden in Virginia.

nteractivePolls @IAPolls2022

VIRGINIA GE: @EmersonPolling

Trump: 45%
Biden: 43%
Undecided: 12%

But... they're tied with leaning voters included.

But again, Trump jumps out to a five-point lead in a full field (not just head to head with The Vegetable.)

With leans Trump: 50% Biden: 50%


Trump: 43%
Biden: 38%
RFK Jr: 8%
Stein: 2%
West: 2%

Biden has no hope at all without Virginia. When you add in the other swing states which now seem pretty solid for Trump -- Nevada, Georgia, Arizona -- it almost looks like Trump doesn't even need any of the states of the "blue wall." (I'm not sure of that. But Virginia has 13 EVs, and we weren't even previously thinking of it as a real swing state.)

Emerson's poll of the other swing states shows Trump leading them all.

A five point lead makes one candidate "likely" to win it. A 2-4 point lead is a "leaning" state," and a ten point lead is a "solid" state.

All but Michigan are now "likely" for Trump. With other candidates included, Trump is +10 in Arizona.

InteractivePolls @IAPolls2022


North Carolina - Trump +7
Arizona - Trump +7
Georgia - Trump +6
Pennsylvania - Trump +5
Wisconsin - Trump +5
Nevada - Trump +5
Michigan - Trump +3


With RFK Jr + other candidates

Arizona - Trump +10
North Carolina - Trump +9
Pennsylvania - Trump +6
Georgia - Trump +5
Wisconsin - Trump +3
Nevada - Trump +3
Michigan - Trump +3
Generic Congressional Ballot

Arizona - GOP +5
Georgia - GOP +4
North Carolina - GOP +4
Pennsylvania - GOP +1
Wisconsin - GOP +1
Nevada - GOP +1
Michigan - TIE

Another poll:

InteractivePolls @IAPolls2022 🇺🇲 Swing States Poll: @InsiderPolling

Trump: 49% (+4)
Biden: 45%
Other: 4%
Trump: 49% (+7)
Biden: 42%
Other: 5%
Trump: 49% (+5)
Biden: 44%

Trump is also doing well in New Hampshire and even Minnesota and New Mexico. Even New York and New Jersey are now competitive (though Biden remains favored).

Pollsters are now running Trump vs. Kamala Harris. It's not great for Harris.

Bettors now see Kamala Harris more likely to be president than Biden. They give Trump a 66% chance of being president in January 2025, a 20% chance to Kamala, and only give Biden a 6% chance.

People have told me that these betting markets tend to be skewed to the Democrat side. So we might be seeing a lot of Democrat Wishcasting in this idea that Biden won't even be the candidate.

Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 02:46 PM Comments

Senators Confront PepsiCop Kim Cheatle at Convention, Demanding She Answer Questions About Her Incompetence

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Update: Let's try my not-so-secret Gray Agenda to give my poor eyes a break.

Girlboss gets bossed around.

At the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, a group of Republican senators confronted Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle regarding the agency's failure to protect former President Donald Trump from an assassination attempt. The confrontation, which occurred Wednesday evening, involved Senators Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), John Barrasso (R-WY), James Lankford (R-OK), and Kevin Cramer (R-ND).

Sen. Barrasso described the encounter in a video, stating, "Sen. Blackburn and I just went face to face with the director of the Secret Service asking for specific answers about what happened with President Trump in Pennsylvania and how that shooter was able to get off a clear shot." The senators questioned Cheatle in public, demanding answers about the incident that took place four days prior.

Despite their persistent questioning, Cheatle attempted to evade the senators, eventually breaking away by taking an escalator upstairs. Sen. Blackburn remarked, "Cheatle can run, but she can't hide." Some House lawmakers have called for Cheatle to resign or face losing her salary if she remains in office.

Earlier on Wednesday, Secret Service and FBI officials briefed House and Senate lawmakers in separate private sessions. The suspect, Thomas Matthew Crooks, was identified as suspicious more than an hour before he fired on Trump from a nearby rooftop. Sen. Barrasso detailed the situation, noting, "He was identified as a character of suspicion because [he had] a rangefinder as well as a backpack. And this was over an hour before the shooting actually occurred."

A source familiar with the call told the Washington Examiner that the precise lead time was 62 minutes. Barrasso added, "So, you would think over the course of that hour, you shouldn't lose sight of the individual. Somebody ought to be following up on those sorts of things. No evidence of that happening at all."

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Democrats Claim They Can Bully Middle Class Joe Into Withdrawing By the Weekend

—Disinformation Expert Ace

This is Democrats who want Biden out saying this, not Biden himself or his inner circle.

Before that: Happy Thursday! My eyes feel a bit better, if you're wondering.

Axios' Democrat "sources" -- and boy wow, does Axios have a lot of Democrat sources! -- claim they're confident that he will withdraw, possibly by this very weekend.

Several top Democrats privately tell us the rising pressure of party congressional leaders and close friends will persuade President Biden to decide to drop out of the presidential race, as soon as this weekend.

Why it matters: The 81-year-old president, now self-isolating with COVID, remains publicly dug in. But privately he's resigned to mounting pressure, bad polls, and untenable scrutiny making it impossible to continue his campaign, the Democrats tell us.

Behind the scenes: The private message, distilled to its bluntest form: The top leaders of his party, his friends and key donors believe he can't win, can't change public perceptions of his age and acuity, and can't deliver congressional majorities.

The president is being told that if he stays in, former President Trump could win in a landslide and wipe away Biden's legacy and Democrats' hopes in November.

State of play: The pressure to step aside as a candidate has been rising to intolerable levels, especially over the past few days.

Democrats fully expect polls after the Republican National Convention to show a possible blowout that could bring down Democrats in Congress, too.
"His choice is to be one of history's heroes, or to be sure of the fact that there'll never be a Biden presidential library," one of the president's close friends told us. "I pray that he does the right thing. He's headed that way."
Yesterday's AP poll, showing nearly two-thirds of Democrats want Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, ricocheted through the White House and Congress.

A panic pressure campaign is pounding Biden. It has been relentless -- and coordinated.

As you probably know, the scheming Iago Charles Schumer visited Biden at his home to tell Biden bluntly that he's going to lose, and make all downticket Democrats lose, and destroy democracy, and be remembered by history as a villain.

On the other hand, if he withdraws, he'll be praised as a hero. I'm sure there were some monetary opportunities for Huntie mentioned, too.

But Biden was apparently unmoved by these appeals.

On the other hand, Biden running to the basement after his "covid" diagnosis feels like the move of a man giving up.

Yashar Ali @yashar


Former president Barack Obama has told allies in recent days that President Biden's path to victory has greatly diminished and he thinks the president needs to seriously consider the viability of his candidacy.

What do you think?

Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 12:17 PM Comments

The Morning Rant: Winston Wolf Edition



The combination of the Biden/Obama junta's awful economic policies, their catastrophic foreign policy, a cultural and legal outlook that rewards racialist behavior, open borders, and a lunatic fixation on transgender cheerleading that leads inexorably to child mutilation has driven down the support for the Democrat agenda to lows it has seen rarely in our history.

Combine that with an unabashedly pro-American Republican candidate in Donald Trump, whose first term was marked by robust economic growth, no new wars, a calmer foreign policy, and a sharp pullback from the cultural insanity of the left, and we have the basis for a Republican/populist win in November 2024, combined with gains in congress that should allow Donald Trump's agenda to be enacted swiftly.

Oh...and the country finally pulled its collective head out of the sand the night of their debate and saw that Joe Biden is a decrepit old man, racing toward severe dementia, and probably a few years away from 24 hour memory care in one of his bought-and-paid-for-by-graft homes.

Sounds great...doesn't it!

So did the "Red Wave" of 2022. So did the obvious Trump victory in 2020. The Democrat party may be in disarray, but its ground game is superb, and its rank-and-file workers know exactly what to do to maximize its chance of a victory in November 2024. That means ballot harvesting, and stuffing absentee ballot boxes with stolen or counterfeit ballots, and faking the actual count in certain districts, and whatever other cheats they have honed over the many years of a Democrat party untethered to the rule of law.

The reality is that Donald Trump needs to flip states he lost in 2020. It doesn't matter that they may very well have been stolen from him, because that Democrat vote theft system is still very much in place. Those states are PA (19), GA (16), MI (15), AZ (11), WI (10), and NV (6). He has a base of 235 electoral votes, so any of those states that add up to 35 will do it.

Here's an interactive link so you can play with the projection.

If you are an incurable optimist, you can add VA (13) and NH (4) to the list, but I think that VA is too full of committed progressives whose standard of living is entirely dependent on the federal budget, and they will fight to keep their cash cow. NH is simply too flooded by Massholes to have any chance.

Donald Trump is polling ahead in every single one of those battleground states, and if polls were accurate, then I guess we can all relax and pour a bourbon and enjoy the massive shitshow that is the Democrat party. Biden may be out by next week, Chlamydia Harris is a jabbering fool with the inside track to the nomination, and amazingly, it gets worse! BrylCream Newsom, the Witch from Michigan, Josh Shapiro, the faker from PA, JB Pritzker from IL, Mrs. Buttigieg, and a dark horse governor from KY named Beshear who may be a real problem.

But if we were to judge our prospects based on the quality of the candidate, then we would be looking at the tail end of Trump's second term and possibly the nomination of a young conservative firebrand to take over the energized Republican party from Trump.

What's my message? Winston Wolf got it exactly correct...

The Conservative base of Donald Trump's support must not fall into the trap of 2022. We must fight hard for every vote, and we must continue to attack the foundations of a Democrat party that is hellbent on the destruction of traditional America. If we relax...we will lose. Those battleground states are not easy wins. In fact I would be shocked if Trump got them all, even though the sentiment today is that he has a shot at a blowout electoral win. That would be wonderful, and a resounding repudiation of the sclerotic Democrat party.

So prove me hard in every one of those states and get Donald Trump 312 electoral votes and a mandate to repair the horrible damage the Obama/Biden junta has done to our great country.

Donald Trump is obviously willing to do the work...he just needs us to go along!

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Robert Costa
Sources close to President Biden tell me tonight they're *furious* that while the president is trying to recover from Covid in Rehoboth, a pressure campaign keeps picking up speed. Lots of anger toward some donors for talking of $ drying up if he doesn't quit, toward what they see as muted support from Pres. Obama, and toward Dem leaders who one source says are "hiding" behind statements. If they want him out, they'll have to push, source adds. Feels disrespected. Still, a fluid moment and no one has figured out an effective way to quiet this drift of nervous Democrats away from Biden and know many Dems want Biden to just break at some point soon.

Why doesn't Biden just challenge them to a push-up contest? Resolve this all quickly.
Skwad member and constant pusher of the Michael Brown "Hands Up Don't Shoot" insurrectionist race-hoax is down 23 points in her primary race, according to the latest poll
Quick, sub in Gavin Newsom
Flashback: Cucked husband of foreign spy, Max Boot, questions Tucker Carlson's and Mark Steyn's patriotism
By the way: His spy wife is what's called an Agent of Influence. Though she is accused of selling secrets to South Korea, most of what she did was publish "editorials" pushing the South Korean line in Regime media. One of her co-authors for such an editorial pushing the South Korean government's propaganda line in the Washington Post was none other than Noted Super-Patriot Max Boot.
What did Max Boot know, and when did he know it?
Tsar Apu II Apustayevich
Imagine being a Democrat right now

1. You're a gay libtard
2. For the first time in your life you've been told you can't make violent death threats against the orange man
3. Your president is speedrunning Alzheimer's

Can't imagine having to deal with all of this
Via Duncanthrax:
"CNN and other broadcasts have reached a new low in RNC coverage, fawning over "unity" and "young Vance" - ignoring we are seeing a fascist party overflowing with criminals plot the downfall of America, a VP who is the single most radical and unqualified in history. No pushback on lack of information on Trump's injury. It's access journalism at its worst. It's not the media we need to defend democracy."

-- Jen "I dissent " Rubin @JRubinBlogger
@replying to @JRubinblgger

-- Satan "slava ukraina" @Satan
If you ever think "Maybe National Review isn't a cucked-out servant of the Democrat Party and Klaus Schwab transnational corporatists any longer," nope, wrong:
National Review
. @NoahCRothman: J. D. Vance's address to the GOP convention was a declaration of unconditional surrender cloaked in pugilism and superficial self-confidence.

Thanks to AlphaChad4Ever
Trump survives an assassination. Not to be outdone, Biden survives a short flight of stairs (barely)
Steve Friend
@RealStevefriend Little birdies are telling me there is more concern about "right-wing" violence as a response to the Trump assassination attempt than the attack itself within the IC community. That's probably something Congress look into.
Trump appears at convention with wound dressing over ear, and is moved to tears by crowd's applause
It's weird to see Trump cry. Well not crying, but misty, and on the verge of tears.
A brush with an assassin and the miracle of his salvation has humanized him. I just hoped it hasn't humanized him too much. We need the steel. And frankly, we need some of that old anger, too.
BTW, for cord-cutters, the convention is on Newsmax2 on Pluto, in the News + Opinion section of the menu. It's over now, but remember for tomorrow.
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